Hamas vs Fatah

* Don’t you just love it when terrorist thugs set out to roast each other?

Fatah and Hamas may be getting ready for another bloodbath

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* I’m rootin’ for both sides, of course!

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THE Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas is moving to suppress an outbreak of violence in the Gaza Strip that began at the start of the weekend and left seven people dead.

Explosions, believed to be the work of the rival Fatah group, on Friday evening near Gaza beach killed five senior Hamas members and a child.

One of the explosions at an intersection was detonated by remote control as a car carrying the five Hamas leaders drove past.

It killed them instantly as well as six-year-old Serena Safadi, who was standing near the intersection.

Another bomb detonated at noon on Friday killed a Hamas official and a third explosion injured three people.

In response, Hamas launched a crackdown against Fatah, arresting up to 160 of its members in dawn raids on Saturday morning.

Gaza security police set up roadblocks across the coastal enclave, seized equipment and files from Fatah’s news agency and raided about 40 Fatah-affiliated civic organisations. In one failed arrest attempt, police fired four rocket-propelled grenades at the home of a Fatah leader and exchanged fire with his guards.

Among those killed in Friday’s blasts were senior members of Hamas’ military wing, the Izzedine al-Qassam Brigades, the most prominent of whom was Amar Musbah, the personal aide of the wing’s commander, Mohammed Jabari.

Iyad al-Hayeh, the nephew of political bureau member Khalil al-Hayeh, and Nidal al-Mabayed, a high-ranking member of the Qassam Brigades, were also killed.

Fatah tried to deny any involvement in the attack, although scenes of its supporters celebrating news of the attacks were broadcast on Palestinian television.

News organisations received emails of unclear origin claiming that a Fatah offshoot known as the al-Awda (Return) Brigades set off the beachside blast. Hamas carried the statement on its websites, and its leader, Ismail Haniyeh, called it “proof that Fatah is not interested in dialogue”.

The email claim could not be verified and Fatah officials said no such group exists. Continued…


The prospect of more violence seems likely after one Hamas leader was quoted anonymously in Palestinian media yesterday saying the attacks “will not go by in silence”.

Dr Hayeh, speaking at his nephew’s funeral, denounced Fatah as collaborators with Israel.

“The collaborators who did this must be hanged in Palestine Square and shot,” he said, referring to Gaza City’s main square. “The people who stand behind this are from Fatah.”

Hamas leader Mahmoud al-Zahar said police had information on who was behind the attack.

Among those arrested was a cameraman for German television ARD, Sawah Abu Safeh, Palestinian officials said.

Other Hamas members were quoted accusing Palestinian Authority president and Fatah leader Mahmoud Abbas of seeking to start a civil war. Mr Abbas was due to visit Egypt for talks on the situation in the territories and national reconciliation efforts.

Hamas and Fatah have had an uneasy truce since June last year, when Hamas took control of the Gaza Strip. The two had shared power in a short-lived coalition that broke apart when a US-backed attempt by Fatah to take control of Gaza was defeated by Hamas.

The split left Mr Abbas ruling the West Bank under emergency powers and Hamas under Mr Haniyeh, the democratically elected prime minister, in control of Gaza.

Tensions in Gaza cooled last month after Hamas reached a truce with Israel, which, despite scattered violations, has largely held.



5 thoughts on “Hamas vs Fatah”

  1. I feel tremendous sorrow for the children here – their chances for a future and a life are destroyed at an early age by these islamic fools of highly questionable morality (by any sane standard).

  2. I wrote this on some blog and I am not sure where – but what the muslims don’t realize is that when they create all these psychopathic murderers – do they really think that it will just stop **IF** they convert the whole world? I don’t. It will implode on themselves.

    We already see that it implodes on their own women – but we also see this.

    Now, I will say that I am having a really hard time caring that they blow each other up. In fact, my deepest and darkest thought is – can we buy ringside seats and watch them and do they sell popcorn?

  3. kaw, you are right. But, what are we doing about it? Nothing. Not one thing. We know that they start their hatred at birth. I have seen muslim children say they hate Jews. At the age these children are – they don’t even know what a Jew is for crying out loud!!!

    what do we do? We sit back and think the UN should do something. What a useless bunch of muslim/commie morons that run that thing – they don’t do a thing. Oh, when we look at them too hard they write some memo condemning this sort of thing. Oh whoop dee do.

    And we just pour more money at the palestinians – and we know for a fact that they only use it to buy more bombs. Arafat put it in his bank account for his ‘ho’, oh er I mean wife, in France. We take at face value the saudis as an ally as they fund the training of jihadists – and also we do the same to the pakistanis.

    I mean it is just insane our reaction to all of this. And the left in our country will pop veins in defending islam/muslims around this globe. do they actually believe they will be immune to the muslims in the end?!

    I just cannot believe the insanity of our own, and of Europe, and others in our reactions to muslims.

  4. Hi R_not,
    I fear that the only real change will occur when these folks take control of their own destiny – rather than letting an illiterate fool in charge of the local mosque take charge. For example it seems as if the palestinians have never acted in a way which would benefit them over time, but there are many exceptions on closer examination. Many years ago it was not unusual that the local fool in some regions of Pakistani was the Iman – he had this position because he couldn’t do any thing else usefully. His sole function was to preside over weddings and funderals – nothing more – and he was not particularly respected. I think that the evidence is there that a significant number of muslims are as disgusted with the islamists as we are – and I suspect that most people here would welcome the thought that sane muslims do exist. Well they do – and I know quite a few. However with the islamic fundamentalists I will give no quarter — they should be eliminated — I consder these scum emminently expendable. Sadly it is getting quite difficult to tell the difference today. However, I digress. I totally agree with you in that any financial support we give to what we call the Palestinians or most muslim groups lands in the lap of overweight thugs like the “Lebanese leader who cohabits with a child murderer”. Having been born in the far east and having lived there, I understand that the levels of corruption are at a level that most folks from the west could not believe. By unthinkingly providing money for each and every request we have inadverently stifled the growth of these societies into the modern era. Of course the realitiy is more complex. I think also that a significant part of the problem is that these thugs are able to create lobby groups, partly from the brainless left and partly from the media (shared elements in these sets may be significant). These groups are able to convice our politicians that we support such donations. For the most part the actions of these groups remain hidden. So part of the answer is to stay awake and tell the politicians that we dont support these donations, and if they dont respect our wishes they can seek alternative employment after the next election. We still have this power – but if we dont start using it we will loose it.

    As for the UN – we should leave it – it is returning nothing for those who need help or for us, the people financing it. It is now a dinosaur – let it go to sleep peacefully. What many people dont realise is that if the UN was a working organisation, the massacres in Rwanda would not have occured. The second Iraq conflict would not have happened. The Vietnam and Korean wars may also not have happened. OK – the causes for these conflicts were complex but, I believe, there is enough evidence that suggests a working UN may have been able to control the conflict escalation before fully blown wars developed. And the UN is now being used by the bad guys to achieve their own goals. Time to put it to sleep….

    I guess one point I wish to make is that we can still control our destiny – but the time for being lax is over. There is a saying from a certain group .. “Who dares wins” – well the moderate majority in the west has to learn what that saying really means and follow its dictum.

  5. What everybody seems to be forgetting is that some 700,000 Palestinians left Israel in 1948, an equal number of Jews were kicked out of Arab countries. It took until 1953 to resettle those Jews. As for the Palestinians, the Arabs set up a special refugee agency to handle them, they do not fall under the UNHCR, and they have special
    rules, the first one being no assimilation. Growing up now is the 4th generation of refugees, unless they manage to get too the West, they always be refugees. They have no citizenship, education, health or employment rights in any of the Arab countries, you may remember the wailing about the conditions in Gaza
    recently, it was claimed they were almost as bad as in 1967. From 1948-67 Egypt ruled Gaza with an iron fist.
    Does anyone remember the howls of outrage in 1991 when Kuwait expelled 400,000 Palestinians because Arafat supported Sadam? No, you did not, because there was none, it slipped quietly off the radar as soon as it happened, with the generous complicity of the Western press, who did not want to upset their Arab paymasters. Admittedly the Palestinians are a howling mob of savages, mainly because they have been whipped to frenzy by their Arab overlords.

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