Obamaramus and the Iranian "Common Ground"

Watch this vid and if you still think the Bommah should be POTUS you need to check into a mental institution, instantly….

* What a pity the Obaminators brain police pulled it. It will pop up again, no worries…

5 thoughts on “Obamaramus and the Iranian "Common Ground"”

  1. When I clicked on the video, I received the message, “We’re sorry, this video is no longer available”. Obama’s minions at work, no doubt. Can the video be found somewhere else?

  2. Ashan >>Americans, wake up and LISTEN!!!

    Joe Grey>>Great vid! The Muslims’ worst nightmare is for the west to wake up. There would be no more cowardly “symbolic victories”(murder of children and women) to salvage their egos. Damn! How sick is that that they salvage their egos in such a manner?

  3. Google “The Jihad Candidate”..my little bullet has Muslims and liberals high-fiving each other in a stand of solidarity. A new poll out of England says 40% of Akmed’s followers think terrorism is dandy. So much for the “peaceful” cult.

  4. Following story in SMH

    Apologies if folks are already aware of story.

    This has being going in Sydney now for over 10 years.

    comments from sydney police to justify their uselessness would be appreciated or are we expected
    to take law into our own hands.

    Source is Sydnet Morning Herald
    Two men have been admitted to hospital with stab wounds after two separate incidents in Sydney’s south-west last night. At 10.45pm, police were called to a Parliament Road home in Macquarie Fields after a man was reportedly stabbed multiple times in the stomach. 38-year-old man was taken by ambulance to Liverpool Hospital for surgery. The other stabbing occurred outside a Burwood Road hotel in Belmore. An 18-year-old American man was stabbed in the stomach and under the arm. A man is assisting Macquarie Fields police in relation to the stabbing of the 38-year-old, police said.
    Campsie police said they were interested in talking to a man of Mediterranean or Middle Eastern appearance in his early 20s whom they believe was at the Belmore stabbing. The man had short, dark hair with a rat’s tail and was last seen wearing a white jacket, blue jeans, white Nike Air Max shoes and a black cap with a white logo on the front.

    Police asked anyone with information on either case to phone Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.
    How do you feel about your guests now Mr Keating???

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