Italy declares nationwide state of emergency over illegal immigration

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..and the opposition goes apes#*t, instantly:

* Immigrants? NOT: they are invaders. At best, they are economic migrants. Europe owes them nothing


ROME: Italy declared a nationwide state of emergency Friday over the arrival of immigrants as Silvio Berlusconi’s right-wing government pushes forward with its crackdown on illegal immigration.

Parliament said that the state of emergency, which gives police and local authorities additional powers to tackle the influx, was extended to the entire country to combat the “persistent and exceptional” arrival of illegal immigrants. It did not give further details.

The state of emergency was earlier in effect only for the southern provinces of Sicily, Puglia and Calabria.

Italy’s long shoreline and proximity to Africa make it a popular destination and entry point into Europe for thousands of Africans who make hazardous journeys in flimsy boats each year.

The move by Berlusconi’s government, which won an April election promising a hard line on illegal immigration, which it blames for crime, was immediately attacked by the opposition.

* This is the same opposition that would build a bridge to north-Africa or provide a free ferry service to bring in the African Muslim hordes….


“This way it ends up only increasing the worries and insecurities of people, exactly the opposite of what should be done,” Marco Minniti, a Democratic Party politician, said.

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The head of Médicins Sans Frontières in Italy told the Ansa news agency that migrant arrivals on the southern island of Lampedusa in the first seven months of the year were up 30 percent from a year ago but were stable compared to prior years.

Berlusconi earlier this week won parliamentary approval for a new package of reforms to tackle the issue of illegal immigration.



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  1. Unlike most, I have been to Libya, I have also crossed the Sahara. Most of the illegal immigrants come through Libya, which is as tightly controlled as the old East Germany. A fly does not enter that country without Gadaffi knowing about it. I do know two other things about Libya that is not common knowledge in the West. Firstly, one of the worlds largest engineering projects is going on in the southern desert, bordering Chad and Niger from where a lot of these so-called refugees are coming. This is the great man made river project, look it up, it is on the net. The second thing is that the Arabs are bone lazy, until the last century, slaves did all the dirty work, slavery was abolished in Saudi Arabia in 1962. I suspect that all these blacks making their way through Libya,a thousand miles of desert with no roads, do so with the help of the government after paying for their fare by working on the project.

  2. Ciccio, you are right on the money.

    Gaddafi is not only a terrorist, but also the greatest facilitator for illegal migration. Besides, his sons are very active in the global jihad from the Philippines to Thailand and in Africa.

  3. Collect them ALL, [gently if possible, rudely if neccessary] and send them ALL home.

  4. >>”and the opposition goes apes#*t, instantly:

    Joe Grey>>Encouraging terrorists is causing great division between the left and right.

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