We got mail from …'Hitler!'


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Aww poor jews…everyone hates them…WAH WAH

At least Islamists don’t molest little boys, like your fellow priests in the sick catholic churches.

Hate all you want, but Islam will be the most powerful religion of the world:)

From Danish Cartoons to Become ‘Historic’ Objects, 2008/07/27 at 7:24 PM


Sure. Only Catholic priests are guilty of child abuse?

*   Dancing boys a mark of prestige in Afghanistan

*   Child prostitution

*   Defending freedom to abuse   Police rape of Afghan boys ignored

*  Two Pakistani Mosque Workers Arrested in Rape of 10-Year-Old Girl

*  UK: Rapist Protected By Mosque Members

Want more?

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  2. >>”Want more?

    These pathetic savages shamelessly do with a smile things that the mere thought of would literally make us nauseated.

  3. Dr. Bulldog>>”And, don’t forget that one of the punishments for homosexuality is apparently rape of the offender:

    Joe Grey>>LOL! Just when I thought they couldn’t get more ridiculous!

  4. Hi Islamic Hitler.

    for you a reality check.

    Islamists do rape little boys – very regularly – check reports on European boys sexually molested by Arab police, check out multiple rapes of youths by muslim males in Pakistan – actually one kid who was raped killed his rapist, was sentenced to death, and was finally released after significant efforts from non-mulsims by the President of Pakistan, There are also appear to be a significant number of males who have been raped by those wonderful muslim police in Saudi Arabia. All in the news – if you can read!!!.

    BE SEEING YOU………………………

  5. Sir Henry Morgan>>”Check search terms … then spread this around.

    Joe Grey>> OK, these Muslims are getting worse by the minute!!! This definitely needs to get around. Great post, btw!

  6. Let us not forget the .13 waffen SS during WWII, (Handschar) an all Muslim command put-together by Himmler and the Islamic Caliph for the purpose of..you guess it! Killing Jews.

  7. “Hitler”…I plum forgot!

    I’ve been researching Islam for nearly six years (books and articles) and have some really juicy photos of Imam’s and other clerics kissing little boys. Mohammed was a pedophile.
    Now scoot along.

  8. Shaitan…Truth to a liberal is like a cross to Dracula. Besides, one of Obama’s former classmates might be in a photo


  9. Sir Henry,

    Numbers don’t lie!!! And since it is not likely that these stats have been manipulated it’s a bit of an eye opener! Good Post!!!

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