Poll results: 79% believe the Bali bombers will not be executed

*  Which leaves 21% who believe that Indonesia will actually have the guts to go ahead and execute the swine who blew up the Sari Club and killed over 200 people and made millions of us feel miserable.


(Some) results of not executing fanatical zombies can be seen here:

Kuntar says no regrets over Israeli child- murders

Hizbullah Productions Presents:

Samir Kuntar, Superstar – the musical”; coming soon to a theater near you. A surefire hit, if ever we saw one.

 And that man, for lack of a better term, crossing the border with an undisguised, sinister glee in his eyes; walking through the “triumphal arch” erected by his fans, embracing his brothers in terror, awaiting what I’m sure he thought were well deserved celebrations in his honor. After all, there’s nothing like hordes of people screaming your name to make you feel good after a few dozen years in prison. Apparently, we were just a few hysterical teenagers short of an “E! True al-Manur Story.”

Best of all: he says he’ll do it again, anytime. Stay tuned!

* Veteran jihadist, ex-Gitmo inmate David “Halal-burger” Hicks aka Muhammad Dawoud, also known as Harry the Taliban”or Abu Australis

*  to listen to sheik yer’mami’s song, click here

Released thanks to ‘concerned’ nutroots, the Amnesia Intentional circus, millions in wasted taxpayers money, this enemy combatant is alive thanks to the humanity of the Americans, who  had the dubious honor to feed him for 5 years.

Hicks has yet to offer an apology, let alone a sorry to his country (Australia) although that was part of the deal, instead he has been seen nightclubbing with nutroot Dem rep Stott Despoya

As we can see here, Hicks aka Dawoud (if it is him) can be seen posting vile anti-Israel propaganda on the ABC- unhinged forum of a Mustafa Qadri who whines about the ‘occupation’ (not of Israel, but the apparent occupation of the Jews of their ancestral homeland.)

A Hicks rant against Israel

Andrew Bolt – Monday, July 21, 08 (10:32 am)

The ABC is publishing comments by ”David Hicks” attacking Israel as the “Jewish entity”, which he says he “passionately” resists and is responsible for the terrorism waged against it:

The OCCUPATION is the cause of the resistance…

If this is David Hicks, the al Qaeda recruit now free in Australia, I’m worried. If this is an ABC listener misusing his name, it is Hicks who should be worried.

Want more? Here’s more:


Jordan: “Islamists” push to free killer of Israeli schoolgirls

You might call it the Samir Kuntar Effect. “Jordan urged to free killer of Israeli schoolgirls,” fromAgence France-Presse, July 21: via JW

AMMAN: King Abdullah II was urged on Sunday to pardon a Jordanian soldier who is serving a life sentence for killing seven Israeli schoolgirls in 1997. “After around 12 years in prison, Ahmad Dakamseh deserves your majesty’s special pardon,”

a group of 70 Islamists, unionists, lawyers, human rights activists and former officials said in a signed letter to the king. In March 1997, Dakamseh fired an automatic weapon at a group of Israeli schoolgirls as they visited Baqura, a scenic peninsula on the Jordan River near the Israeli border, killing seven and wounded five others as well as a teacher. “Following the recent release of Arab prisoners, we hope to see Dakamseh free again,” they said, referring to Israel’s prisoner swap with Lebanon’s Hizbullah last week.The signatories Islamic Action Front secretary general Zaki Bani Rsheid, former prime minister and intelligence department director Ahmad Obeidat, Jordan Bar Association head Saleh Armouti, and Hani Dahleh, president of the Arab Human Rights Organization. “The current political stage requires a policy that would make people happy and ease their socio-economic and political pressures. Pardoning Dakamseh will have a great effect on people,” the letter said



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