Turkey: Bearded Freaks Attack American Consulate, 6 killed

* Sounds like a bunch of hippies, doesn’t it?

In Istanbul. No, make that occupied Constantinople:

An obvious ‘martyrdom’ operation. At least they got what they wanted. But did they succeed in ‘striking terror in the hearts of the enemy?’

Shootout in Occupied Constantinople. “Turkey shooting: Six dead in US consulate attack in Istanbul,” from the Telegraph,

Turkey suspects al-Qaida in attack on US consulate

ISTANBUL, Turkey – Suspected al-Qaida militants armed with pistols and shotguns attacked a police guard post outside the U.S. consulate in Istanbul on Wednesday, sparking a gunbattle that left three attackers and three officers dead.


“Unfortunately, three police officers were martyred in a terrorist attack outside the U.S. Consulate inIstanbul earlier in the day. I offer my condolences to their families. Turkey will fight against those who masterminded such acts and the mentality behind it till the end. Everybody has already seen that terrorism would not serve anything.”

* Really?