US, EU, others pledge 1.2 billion in donations for Islamic Kosovo

* That’s right. The Christian Serbs get S#*t…

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BRUSSELS, Belgium (AP) – Kosovo received a total of ¤1.2 billion (US$1.9 billion) in pledges from international donors, including the United States and the European Union, on Friday to help build much needed infrastructure and democratic institutions and to foster economic growth.

* Bosnian Serbs remember relatives killed in civil war

Kosovo Prime Minister Hashim Thaci said his country «scored an extraordinary success» at the conference of 37 countries and 16 international organizations, including the United Nations and the World 
The conference was the first time international donors had the opportunity to back their recognition of Kosovo’s independence from Serbia with financial aid, after it declared itself sovereign in February.
Thaci told donors after their day-long pledging meeting that their aid would «open the chapter of economic development of Kosovo.
He assured donors that their money would be used wisely, based on an internationally backed reform plan, which aims to build much needed roads, schools, electricity plants and to train police and judges _ all aimed at making Kosovo a stand-alone country. A large chunk of the aid also will help to reduced Kosovo’s shared 
debt inherited by states that once made up Yugoslavia and Serbia.

* You can have any religion as long as its Islam:

investment in Kosovo is an investment to build a modern country and a multi-ethnic society,» Thaci said.

* Yep. “You pay, we play…”

Olli Rehn, the EU’s enlargement commissioner, said he hoped the money raised, some of which already was set aside for the Balkan nation as part of other aid projects, «will help bring about a better future for all living in Kosovo.
The EU said Friday it would give ¤500 million (US$785 million), and the United States about ¤255 million (US$400 million) for 2009-11 to help strengthen Kosovo since it has declared independence from Serbia in February. Other top donors such as 
Germany pledged ¤100 million (US$158 million), while Britain said it would give ¤29 million (US$46 million).
The EU also is funding a separate law-and-order mission in Kosovo that is supposed to take over many of the day-to-day responsibilities of managing Kosovo from the United Nations, which has run the former Serb province since 1999.
Of the ¤1.2 billion, ¤200 million (US$317 million) will be used as a reserve for emergencies. An EU-World Bank report ahead of the donors’ meeting had recommended a reserve of ¤400 million (US$633 million).
The joint report said the lack of a stable energy 
power supply had affected growth and job creation. It said poor transportation and telecommunication links and the country’s unresolved political status also are obstacles to doing business.
The report said around 45 percent of the population is estimated to be poor, including 15 percent in extreme poverty. Enrollment in secondary education is low, and Kosovo and has one of the worst records in the Balkans for life expectancy, tuberculosis and access to safe drinking water, the report said.
The Balkan nation is one of the poorest in Europe, with an unemployment rate of 40 percent and stagnant growth, the EU says.

Serbia, with strong Russian backing, remains vehemently opposed to Kosovo’s split from Belgrade. The two countries have vowed to block Kosovo from joining international institutions such as the United Nations and other grant-awarding bodies.
Thaci said he still hopes his country can soon join the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund and work toward eventual membership of the EU and NATO.
Since Kosovo broke with Serbia, 42 nations have recognized its independence, including the U.S. and 20 of the 27 EU members. 


Fitzgerald: the most farcical, longest-running, “refugee” crisis on earth:

The Americans have spent two trillion dollars on Tarbaby Iraq, to prevent, rather than to encourage, ethnic and sectarian fissures from breaking apart Iraq, and possibly creating both a fault-line for Sunni-Shi’a hostilities, and a free Kurdistan that might have brought to the attention of the world’s non-Arab Muslims (who are 80% of the world’s Muslims) the ways in which Islam has and will always be a vehicle for Arab supremacism, as demonstrated not only by the Arab mass-murdering of Kurds in Iraq, but also by the mass-murdering of black African Muslims in Darfur, and the discrimination and persecution, the linguistic and cultural imperialism, from which Muslim Berbers in North Africa have suffered at Arab hands.

The Americans have lavished more than $65 billion on Egypt, and in so doing, have come to be regarded by those in Egypt as handmaids to the corrupt regime, of Mubarak and his Family-and-Friends Plan. For their pains, they have been subject to constant vilification in the Egyptian media and Egypt has become one of the most anti-American countries on earth. Meanwhile, Egypt continues to play a double-game to pretend to be a peacemaker as it pushes the “Palestinian” line in Gaza, and pretends to be working for an end to violence in Darfur, when it has really, all along, been running interference so that the Arabs in Khartoum can buy time, and complete their murderous task, before pretending to, finally, “make peace.”

The Americans have, along with the Europeas, lavished billions on the “Palestinian” Arabs, and have ignored the many billions that were already supplied by the Infidel taxpayers and that simply disappeared, poof, when Arafat died. And they continue to allow the “Palestinian” Arabs to think they can live forever on the Infidel dole, and not to come to grips with several hard truths:

One, if you spend all your time spending what you have on arms, and preparing or actually using them, because making war on Israel is the alpha and omega of your collective and individual existence, chances are even the most modest of livings will be beyond you.

Two, if your population is self-schooled and self-primitivized in hate, that hate cannot be undone, and no Infidels on earth should be expected to take any of you in, for you represent a tremendous and clear threat, not only to Jews in those Infidel lands, but to all Infidels. You can continue to conduct your public life as one vast Nuremberg Rally, continue to have posters and placards that reek of Rosenberg’s Der Stuermer, but don’t expect anyone in his right mind to think that you are now salvageable, that you can be brought back to reason, and able to live with other humans. You become like wild dogs, and are suitable only for being caged up. Don’t blame the Western world or Israel for that. You have done it, with a little help from other Arab Muslims, entirely to yourselves.

Three, you cannot continue to expect to be supported. This is the most farcical, longest-running, “refugee” crisis on earth. There have been hundreds of millions of refugees since World War II. The most coddled, the most supported, the most everythinged have been the so-called “Arab refugees” who promptly went on the UNRWA dole, and never got off (because no one ever dies), and meanwhile, local Arabs in the countires where some of these Arab refugees lived simply signed up themselves — they were indistinguishable, after all, from the Arabs already on the dole — in a massive case of welfare fraud, and the “internastional community” has plenty of cases of real refugees — especially of the Christians murdered in the Sudan, or Iraq, or elsewhere in the Mulsim world, or the Hindus hounded out of Kashmir, or Bangladesh — so that eventually there is going to be an enraged turning away by Infidels from this idiotic support for Muslms, not least because Arab and Muslim states, having received an entirely unmerited ten trillion dollars since 1973 alone, are now raking in more and more trillions, and buying up everything they can, but continuing to rely entirely on the U.N., and the Americans, and the Europeans, to pay for any and all poorer Arab Muslims who may not deserve, but nonetheless are getting, lots and lots of aid and attention.

Oh, did I forget to mention the $30 billion — that’s the real figure — lavished by the American government on Pakistan, our “ally” in the “war on terror” — for that’s what we have repeatedly been told — since 9/11/2001 alone? Have I a need to tell you about A. Q. Khan, and I.S.I. (in up to its neck in A. Q. Khan’s machinations, as he himself said a week or two ago)? About the Taliban, given refuge in Pakistan? About Al Qaeda (ditto)? About how the Pakistanis continue to thwart our every intelligent effort, and who are not our allies, and never were our allies, and cannot conceivably be our allies, though here and there, an odd Pakistani government official or two may recognize the need, here and there, to play ball or at least seem to, with the ever-credulous and ever-hopeful Americans.

Did you know that last week the American and European governments got together to pledge some ten billion dollars or so for the Muslims of Kosovo? Not for Serbia, with its refugees fleeing Musliims in Kosovo and Bosnia. Not for any other country on earth, but for Kosovo.

Shall I go on? Do you want more?

Do you get the picture? You do? Very well, then, you tell me:

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

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