A Russian soldiers War Snaps

Thanks to Andrew Bolt

Not for the fainthearted. But to let you see what the Russians are up to in Georgia. As photographed by a proud Russian.

*  It might take a while to load, take your time!

* Update:

Dreck. Filth. Shredder: Former German Chancellor warns against encircling Russia

From International Herald Tribune

Georgia is to blame for initiating last month’s war with Russia, former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder said Tuesday as he criticized Western policy toward Russia. Western policies are making Russia feel encircled, he told an investment conference in Kazakhstan’s commercial capital, Almaty.

* This corrupt commie swine was always in the Russian pocket./ed

His remarks are at odds with those of many Western leaders, who have backed Georgia in its dispute with Russia. Last month’s fighting began when Georgia launched an attack to regain control of the breakaway province of South Ossetia. Russia then routed the Georgian military and pushed deep into Georgia.

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5 thoughts on “A Russian soldiers War Snaps”

  1. (Was just viewing this while listening to Rolling Stones ‘Give Me Shelter’.)

    Is war never ugly?

    Hey Shiek, what is the real story behind this conflict? I am not sue who to listen to.

  2. Congratulations to Soros & Co. for getting useful idiots like you to fall for their propaganda!

    “Georgia learned well from al-Qaeda in Bosnian & Kosovo, from Hezzbollah, and from the Paleostinians, on how to handle Useful Western Idiots”


    Putin is an immoral tyrant bastard. It’s not relevant to the Russian response to Georgian aggression.


    * Abkhazia & South Ossetia are not Georgia.

    * Saakashvili is literally nuts.

    * Russians perceive the US and NATO as a threat.

    * US mismanagement is making things worse.

    * The US has gone to war with the strongest Orthodox Christian state in the Balkans [the boundary between the Caliphate and Europe] and is belligerent towards Russia [the only Orthodox Christian state to resist Jihad for 450 years].

    * The US is allied with Turkey, Pakistan, Iraq, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Bosnia, “Kosovo”, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan and Iraq.

    * The US state department forbids even the mention of “Jihad” “Islamism” etc.

    * The US ambassador to the UN is a Sunni Muslim citizen of Afghanistan.

    * The US supports Turkey joining the EU, which would make the EU at least 1/4 Muslim.

    * Muslim immigration to the US has risen while Bush has been president, and will probably only increase under a President Obama, McCain, or Clinton (technically she’s still in the race).

    * Most Americans don’t even care that the lead candidate was not only a Muslim citizen of Indonesia, and recorded as such on his Indonesian ID, but even lies about his past, and the media assist his lies.

    Which non-Muslim country is doing the most in the world to strengthen empower and expand Jihad?

    Draw your own conclusions.

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