Arabs go apes#*t over Israeli professor who finds 'kindness' in the Koran

Well, you can check yourself, but there isn’t much to be found in the way of kindness in that dirty book of the Muhammedans. Apart from the omnipotent Allah, who is ‘mercyful & compassionate’ when he is not vengeful and bloothirsty.

Allahs  kindness is reserved mostly for his prophet who receives very convenient ‘revelations’, whenever it suits him…

Nevertheless, the believers are to treat each other kindly, and ‘be harsh to the unbelievers’…


How dare you say Islam teaches “kindness” and “human dignity”? prominent Muslim leaders demand to know:

Now, if Omar’s pact of dhimmitude plainly states that non-Muslims are not to teach their own children the Koran, the following report makes clear the “hysteria” a non-Muslim teaching the Koran to Muslim students can cause: “Muslims blast Israel for reading kindness into the Koran,” from Israel Today, August 5:

Arab media around the Middle East this week reacted hysterically after learning that a Jewish professor at Haifa University is using verses from the Koran to teach Arab Muslim psychology students how to treat their future Muslim patients.


Professor Ofer Grosbard developed the Quranet course using specially chosen verses from the Muslim holy book to help students reinforce in their patients concepts like respect, responsibility, honesty, dignity and kindness.

Grosbard realized the need for the special course after one of his Muslim students complained that traditional Western psychology would be ineffective on Muslim patients who hold tightly to superstitious beliefs.

Despite the fact that the Quranet course was developed together with 15 Muslim students and was reviewed by three Islamic clerical figures, Muslim authorities around the Middle East denounced the project because it was overseen by a Jew.

Speaking to Gulf News, Dr. Abdullah Al Mutlaq of the Senior Ulema Board in Saudi Arabia insisted that all Jews hate Islam, and that Prof. Grosbard’s efforts to emphasize the Koran’s few lessons in human dignity and kindness would give Muslims the wrong impression of their religion.

Right; might make them think that “human dignity” and “kindness” are on a par with jihad and global domination.

Dr. Manae Abdel-Halim Mahmoud, professor of Koranic sciences at Al-Azhar University in Cairo, told an Egyptian newspaper that the Israeli project “aims to tarnish the image of Islam by giving wrong interpretation of the noble Koran.” 

Palestinian Authority officials also blasted the project, stating that the current prevalent interpretation of Islam that has led to so much regional death and destruction is the correct interpretation, and that Prof. Grosbard’s kinder, gentler selection of Koranic verses is misleading.


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  1. A prof found kindness in a Koran? Off with his head for being blasphemous!

    I must have read a different Koran, for I found very little kindness in it. Lots of threats, fearmongering and ordering about though.

  2. We should ask our resident scriptural expert Atheist for his thoughts on this subject, seeing as how he can find ‘calls to violence’ in the New Testament, he should be able to find ‘calls to kindness’ in the koran….

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