Brazil Murder of 17-year old: "he was angry because unable to get Cara to marry him in order to get him a visa to live in Britain"

The dismembered body parts of a British teenager who was allegedly murdered and cut up by her boyfriend in a drug-fuelled frenzy have been found, police say.

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Cara Marie Burke with Mohamed D’Ali Carvalho dos Santos

The remains of Cara Marie Burke, 17, were found in the town of Bonfinopolis in central Brazil.

They were located near to where her Brazilian boyfriend, Mohammed D’Ali dos Santos, 20, said he had thrown them in a bag, police chief Carlos Raimundo Batista said.

Cara’s torso was discovered last Tuesday in her suitcase near a river in the nearby city of Goiania, where Santos and she had shared an apartment for a couple of months before their break-up a few weeks ago.

On Sunday an unemployed man found Cara’s left leg in a creek in Bonfinopolis, leading police to the spot where the other remains were recovered.

Santos, according to police, has confessed to the crime, saying he fatally stabbed Cara on July 26 because she was going to reveal his cocaine habit to his family and to police.


Mohammed D'Ali Carvalho Santos  

Santos has apparently confessed


Detectives also suspect he acted in anger because he was unable to get Cara to marry him in order to get him a visa to live in Britain. His mother lives in London, as does Cara’s.

Santos allegedly cut up Cara’s body the day after her murder and disposed of the remains in two different locations. An initial search for the limbs and head on Friday failed to turn up anything.

Police said that immediately after his arrest, Santos confessed to the murder and mutilation, and tried to offer a bribe to be let go.

Santos changed his story several times while speaking to the press, at one point saying he “did not exactly” kill Cara.

However, Brazilian police said Santos officially signed a confession on Friday and that they had retrieved the knife and gloves used in the crime.

Santos’s mobile phone also allegedly contained photographs of Cara’s dismembered body.


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  1. >>”Brazil Murder of 17-year old: “he was angry because unable to get Cara to marry him in order to get him a visa to live in Britain”

    Joe Grey>> He was trying to gain freedom in the U.K. That would make him a “freedom fighter” to the lefties.

  2. Mothers, don’t let your daughters traipse overseas after third-world playboys.

  3. This is just one in a series of murders of my clueless compatriots, as they travel to distant countries, and consort with savages, such as Muslims.

  4. Video here:

    I realize just the fact that he killed her is bad enough, but what really sickened me is that he took pictures of her dismembered body.

    Not to excuse anything, but some people are really just pathetic and can’t control their temper, kill people, then in a panic try to get rid of the evidence. I mean, things like that happen all the time. But the fact that he took photos just puts him beyond any definition of humanity.

    Dumb bastard probably listens to gansta rap all day and night and thinks he’s some sort of hero now. He looks like he’ll be pimped out within minutes of getting jailed.

    What a waste.

    This may just be hindsight, but I swear he looks like an evil psycho just from that photo.

    Love really is blind.

  5. From the Times:

    According to local newspaper Hoje Noticia, dos Santos sent a text message to his brother boasting of the murder and referring to Miss Burke as a “bitch”.

    He allegedly ended the message with “Lol”, meaning laugh out loud.

    He is said to have told the newspaper the dismembering process was “just like cutting beef, except for the bleeding”.

    The suitcase containing the torso was found on Monday on the banks of a river in Goiânia, about a two-hour drive from the Brazilian capital, Brasilia.

    Detectives found blood in dos Santos’ bedroom, living room and bathroom.

    Police claim dos Santos placed her severed head on top of her torso in the manner of a Taliban execution, and took photographs on his mobile phone.

    * * *

    Oh yeah, Moham, you da man!

    I bet he loves Farenheit 911 and hates America and goes on and on about the poor clients at Club Gitmo.

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