Gitmo Inmates for Switzerland!

WoJ Exclusive:

A Swiss lawyer shyster with the support of Amnesty International has submitted the first asylum application for a prisoner at Guantanamo. The US has declared the prisoner free to leave. (Rundschau)

The asylum seeker is the Militärdeserteur Abdul Ra’ouf Al Qassim from Libya. AI refugee coordinator Denise Graf told the Rundschau: “Of course the U.S. is responsible to solve this problem. There have been six years and no solution has been found. We think Guantanamo should be closed, we support the asylum request. “ 

The asylum request to the Federal Office for Migration has been submitted. BfM media spokesman Jonas Montani to the “Rundschau:” There are no special conditions. It is an asylum request from abroad, it shall receive the same treatment as any other. “ 

About a general acceptance of prisoners from Guantanamo the Federal Government must decide, said Foreign Minister Micheline Calmy-Rey in early June in the question hour of the National Council.

From Jihad Watch Deutschland