Islamo-Fascism Week III: "Stop the Jihad on Campus"

By David Horowitz and Reut Cohen

While America is finally winning the war in Iraq, the global effort against the Islamic jihad goes on. In Afghanistan, the war with al-Qaeda is still raging. In Gaza, Hamas continues to launch genocidal attacks against Israeli towns. Meanwhile, on American college campuses a coalition of organizations connected to the jihad network demonizes America and Israel. This coalition carries on its agendas of hate with the unwitting collaboration of student governments and university administrations.

In October 2007, more than one hundred campuses hosted Islamo-Fascism Awareness weeks to make university communities aware of the Islamist threat and the danger it poses.

In April 2008 a second Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week focused on the network created in America by the Muslim Brotherhood and that includes the Muslim Students Association and the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR).

This fall, during the week of October 13-17, students on more than 100 campuses will hold events under the banner of “Stop the Jihad on Campus,” a campaign designed to make the university community aware of the support the Muslim Students Association, Students for Justice in Palestine and other leftist groups provide for the jihadists’ hatred and agendas. 

A focus of this campaign will be the genocidal nature of the jihad. Over one hundred Muslim Students Associations have refused to condemn the genocidal terror groups Hamas and Hizbullah, and have declined to repudiate the infamous Hadith or saying of the prophet which calls on Muslims to kill Jews to bring about the Day of Judgment. 

The request to repudiate this incitement was sent to the Muslim Students Associations by the David Horowitz Freedom Center last spring. It has been re-sent recently. If the MSAs again refuse to condemn religious genocide and the organizations whose goal it is to carry it out, the “Stop the Jihad” movement will call for the defunding of MSA chapters who promote of ethnic hatred and refuse to condemn holy war.

The Muslim Students Association portrays itself as a religious and cultural organization, representing all Muslims. As a result, MSAs receive generous funding from student activities boards – often more than most other student groups. The University of Pennsylvania’s Muslim Students Association for example receives $20,000 from student government while college Republicans and Democrats receive nothing. 

During May 2008, the Muslim Student Union at UC Irvine– a chapter of the Muslim Students Association — specifically requested and received $6,500 for their “Palestine Awareness” program which called for the destruction of the Jewish state under the banner “Never Again? The Palestinian Holocaust.” The May 2008 Muslim Student Union hate-fest in support of terrorist groups like Hamas and Hezbollah at UCI included virulently anti-Israel and anti-American speakers such as imam Amir Abdel Malik Ali, imam Muhammad al-Asi and Norman Finkelstein. 

The MSA is in fact an arm of the Muslim Brotherhood, a terrorist organization, which has created a network of “front” groups to conduct a stealth jihad in America, including CAIR, the Muslim American Society and the Islamic Society of North America. 

“Stop the Jihad on Campus” will seek to make the academic community aware of the stealth jihad in its midst and end university support for the hate agendas – against women, gays and Jews – which MSA-sponsored speakers have brought to campus. 

The national MSA has sponsored hate speakers such as Sheik Khalid Yasin who has called for the execution of gays and accuses Jews of orchestrating the 9/11 terror attacks. Last spring, the MSA brought Sheik Yasin to Penn State, Ohio State, Minnesota State, the University of Minnesota, St. Cloud College and Sinclair Community College. The MSA has named its student scholarship fund after a member of the Muslim Brotherhood network, and has sponsored “Nakba” celebrations to coincide with Israel’s birth date and whose agenda is the destruction of the Jewish state. 

Student leaders will be asked to press their student governments to defund their respective MSA chapters for sponsoring ethnic hatred and violating university rules and regulations. Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week will raise consciousness in campus communities across the nation as to the nature and presence of the jihad in their midst. Americans need to wake up to the threat that confronts them, before it is too late.

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4 thoughts on “Islamo-Fascism Week III: "Stop the Jihad on Campus"”

  1. David Horowitz is a true hero of the American and Democratic Society that is bieng destroyed by multiculturalism and political correctness. The MSU and MSA have taken over the University system with terror and Petro Dollars from Saudi Arabia and fed into the sickness of the Professors who side with anarchy and socialism. Free Speech is imperative, but not while silencing the side of those who love the USA, Israel and respect our laws.

  2. I blame our government too. They should put more money in our schoolsystem
    and not let these petro dollars from Saudi take over.
    It made me sick what was going on in UC Irvine.
    The arrogance of these people. In stead of being gratefull of getting their education here. Stay in Saudi if you can only behave that way.
    Wonder what would happen to us if we would do that in their country.
    But if our President kisses the cheeks of the Saudi Royals’ what can you expect.

  3. I too am a great admirer of David Horowitz, and especially of his committment to actually doing something about the problem rather than endlessly complaining to each other, of which we’ve all been guilty for far too long. This fall I will be filing a human rights complaint against large bookstore chain for publishing hate literature (mein koranf). It should be interesting.
    As much as I respect Mr. Horowitz, I must strongly disagree with his opening words, ” While
    America is finally winning the war in Iraq…” This is the essence of “the big lie” being perpetuated by both the politically correct and the oil addicts – that it will actually make some kind of a difference if one rather than another group of moslems prevails in a given country. The only way America and the free world can “win” in Iraq or anywhere else is by forcing islam to its knees, immediately halting islamic immigration and repatriating all the moslems presently infesting our democratic countries. Islam and freedom simply cannot coexist. There is no need here to repeat all the venomnous passages in the holy book which describe us kufr as apes and pigs, and instruct the faithful to butcher us – I’m sure we all know them by heart at this stage. The point is that ALL moslems believe every last comma in their hateful book; if they didn’t, they wouldn’t BE moslems.
    Certainly, there is disagreement within islam; there are the holy warriors, a small minority who wish to start the bloodbath here and now, and the great majority who are at odds with these because they’re drawing unwanted attention to the jihad, while the “moderates” are slowly and successfully going about the business of infiltrating and commandeering our social and political institutions and outbreeding us three or four to one. They disagree with regard to tactics, but THE GOAL IS THE SAME! We ignore this reality at our peril.

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