Monash Wakademic yammers over 'Islamophobia' in Australia, Indonesian Muslims Delighted!

Islamophobia in Australialia ‘irrational fear’ : Australian scholar

* Remember: an Islamophobe is a non-Muslim who knows too much about Islam!

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From his CV:

Professor Emeriitus of Sciology Gary Bouma ,  born in Grand Rapids, Michigan and moved to Canada on completion of his PhD and to Australia in 1979. An Anglican priest,  he has been a religious professional in more than 8 denominations and particularly enjoys a small Anglican Parish in Brittany which he helped re-vitalize.

*  Indonesia: land of burning churches, destroyed Christian schools, attacked and murdered Christian students

* Christians in Indonesia’s Papua rally over sharia

*  And with all this going on at the same time this asshat goes there and soils his own nest.

There is a difference between right and wrong. There is a difference between good and bad. There is a difference between night and day. This asshat wants you to forget Bali one and two along with 9/11, Beslan, Madrid, London, Moscow, Bombay and another 11.000 Islamic terrorist attacks since 9/11 by accusing the victims and sucking up the the perps in a country that doesn’t protect its religious minorities? Where Christians are attacked and killed, where Christian schoolchildren have their heads chopped off on their way to school?

* RIP Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn:  Violence can only be concealed by a lie, and the lie can only be maintained by violence.

* More pastors continue ignoring Islamic theology in favor of platitudes of peace and harmony. “Baptists, Muslims must work together for a peaceful world,” by Robert Parham for theTennessean, 


Be gone Bouma, be gone!

Jakarta, (ANTARA News) – An Australian scholar said Islamophobia in Australia was ‘an irrational fear’ as Australian society was a multicultural one where any religion could be practiced. 

“However, there are a few small groups who seem to find it necessary to speak ill about Islam,” said Professor Emeriitus of Sciology Gary Bouma at a press conference during the ongoing Third International Conference of Islamic Scholars (ICIS III) here Thurday. 

Bouma who is also head of UNESCO`s interreligious and intercultural relations for Asia Pacific said there were people in the west who were actively trying to spread Islamophobia and their efforts were being supported by non-religious parties. 

It was possible Islamophobia had became a constraint to efforts to achieve world peace, he said, adding Islamophobia was a collective memory formed at the time of the Crusades over a thousand years ago.

“Nevertheless, Australia is a multicultural society where mutual respect, harmony, and acceptence prevail,” he said.

Bouma is a participant in a parallel discussion in ICIS III where on Wednesday he presented a paper on “Peace and Globalization.” 

Some 350 delegates from 64 countries– including 27 international figures and 13 Indonesian figures, sre taking part in the three-day conference organized by Nahdlatul Ulama, Indonesia`s largest Islamic organization. 

The conference has five objectives : obtaining an objective and comprehensive portrait of crises in the Islamic world, forming common perceptions on the anatomy of conflicts, preventing conflicts based on a common awareness, identifying and examining the Muslim world`s strengths and weaknesses, and enhancing solidarity against Islamophobia and Muslimphobia.

At the end of the conference an action plan called “Jakarta Message” outlining the gist of its results is to be issued to serve as reference for follow up actions. 

Indonesian Vice President Jusuf Kalla and NU Chairman Hasyim Muzadi would make remarks to close the coference`on Friday (August 1)




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  1. A heads up sheik

    My town yet –

    “Nine people were injured by a man wielding a hammer”

    described as ’emotionally disturbed’ – that is early cop (or, cop out?) talk

    Khalid Alzghoul – damn those Budhists anyhow.

    – it was gay pride day here & the area it took place was right in the heart of our gay area of Vancouver BC

    maybe those bare lesbian breasts were too much for the poor lad?

  2. Right now the PC correct media is bewailing the terrible plight of the Chinese muslims …. one day after 16 policemen were murdered in a muslim terrorist attack. The enemy with is our media and as long as these PC morons in the media prevent open discussion of the muslim threat the situation will get worse. Khalid A sounds like an Egyptian – these people are neither nice, intelligent or useful – an observation from personnal experience with Egyptian muzzies in Europe.

  3. Canadian Couple – I followed your link. Looks to me like a classic case of Sudden Jihad Syndrome.

    However, there’s hope for Canada yet, judging by this paragraph: “One good Samaritan chased after the suspect, who at one point turned and pointed an what turned out to be an imitation handgun at the man. The suspect eventually was tackled near Thurlow and Davie, but not before striking that man in the head as well.

    “Other people jumped in and helped hold the man until police arrived.”

    In other words: the kafir fought back and Khalid Alzghoul was subjected to Citizens’ Arrest. Well done, Vancouverans! Long live Canada!

  4. Professor Bouma is clearly a moron. When most of us were kids (I am over 50) we had never met a muslim, never mind developed a “phobia” about them….my own “phobia” is based on 6 years living in Saudi Arabia, 14 in Indonesia, and a keen observation of the events of the last 7 or 8 years. I keep putting “phobia” in quotes as I actually reject and resent the term. There is nothing irrational about fearing a group of people (yes..we all know it’s not all of them, but it’s a big enough group to get into the media on a daily basis) who wish to subject the entire world to a set of 7th century bedouin rules that are thecomplete antithesis of everything the modern western world stands for.

  5. Time to turn on the dot-connector, for anyone interested:

    Also from his CV (link above)

    * Chair of the Board of Management, Parliament of the World’s Religions 2009 Melbourne.

    To find out more about the “Parliament …” search on parliamentofreligions2009

    Melbourne Board of Management
    Professor Gary D. Bouma

    Board Members (some)
    Hakan Aykol
    Deputy Chairperson & Director
    Victorian Multicultural Commission

    Yasser Soliman
    Executive Director
    Diversity Connect International & former President Islamic Council of Victoria
    VMC Member

    Patrons (some)
    Tim Costello
    Chief Executive Officer
    World Vision

    Ibrahim Dellal AM
    President of Selimiye Foundation

    Sheikh Fehmi Naji El-Imam, AM
    Islamic Society of Victoria

    The world is being prepared to accept a counterfeit religious system, described
    in Revelation as Mystery, Babylon the Great, together with a false messiah,
    known as Antichrist, or the Beast (whose number is 666)

    While Mystery Babylon and Antichrist are vicious, anti-Christian, and bloodthirsty,
    both are doomed.

  6. Someone should ask this fool to compare the death totals racked up by “islamophobes” and infidelophobes. Perhaps the huge disparity will wake him up.

    August 5th, 2008 at 10:53 pm

    Someone should ask this fool to compare the death totals racked up by “islamophobes” and infidelophobes. Perhaps the huge disparity will wake him up. ”
    =============================================== reports 11,586 “deadly terror attacks” carried out by Muslims since 09/11/2001.

    This Professor Bouma apparently believes EACH and EVERY ONE of these terrorist attacks is an isolated incident, each with no discernible cause, and all with absolutely no connection to each other (even though, in most cases, the terrorists happily claim responsibility and announce they’re doing the murders for the glory of Allah).

    This “well-educated” man has been stripped of the ability to see, understand, and reason. Western education is destroying the West.

  8. Rich Carrol:
    I think you’re carrying coals to Newcastle; I suspect that this toadying sycophant has never matured sexually in the first place.

  9. Attention readers:

    As you can see, the above link from ‘Canadian Couple’ is deactivated and no longer available. The internet is systematically being scrubbed from records of Islamic lunatics. I urge you to post articles in full, not only the links, because our detractors count on our forgetfulness. I also wish to add that there have been many hammer & axes attacks against school children in China lately, for which no Mohammedan connection was established. We remain suspicious, but we appreciate any evidence you can come up with!

    I have relocated the article and here it is:

    UPDATE: Suspect named in Vancouver hammer attacks

    VANCOUVER – A 31-year-old man with a history of mental illness has been charged with aggravated assault after nine people on Davie Street were struck in the head with a hammer Sunday night, the same day as the city’s gay pride parade.


    VANCOUVER – A 31-year-old man with a history of mental illness has been charged with aggravated assault after nine people on Davie Street were struck in the head with a hammer Sunday night, the same day as the city’s gay pride parade.

    Khalid Alzghoul was charged Monday with 17 offences, including nine counts of assault with a weapon. He was remanded in custody and will likely make another appearance in court today.

    Vancouver police spokeswoman Const. Jana McGuinness said the incident began around 10:20 p.m. when a man left the Tutti convenience store on Davie without paying for his items.

    After leaving the store, the man headed to the Majestic Restaurant and Lounge on Davie, where he struck a man in the head with a ball-peen hammer, knocking him unconscious.

    He then hit a doorman and three patrons with the hammer, before hitting one more person as he left the restaurant.

    Police allege the man then went to Characters Restaurant, just down the street, where he hit two other women in the head.

    A man who was with the two women chased the suspect and tackled him to the ground.

    He was then also struck in the head with the hammer, said McGuinness.

    Davie is in the heart of Vancouver’s gay community.

    McGuinness said police are investigating whether the attack was a hate crime.

    “We’re not sure what the motivation was,” she said. “It’s so random and so violent and so bizarre.”

    She said witnesses reported the attacker was ranting following his attacks, but didn’t know if he said anything anti-gay.

    “He was ranting about a lot of things and what exactly he was saying I have yet to confirm with investigators,” she said.

    Police arrested Alzghoul at the scene and seized an imitation firearm, two knives and a hammer.

    In addition to nine counts of assault with a weapon, Alzghoul has been charged with three counts of assault causing bodily harm, one count of uttering threats, one count of using an imitation firearm and one count of theft under $5,000.

    Of the nine victims, six were treated in hospital for injuries sustained in the attacks. Two remained in hospital overnight for observation of more serious head injuries. None of the injuries is considered life threatening.
    © (c) CanWest MediaWorks Publications Inc.

  10. How come we have given visas only to Muslims with mental illness?

    Is this another form of positive affirmation?

  11. A prerequisite, DP111.

    search [ muslim “history of mental illness” ]
    About 1,100,000 results (0.29 seconds)

    search [ muslim “history of sanity” ]
    About 47 results (0.31 seconds)


  12. I understood all the attacks in the Chinese kindergartens were muslims on Han Chinese..the Chinese response was to introduce self defence classes but this won’t help the very young children. They took place in a predominately muslim province.

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