The Burka is NOT a Fashion Item!

Neither, are hijab, jilbab, niqab, or any other babs fashion items. The covering of women  from head to toe along with Islamic brainwashing and radicalization is revolting.

Wearing these symbols of oppression is not ‘modest’, neither is it ‘traditional Islamic dress’-, these are the buzzwords the main stream media has uncritically accepted. In fact, the hijab had no place in Thailand, Indonesia or even Malaysia and many other countries in Asia and North-Africa just 30 years ago.

Pushing it: Hijab Style (check out the pic’s)

This madness came with Peanut Khadr’s failure in protecting the Shah of Iran from being overthrown by Jimma’s fellow-‘man of faith’, the Ayatollah Khmeini,  who started the ‘Islamic Revolution’.

The rest of this islamic revival was mostly started and financed by the Saudis and other Gulf fiefdoms, who attracted thousands of young Muslim men and women to work in construction and as domenstic servants in the seventies (because Arabs won’t do any manual labor) and when these people returned to their homecountries they were  promised money for weapons, mosques and lifelong support, if only they would help to spread Islam, the real Islam, because nothing else matters.

But this nonsense about ‘modest dress’  is being repeated, day after day after day, just like the mantra about the ‘Religion of Peace’ and the ‘holy Koran’, which is not holy to you and me, but to the Muhammedans only. Take the jihad, which is not ‘inner struggle,’ but war on the infidel until the world is Islamic, but  we’re being told to no longer apply reason and common sense to protect ourselves.  In the name of tolerance, just accept all these things like FGM, misogyny, honor killings, child-marriage and terrorism, which ‘have nothing to do with Islam’- or do they?

Add to this the shameless in-your-face promotion of everything Islam, the brazen complicity of our politicians and the armies of hirelings on the  petro-dollar gravy-trains, the constant blame-game and the false claims of victimization and you have a situation that wears us, the real victims, out.  It demoralizes. it frustrates. That’s the intended result.

As a result too many people start  believing things they shouldn’t believe out of misguided tolerance, political correctness and multiculti befuddlement.

* The twits & twats from the fashion industry:

Islamic fashion show — complete with “burquinis” — coming near you!

Who says Islam isn’t progressive? (Incidentally, no men allowed.) “Lifting veil on Islamic style,” by Jenny Ling for Stuff, August 4: thanks to DW

Muslim women Aneesa Adam and Asha Bulle are used to donning headscarfs and modest clothing that covers their bodies from head to toe. 

But on Thursday, the pair will have to overcome their shyness when they hit a makeshift runway during a celebration of Islamic fashion at the Kilbirnie Library in Wellington.

About 25 Muslim women from Pakistan, Ethiopia, India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh will model a mix of traditional Islamic clothing and more modern threads during the female-only event, part of the fifth annual Islam Awareness Week starting today.

Spokeswoman Rehanna Ali said Islamic fashion had evolved since the 1970s, with many designers now making lines exclusively for Muslim women, though the principles of covering all but the face, hands and feet were maintained.

In Australia, for instance, a head-to-ankle swimming costume, dubbed the “burquini“, allowed Muslim women surf lifesavers to keep covered. In New Zealand, tae kwon do uniforms had been adapted to include a headscarf, and changes were under way to allow netball players to wear long-sleeved T-shirts and tracksuit pants.

Ms Adam, an IT trainer, said she liked wearing the traditional headscarf, called a hijab, because it confirmed her identity.

In other words, thanks infidels, for being so accommodating — but remember: I’m not one of you.

“At work people won’t swear around me … they won’t talk about getting drunk. If they swear, they say, `Sorry Aneesa’, as if I am a nun. It makes it easier.” 

This year’s Islamic Awareness Week theme is “Strong Families, Better Society”. Governor-General Anand Satyanand launches it today at the Wellington Islamic Centre and it runs till Sunday. It aims to build awareness of Muslim beliefs, values and practices and Islam.

Ms Ali said there was often a misconception that women were the inferior sex because of their clothing, but a dress code applied to men, too, and with 1.7 billion Muslims worldwide, the rules varied.

Little to do with “dress codes,” Ms Ali; everything to do with theological assertions, such as “Men have authority over women, for Allah has made the one superior to the other” (Koran 4:34), and many other verses and hadiths.

The number of people who identified themselves with Islam rose from 23,631 in 2001 to 36,072 in the 2006 census, according to Statistics New Zealand. 

Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand president Javed Khan said though most people were tolerant, there was “quite a bit of ignorance as far as religion is concerned“.

“Since 9/11 various sectors of media can be blamed for misrepresenting what Islam is and what it stands for. People with closed minds … make up their minds by reading what’s in the media.”

Mr Khan urged people to seek better understanding of Islam, “[which] is like any other religion which teaches peace and harmony“.

MODEST MODE [What follows is what one would expect to find in the fine print of an otherwise “progressive” piece of writing:]

Dress codes for Muslim women:

* Clothing must cover the whole body apart from the face, hands and feet.

* Clothing should be modest and not close- fitting or so eye-catching as to attract undue attention.

* The hijab (hee-jab) or headscarf is compulsory, though some choose not to wear it.

* A burqa covers the entire head and face and is specific to certain cultures, for example, the blue burqa worn by women in Afghanistan.



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  1. The only time someone should be dressed like that is after death, because those outfits look like death shrouds.

  2. >>”This madness came with Peanut Khadr’s failure in protecting the Shah of Iran from being overthrown by Carter’s fellow-’man of faith’, the Ayatollah Khmeini, who started the ‘Islamic Revolution’.


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