Who is protecting our doctors and hospitals?

* The ongoing terror by Muhammedans against doctors, nurses and staff at hospitals is totally out of control. Not a week goes by without serious attacks and disturbances involving  pregnant Muslim females accompanied by militant soldiers of Allah who are ticked off by whatever ticks off militant Muslims:

Husband in racist rant at hospital

AN Asian man shouted racist abuse at white hospital staff when he attended an appointment with his pregnant girlfriend.

Oldham Evening Chronicle
Forid Miah (29) threatened a receptionist and care worker saying he would bring his boys back, and called them a white bitch and a white bastard.

He also told a security guard he would remember his face and come back to shoot him.

At Minshull Street Crown Court, Manchester, yesterday, Miah, of Bamford Street, Oldham, pleaded guilty to two counts of racially aggravated harassment.

Emma Atkinson, prosecuting, said: ldquo;On February 5, the defendant and his pregnant wife were late for an appointment at the Royal Oldham Hospital.

“At reception, Scott Morris was taking a call. He told the defendant he wouldn’t be a moment and to take a seat.

“Mr Morris then had to leave the reception momentarily but indicated he would be back quickly. He said he could hear the word ldquo;bastard” being used.

“Mr Morris warned the defendant that he would call security and asked if the words were being directed at him.

“At this point a health care assistant came to reception and the defendant swore when telling her the man had been on the phone and was ignoring him.

“She said the defendant had his finger constantly pressed on the bell.

“When she asked him to take a seat, the defendant became very agitated. He came so close their faces were touching.

“He then shouted lsquo;l isten white bitch I’ll sit down when I want to sit down’.

“She said he lifted his left hand above his head and she believed he was about to hit her.

“A security guard tried to deal with the incident. He said the defendant was gesturing with his fingers in the shape of a gun, saying lsquo;I’ll come back and shoot you’.

Louise Brandon, defending, said: ldquo;Mr Miah attended hospital with his heavily pregnant wife who was suffering problems with her diabetes.

“They were a little late for their appointment and the defendant was clearly concerned that they had missed the appointment.

“I accept that his behaviour was completely unacceptable but this was a one-off loss of control.”

Judge Mushtak Khokhar sentenced Miah to four months’ jail suspended for 18 months and 100 hours’ unpaid work, plus pound;400 costs.

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  1. * Judge Mushtak Khokhar sentenced Miah to four months’ jail suspended for 18 months and 100 hours’ unpaid work, plus pound;400 costs.

    What, not cultural sensitivity training?

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