A Symbolic Wake in Brussels

By Baron Bodissey/ Gates of Vienna


Fat Freddy: a useful tool for the Islamofascists…

Despite Mayor Freddy Thielemans’ ban, Vlaams Belang went ahead with its planned 9/11 demonstration in Brussels today. The event was orderly and peaceful, although three VB members were arrested by the police.

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Our Flemish correspondent VH has translated two articles about the demonstration. The first one is from the Vlaams Belang website:

SIOE Lambeth demonstration Sept. 11, 2008

9/11: Symbolic Wake

This afternoon about 200 Vlaams Belang militants in cooperation with “Cities against Islamization” (STI) held a symbolic wake at the Brussels WTC building. Among them were all prominent Vlaams Belang representatives and the European Parliament members Carl Lang (FN) and Mario Borghezio (former undersecretary of Justice for the Lega Nord). Three female protesters were arrested.

The symbolic action, in which the demonstrators one by one laid a red rose down next to the World Trade Center building, was dignified and without significant incidents. Apparently, the police have learned their lesson since last year’s events and realized that this country is not a police state where peaceful demonstrators may be assaulted at will.

In his speech Filip Dewinter severely attacked Parti Socialiste Mayor Freddy Thielemans, whom he called an Islamo-socialist and a collaborator with radical Islam. “The demonstration ban is the best proof of the Islamization of our country,” Dewinter said.

Furthermore, he noted that “9/11 was not just a terrorist attack, but a declaration of war by radical Islam against the free West. Islam legitimizes through the Koran the use of violence against unbelievers to achieve its goals. Islam has to renounce all forms of violence and distance itself from passages in the Koran that call for violence against unbelievers; if not, Islam can never be tolerated on European territory.”

The second article is from HLN:
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Three arrests during Vlaams Belang demonstration near WTC tower in Brussels

Two Vlaams Belang members and a sympathizer have been administratively detained. The arrests took place when some fifty Vlaams Belang members wanted each in turn to lay down a rose near the WTC tower in memory of the attacks on September 11.

The demonstration was banned by Mayor Freddy Thielemans because of the risk of riots. The judge and the State Council have confirmed the ban.

“We wanted to pay tribute in a serene way to the victims of September 11. Thielemans proves that he is nothing more than an Islamo-socialist who is indebted to his constituents,” said Vlaams Belang chairman Filip Dewinter.


SIOE Holds 9-11 Demo at Lambeth Palace

by Baron Bodissey


SIOE Lambeth demonstration Sept. 11, 2008Yesterday SIOE (Stop Islamisation of Europe) commemorated the anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon by staging a demonstration in front of Lambeth Palace in London.

Cimmerian was present for the occasion, and sent us a set of photos along with his account of what happened. Click on any of the photos to see larger versions (plus additional images), or go toAeneas’ Picasa site.

Below is Cimmerian’s report:

Here are some photos from SIOE’s 9/11 demo outside Lambeth Palace, London home of the Archbishop of Canterbury, a short paddle down the Thames from the Houses of Parliament. The palace was chosen to protest the Archbishop’s recent comments in which he claimed that acceptance of Sharia Law in the UK was ‘unavoidable’.

SIOE Lambeth demonstration Sept. 11, 2008While the Archbishop hosted a lavish dinner for religious dignitaries inside the palace, protesters outside loudly chanted ‘No Sharia!’

The protest was organised by Stephen Gash of Stop the Islamisation of Europe (SIOE) and Anders Gravers of Stop the Islamisation of Denmark (SIAD). Those gathered in support included representatives from the Center for Vigilant Freedom and new anti-Islamisation group Nemosini. Christian groups and Iranian exiles were also well represented.

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And it ain’t pretty. What’s with all the garages?

Studies in Sensitivity in Brussels Diana West/ via Atlas

As I mentioned in yesterday’s 9/11 column (sharply titled by my excellent syndicate editor “A Day That Will Live in … Islamic Accomodation”), the  demonstration in downtown Brussels held by the Flemish separatist party Vlaams Belang both to mark 9/11/08 and to protest the Islamization of Europe was broken up by Belgian police–and, according to one participant who emailed me yesterday, it was broken up before the group could finish laying flowers at the base of the World Trade Center there.

How’s that for efficient police work?

The mayor of Brussels, Freddy Thielsman, had denied Vlaams Belang a permit for the demonstration for several reasons as reported in the Belgian press: the event would be too “sensitive”; the event would be taking place too close to “sensitive” neighborhoods; and it would be taking place during the presumably sensitive span of Ramadan.

“Sensitive”? Let’s snip away the euphemistic  grape leaf. The mayor was referring to a potential Muslim reaction in Brussels, which, I take it, he was  expecting to be anything but “sensitive,” and rather potentially violent. Hence the official ban on the 9/11-Islamization protest. And hence the response by Filip Dewinter–one of the leaders of Vlaams Belang–who said Mayor Thielsman’s reaction proved that the Islamization of Brussels, and the Islamization of European cities generally, is in full swing.

How do you say, “You can say that again” in Flemish?

But back to the crack work of that Brussels police force. Make no mistake about it: No one is going to get away with laying a wreath to murdered Americans in that town. And you can bet your bottom Euro on that.

But I wonder how the Brussels police go about their business in those, er, “sensitive” neighborhoods. According to what I learned while visiting Belgium this past summer, they don’t go about much. Maybe the government thinking is they won’t ever have to, not so long as it does things like quash flowers for 9/11, along with the political efforts of Vlaams Belang, Belgium’s popular secessionist and anti-Islamization party.

During my stay I spent time interviewing, among others, members of Vlaams Belang (VB). I also took a drive one beautiful summer morning with Erland Pison, a VB member of the Brussels Parliament, through some portion of what qualifies as the mayor’s nearby “sensitive” neighborhoods–not what the average tourist sees every day.

And they were indeed “sensitive.” In fact, they were so “sensitive” that I, an American tourist who had been snapping pics with enthusiastic abandon throughout Europe, suddenly felt extremely “sensitive” with my camera. Out of “sensitivity” then, I pulled out a very small video camera, which sort of looks like a cellphone, to record my tour, unobtrusive-like, sometimes even holding it up to my ear, Maxwell Smart-like.

Hence some weird angle in the pics below.

What surprised me later on, though, after examining the pics I had pulled out of the video, was how many of the people we passed–men, actually, because in most of the “sensitive”neighborhoods I visited, you hardly ever saw women on the street–had, unbeknownst to me at the time, instantly noticed my companions and me as we had driven by.

So here are some pics from my summer vacation in the capital of Europe. This neighborhood is known as “Garages.” Why? Notice all the, well, garages. What’s up with that? Interesting. Whatever the answer, this is definitely the scenic route untraveled.

Check out the whole thing, pics and all.