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Voluntary Dimmitude:

It is hot in Brussels. Ramadan has begun. The faithful in the predominantly Muslim borough of Molenbeek are not allowed to eat or drink from sunrise until sunset. Non-Muslim policemen, patrolling the streets of Molenbeek in their sweltering cars, are not allowed to eat or drink either.


As every year during Ramadan, they have been told by their superior, Philippe Moureaux, the Socialist mayor of Molenbeek, that they have to respect Muslim sensitivities and not to “provoke” Muslims by violating Islamic Ramadan restrictions in public. In effect, Islamic or Sharia law is already applied – for everyone – in the Muslim areas of Brussels.

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All's well, go back to sleep: "Fears of an Islamic revolt in Europe begin to fade"

The Islamic Guardian sees the Islamization of Europe through rose colored glasses:

Five years ago bombings and riots fuelled anxiety that Europe’s Muslims were on the verge of mass radicalisation. Those predictions have not been borne out.

  •   Sunday 26 July 2009

Strange. Just a few days ago we had a completly different report from Fox News:

 “Yet Molenbeek remains disconcerting. Belgian police assigned three plainclothes officers to watch over a FOX News team shooting street scenes one morning in Molenbeek. When FOX News returned in the afternoon as more people were out and about, the police said it would be safer not to get out of the car. It wasn’t even dark yet.”

Muslim Colonization of Europe

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Muslim women in Marseille  
Muslim women go shopping in Marseille. Photograph: Michel Gangne/AFP/Getty Images

A district of derelict warehouses, red-brick terraces, and vibrant street life on the canals near the centre of Brussels, Molenbeek was once known as Belgium’s “Little Manchester”. These days it is better known as “Little Morocco” since the population is overwhelmingly Muslim and of North African origin.

By day, the scene is one of children kicking balls on busy streets, of very fast, very small cars with very large sound systems. By night, the cafes and tea houses are no strangers to drug-dealers and mafia from the Maghreb.

For the politically active extreme right, and the anti-Islamic bloggers, Molenbeek is the nightmare shape of things to come: an incubator of tension and terrorism in Europe’s capital, part of a wave of “Islamisation” supposedly sweeping Europe, from the great North Sea cities of Amsterdam and Rotterdam to Marseille and the Mediterranean.

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Turkey to open Islam-propaganda office in Brussels

Turkey to open office in Brussels to “educate Europe about Islam!”

And to work to dispel “Islamophobia” — you know, the linking of Islam with terrorism. Turkey’s Religious Affairs Directorate did not, unfortunately, announce any plans to open offices in Riyadh, Tehran, Gaza, Kabul, Baghdad, Swat Valley, Kashmir, southern Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Nigeria, or anywhere else, to educate the Muslims there about Islam, and prevent them from linking Islam with terrorism.

TURKEY-HEADSCARF/The re-Islamization of Turkey is in full swing…

“New religious affirs [sic] directorate office to work to dispel misunderstanding of Islam in Europe,” from Dünya Gazetesi, May 14 (thanks to JW):

Turkey’s Religious Affairs Directorate next month will open an office in Brussels to educate Europe about Islam, in line with a decision made during Pope Benedict XVI’s 2005 visit to Turkey. During the visit, it was decided that Turkey’s presence in Europe proves the possibility of Islam and Christianity’s peaceful coexistence. It was also concluded that Turkey, with its secular state and Muslim identity, could be a good reference for Muslims living in Europe.

What about the Christians who are actually in Turkey? Do they get to coexist peacefully also?Apparently not.

In order to block efforts to sow misunderstandings about Islam and stir up Islamophobia in the continent, the directorate decided to open a bureau in the European capital. This decision was also supported by the pope. (Pope Benedict’s colossal error)

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Belgium on skid row…


Before and after:        Manneken Pis

No-Go Zones in Brussels

by Baron Bodissey/Gates of Vienna


Bart Debie is a former police officer in Brussels. We have reported previously on the politically-motivated prosecution that ended his police career, and have also featured his own account of his treatment at the hands of the Belgian authorities.
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A Symbolic Wake in Brussels

By Baron Bodissey/ Gates of Vienna


Fat Freddy: a useful tool for the Islamofascists…

Despite Mayor Freddy Thielemans’ ban, Vlaams Belang went ahead with its planned 9/11 demonstration in Brussels today. The event was orderly and peaceful, although three VB members were arrested by the police.

* Analyst Schmenel blames Wilders for terror threat to Netherlands

* No Flowers for 9/11 Victims, Stones Thrown at Buses

Our Flemish correspondent VH has translated two articles about the demonstration. The first one is from the Vlaams Belang website:

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