Indonesia: Religious minorities denounce vague "pornography" law as vehicle for censorship and sharia law

*  The Islamization/Arabization of Indonesia continues:

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The tactic at work here is a familiar one, with the law’s proponents advancing a specific agenda under the cloak of an appeal to various “common values.” We’ve seen this before with respect to concepts like “human rights,” “respect for women,” and “respect for religion.” But in this case, a significant number of people aren’t buying it. “Indonesia, sharia behind anti-pornography law,” by Mattias Hariyadi for AsiaNews, September 17 thanks to JW:

Jakarta (AsiaNews) – There is no let-up in the chorus of protests from Indonesian religious minorities and ethnic groups, against the possible approval of the “law against pornography”, better known as the Undang-undang Pornografi. They claim that the new norm, under consideration in parliament, which has been asked to decide whether to approve it by September 23, brings “national unity” into serious danger, and wipes out “cultural and religious differences” by eliminating “pluralism” and fostering “social discord”. But what is most worrying to the minorities and ethnic groups is the danger that the law on pornography is concealing an attempt by the more fundamentalist branch of Islam to introduce sharia, Islamic law.

Stop Arabization Now !!!

* Gates of Vienna: Stop the Arabization of Indonesia

The areas in which non-Muslim ethnicities and groups are most concentrated are the eastern islands of the country, including the island of Bali, which has a Hindu majority; the Sulawesi, which have a Protestant and Catholic majority; the Moluccas, which are also equally divided between Protestants and Catholics; Papua, which has a Catholic majority, as does East Nusa Tenggaral; Borneo, divided between Catholics and Protestants, and other districts of North Sumatra and West Nusa Tenggara.

The fear is that the proposed law could spread a climate of “anarchy”, because it does not define precisely what can be maintained as “contrary to morality”, and above all what are the “criteria” to be adopted in order to establish whether “a behavior or an artistic/cultural expression” should be censored. Chapter 21 of the draft law also leaves “free rein” for preventing possible immoral acts:“This is an especially dangerous point”, emphasizes Eva Kusuma Sudari of the Indonesian Democratic Struggle Party (PDIP), a nationalist group that has always opposed the law. “This allows people to be manipulated in order to promote anarchy and social conflicts in the country”, while fundamentalist Islamic groups would have free rein to destroy nightclubs or other gathering spots under the pretext of “preserving the purity of the holy month of Ramadan”.

The most serious criticisms are directed at the Indonesian Islamic Defender Front(FPI), responsible in the past for violent acts and, thanks to the new law, ostensibly authorized to exercise the role of “moral police” and punish any dissent or behavior contrary to radical Islamic ethics.

In order to protect pluralism and prevent the adoption of sharia, the nationalist party (PDIP), together with the Christian Peace and Prosperity Party and the Democrat Party, has begun a series of demonstrations calling for the rejection of the proposed law. This, the minorities claim, under the pretext of establishing what can be defined as “pornographic material”, is in reality aimed at promoting the “rigid observance of Islamic law”.

Sharia would be applied not only to DVDs, films, and performances that are “obscene” or contrary to “morality”, but would end up censoring expressions and traditions that are rooted in some parts of Indonesia: on the island of Papua, for example, it is common to wear only a loincloth, and for the women to leave their breasts uncovered. The Asmat, a tribal group, is characterized by its nude statues, an element typical of their culture. Finally, on the island of Bali, famous for its tourism, it would no longer be possible to sunbathe in a bikini, or to drink alcohol at the nightclubs.


Stop the Arabization of Indonesia

by Baron Bodissey


Last night’s news feed featured an article about the “Anti-Porn Bill” in Indonesia, sponsored by the newly-ascendant Islamic fundamentalists in the Muslim regions of the archipelago.

What the Islamic zealots mean by “porn” is not what you and I would call porn, however. It means “anything done or displayed by a woman that might conceivably tend to arouse erotic feelings in a man”. In other words, anything from wearing a low-cut blouse to batting her eyelashes at a man could turn a woman into a porn star.

Our Flemish correspondent VH has been following events in Indonesia closely, and sends us the following roundup of what’s happening there:

Stop Arabization Now !!!The protest against the upcoming Porn Bill in Indonesia (tipped by C. Cantoni) was covered widely today. But only theRadar Bali newspaper featured the “Stop Arabization Now!!!” slogans on the front page.

That front page caught my interest this morning, so I took a photo of it. This is an excellent word: “Arabization”. It covers all. That is what happens in Java for instance; it’s the fluffy beards, the long dresses, the jilbab-wearing babies; it’s the creeping Sharia, Islamization, and destruction of ancient cultures, all crawling around in one word that says everything. Arabization.

Below is quick overview of the imminent falling-apart of Indonesia…

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In Atjeh, the first district in Indonesia to fall for the (worldwide) rise of Sharia, Islamic law has been well established by the Taliban-style local government. Religious police, whippings, canings and, if things go well, cutting off hands and all the rest of that savage Islamic repertoire.

The Arabization plague has already reached Tangerang, on the outskirts of Jakarta. A curfew for all females, a ban on lipstick, and the compulsory wearing of the jilbab are only a few indications of submission to the colonizing Arabization.

Last year this came to light for a short interval after a woman was thrown in jail for waiting shortly after sunset for a public bus to bring her home from her work in a factory. An older lady who was waiting for the same bus ended up in the same jail.

– – -  – – – – –

Inspired by the smoothly-running Arabization, lawmakers came up with a Mandatory Halal Food Law. “Halal certification should be obligatory rather than voluntary. I agree that all food and drugs producers must obtain halal certificates and put them on their products because this is what Islamic sharia obliges for Muslims,” House religious affairs commission chairman Hazrul Azwar told The Jakarta Post.

He did not think producers would dare to resist: “because they would want to avoid the stigma of having uncertified products fall into the haram (not halal) category… It would have (negative) consequences (for them).”

Now the Sharia Porn Bill risks becoming the first nationwide attempt to force non-Muslims to submit even more, and leaves the gate wide open for the rest of the barbaric Islamic repertoire. It will be devastating for one of Indonesia’s major income sources (the other is oil), tourism, and that is exactly what the Arabization colonists dream of.

Tourists are “worms, snakes, maggots — those are things that crawl,” said the frontman of the Indonesian “Taliban,” Abu Bakar Ba’asyir.

In a sermon (video) last year he urged his followers to beat up Western infidel tourists when they spotted them.

In the speech he called for signs warning tourists they were entering a Muslim area (all over Indonesia), and urging infidels to cover themselves appropriately (=jilbab). He exhorted his supporters to reject the laws of Parliament, and said that following laws that contradict Islamic Sharia law was “blasphemy”.

“Don’t be scared if you are called a Muslim hardliner,” Bashir said. “It must be like that. We can’t follow human law that is in conflict with Allah’s law.”

“God Willing [Praise Allah] that there is none [Westerner] here! If there were unbelievers here, they should be beaten up. Don’t tolerate them! Those infidel tourists are worms, snakes, maggots… those things that crawl around! They run around naked [in Bali]! They offend morality!”…

“The youth movement here must aspire to martyrdom. The young must be first at the front line — don’t hide at the back. You must be at the front, die as martyrs, and all your sins will be forgiven. This is how to achieve forgiveness.”

On top of this, he warned of retribution should the Bali bombers be executed by firing squad.

The execution was planned to be before Ramadan, but was suddenly postponed until after Ramadan, for “humanitarian reasons” — and after the planned Ramadan Gift: the Porn Bill.

In Bali people are outraged about the Porn Bill. They see it as an attempt to force them to abandon the Balinese cultural inheritance, and that culture is ancient, unique, and quite un-Islamic.

The bill is based only on the “values” of one particular type of Indonesian: the Muslims. It calls for prison terms and fines for kissing in public, exposure of a woman’s “sensual” body parts (for a Muslim that can even be a fingernail) and the display of “erotic” artwork.

With this bill, some say, Indonesia shows that democracy can be used to destroy democracy itself. It shows diehard Multiculturalists exactly where appeasing Islam ends: the Arabization of a people. Muslim activists defend the bill as “necessary to counter a growing Westernization of Indonesian society.”

The real aim is clear: Bali is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, for a large part because of its unique and tolerant exotic culture. Foreign investors are avoiding Java, and settle and invest en masse in Bali. East Javanese have two options to find work: abroad in the Arab world as servants or in Bali as workers in the building industry. East Java, the district that produced the Bali bombers and retarded thugs like Ba’asyir, gives them no opportunity at all.

Islamists want to put an end to this. Two bombings didn’t make the island go bankrupt; therefore the third attack is through the law, just as happens in the EU, the UN, the Netherlands, Malaysia, and — as an interesting sidelight — Lebanon, which is close to asking Interpol to arrest Geert Wilders and the Danish cartoonists.

In Indonesia the submission will be accomplished via the Porn Law, which is bound to scare off foreigners for good, bankrupt Bali (they hope), and will be the start of the domino-Arabization of all non-Muslim islands and districts, by force if necessary.

It will all be backed up by a law, thanks to democracy.

Bali, Papua, and all those other districts that did not kneel for the Arabization should warn Jakarta for the last time: You choose between the bill and the abolishing of Indonesia, or us.

Here’s an article about the Porn Bill from AFP:

Thousands of Balinese rally against Indonesian anti-porn bill

DENPASAR, Indonesia (AFP) — Thousands of Balinese in traditional outfits rallied on the Indonesian holiday island Wednesday against an anti-pornography bill derided by critics as a threat to local cultures.

More than 5,000 protesters occupied the lawn of the local parliament on the mostly Hindu island to oppose the bill, which is under deliberation by mostly Muslim lawmakers in the capital Jakarta.

The bill, which could be passed in a matter of weeks, criminalises all public acts and material capable of raising sexual desires or violating “community morality”.

Protesters denounced the proposed law as too broad and a threat to local customs on the island, where naked temple statues proliferate and skimpily dressed foreign tourists unwind on famous beaches.

Demonstrators turned up to the rally in traditional clothes including semi-translucent temple blouses, saying such clothes could be deemed too suggestive if the law was passed.

“Balinese and other ethnic groups have a different view on what sexual or pornographic materials are,” local intellectual Wayan Sayoga said.

“We can view nudity without being trapped by lust because we look at it from an aesthetical perspective,” he said.

Protesters put on traditional dances and one activist read out a poem that repeated the word “genital” to prove the mention of sex would not send the crowd into fits of lust.

“The government should never forget that Indonesia is a country based on non-discrimination over race, religion and ethnicity,” activist Luh Anggraeni said.

“This porn bill is a serious threat to the country’s unity since it disrespects the perspective of others on many things.”

The bill, which is being pushed by Muslim parties in Jakarta, is being challenged on other islands in the archipelago nation which encompasses cultures ranging from conservative Islam to semi-naked animist tribesmen.

Although it is the world’s largest Muslim-majority country, Indonesia has significant and officially recognised minorities of Christians, Hindus, Buddhists and Confucians.


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