Taxi Rape Down Under: Daily Telegraph Too Coy To Spell 'Muhammad'

* The rape of infidel women is legitimized, glorified and not punishable under ‘Islamic law’, the sharia. Infidel women are considered ‘war booty’. The prophet of Islam did it all the time and incited his companions to do likewise. Jessica Loiterton, the Daily Telegraph reporter, willfully ignores this, either because she is unawares or is overly eager to avoid it because of political correctness.

* Instead, she abbreviates his name with ‘Md’- but Muhammad Kowsar Ali is certainly no Medical Doctor.

Taxi Jihad in Australia:

Not letting taxi driver Md Kowsar Ali off sexual attack

Thanks to Bill, who correctly points out that we reported this case here

By Jessica Loiterton/Daily Telegraph

Fighter … Jessica Loiterton after her attacter, taxi driver Md Kowsar Ali, was convicted.

IT’S the worst thing you can imagine happening to a girl catching a cab alone, late at night – and it happened to me. Last November, when I was 18, I was raped by the taxi driver I had trusted to take me home.

I thought I was doing the safe, responsible thing. I wasn’t hitchhiking, or drink-driving, or walking on my own. Everyone has a right to expect that when you catch a cab, the driver will do his job and take you home. But I didn’t get home that night – and what that driver did to me is unforgivable.

On November 3 last year, I was out at the Flinders Hotel in Darlinghurst with a friend. I’d been drinking vodka and orange and by midnight I wasn’t feeling the best, so I told my friend I wanted to go home. The plan had been that she would come with me, but her other friends persuaded her to stay so she gave me $70 for the fare and hailed me a taxi.

Md Kowsar Ali was the cab driver. I asked him to take me to Oyster Bay. Right away I felt a bit unsafe because he was driving really fast. We hadn’t gone far before he ran into the back of a car stopped in traffic – and kept the meter running while he swapped details with the driver.

When we got back into the cab, he took his hand off the steering wheel and tried to hold my hand. I pulled away and thought he got the message that I didn’t want him to touch me.

I drifted off to sleep and when I woke up, he was kissing my arm as we were stopped at a red light. I moved away but he kept trying to hold my hand. I continually told him: “Please, I just want to go home.”

When he stopped at traffic lights, he reached over and put his hand down my top to feel my breast. I told him to stop and insisted that I just wanted to go home. I wasn’t in any state to jump out of the cab. I shouldn’t have to. And besides, I had no idea where we were.

I dozed off again and when I woke up, the driver had pulled over in a sidestreet and was kneeling on the seat. He shoved me through the gap between the front and back seats and attacked me, pinning my arm down.

I tried to push him off but he was too heavy and there was nothing I could do. I was screaming at him, “No, don’t! Stop!” but he just kept doing it. I was terrified and bawling my eyes out.

When he raped me, he didn’t use a condom. Afterwards, he took off his shirt and wiped me down. Before I even got out of the cab, I called triple-0 on my mobile. It was a shock to hear that call when they played it in the courtroom – I was just so panicked and frightened.

One of the worst things was that he was still coming after me, chasing me. I was half-undressed but all I could think of was getting away from him – I was running for my life.

As soon as I heard the sirens and saw the police, I ran into the middle of the highway and nearly got hit. I’d seen help and was going straight for it. I told them I’d just been raped in the back of a taxi.

It was really tough going to court. I was trying to forget what happened, and having to relive it all at the trial dragged it up again. But at the same time, there was no way I was going to let him get away with what he did. What if he was still on the streets, and it happened to somebody else who got into his cab?

This shouldn’t happen to anyone. But in a way, I’m glad it was me and not someone else, because not everyone could come forward and report it and see it through to court. I’m sure there are other victims out there who aren’t going to say anything; it happens to a lot of girls and they don’t tell anybody.

I guess the driver thought I was an easy target. I was a young female, drunk and alone, and he took advantage of me. But he definitely picked the wrong girl.

I wasn’t going to give up. I’d seen it through this far, I was going to see it through to the end. I didn’t do anything wrong and I wanted to win, to prove it could be done. And I won – he’s convicted and he can’t hurt anyone else.

My friends and I are much more cautious now about catching taxis alone. Whenever I see other girls catching cabs, I feel like going up to them and saying, “Please don’t get into that cab – I’ll drive you home.”

If it happened to me, it could happen to anyone. I think there should be stricter rules screening anyone who wants to drive cabs. The technology should also be changed so that the taxi’s security camera cannot be turned off, as it was in Ali’s cab while he attacked me.

Authorities are worried about taxi driver safety but it’s not just drivers who need protection, it’s their passengers. Nobody should have to go through what I went through – and everybody should feel safe when catching a cab.

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  1. This has happened to more than a dozen girls in Adelaide, the Moslem drivers seem to be smarter at getting away with it though. They turn off the GPS locators & other tricks to enable them to safely fulfill Alahs request on the infidels.

  2. If you’re going for a night out – don’t get drunk. It impairs your judgement and your ability to defend yourself.
    Share a taxi if possible.
    If there are local taxi firms find out if they have female drivers, use them and specifically ask for a female driver.
    Hopefully you should be safer that way.
    If this is becoming common with muslim drivers lobby your MP and if there is a Taxi drivers association or something complain to them.
    If all this fails, don’t sit next to the driver, sit behind him – it makes it nearly impossible for him to grab you and if theres any trouble you can whack him from the back seat.
    I hope all the Aussie Sheilas are now on their guard.

  3. Culprit in all muslim violent acts against nonmuslims is quran. Quran calls all non muslims as worst beasts(8.55 8.22) and lowest creatures (98.6). Thus a muslim believeing in Quran thinks that raping a non muslim girl is like raping a pig or a bitch, an act against a hated animal which pleases Allah.

  4. Mr Sheikh Yer’Mami,

    You seem to write about world affairs and especially those concerning Muslims, in that case, you should do a bit of background research before opening your mouth. You should have known, in Indian subcontinent ‘Muhammad’ is used as a ‘TITLE’, not as FIRST NAME. And the title is often shortened to ‘Md’, just avoid confusions of generations of men carrying the same first name, ‘Muhammad’. Daily Telegraph for once has done the right thing, spelt the name as the carrier spells it. Who is being coy?

    The title ‘Md’ does not necessarily mean the title bearer has been an avid follower of Muhammad, it is simply a name given by the parents, even though most of the name bearers do not follow islamic regulations. It is entirely untrue that raping non-Muslim women is virtue. Rather, if one rapes a non-Muslim women who is not under his care (like his wife, for example), he will be stoned to death under shariah law. Do not open your mouth before doing a bit of research please.

  5. Anti-racist,
    You say “if one rapes a non-Muslim women who is not under his care (like his wife, for example), ”

    So it is ok to rape someone under your care?

    What race is islam?

    I will answer…. islam is anti-christ. islam is a foul belief system that goes against all that the real God of the universe wants for the world.

    islam is a religion of anti-peace, pure and simple. islam is racist, it is against humanity. Prove me otherwise….

  6. 1) Muslim rapes infidel woman
    2) Sheik reports it
    3) Anti-Racist: Sheik is bad

    Anti-Racist, prove Sheik wrong by sending your daughter to Mecca to do a little sight seeing in western dress. Until then, shut your pie-hole!

  7. Anti-racist, you ought to start reading that toilet-paper koran.

    That particular book is full of racism against all those who are not pathetic lying muslims.

    Then return to the real world.

  8. Anti-racist – you are a racist – and you should be doing a bit of research to see what your muslim brothers are really doing – yep – murder, rape quite common – esp. in India. So learn something before opening your mouth – you fool.

  9. well,
    when you go out, you obviously have a few drinks, 2, you shouldnt have to worry if the driver is male or female, they should just take you home, and you shouldnt have to have that fear, do you feel that fear for doctors n nurses, they provide a service to the community. why should we fear.
    it doesnt matter what race, its just wrong.
    who cares what race he is, what he did to me was wrong in every way.

  10. That rapist is a criminal and nothing to do with “raping Infidel” women whatsoever. Some ppl are too intellectual here pretending to know everything. That girl was an easy target and can be raped in any part of the world. What abt most of the rapes in aus are by whites??

  11. Nakib sez:

    “nothing to do with “raping Infidel”

    That’s not what he said, Nakib. Your co-religionist was very proud to rape infidel women.

    “What abt most of the rapes in aus are by whites??”

    Nakib, please provide evidence. Thank you.

  12. Nakib,
    Why is it that muslims contribute the largest segment to rapists and offenders who commit sex crimes?? In this case the rapist raped because he was following the edicts of that pervert called mohammed whom you folk follow without thought.

  13. Iranian cabbie rapist asks for mercy – didn’t fully appreciate the severity of the crime under Australian law …

    Cab rapist asks court for mercy
    By Candice Marcus

    [A taxi driver who raped a teenager after she passed out on his back seat has asked for mercy in Adelaide’s District Court.

    Hajy Baba Rahmanian, 60, was found guilty of rape by a jury and is awaiting sentence after losing an appeal against his conviction.]

    [He took her to his own house at Dover Gardens and had sexual intercourse with the unconscious teenager.

    The victim remembers nothing of what happened, except for waking up some hours later with some clothing removed.

    It was not until months after the rape that police tracked Rahmanian down, when he went to the victim’s house and left a jar of honey on her doorstop, then tried to call her.

    In sentencing submissions, Rahmanian’s lawyer Grant Algie urged mercy, saying the crime was odd and at the lower end of the scale.

    He said the Iranian immigrant did not fully appreciate the severity of the crime under Australian law.

    “There is a very reasonable possibility that given his cultural background and limited insight into laws and sexual behaviour, he didn’t realise that having intercourse with somebody who is unconscious and therefore not consenting is a very serious crime,” Mr Algie told the court.]

    * But we are expected to respect their “sensibilities” & accommodate them.

  14. A clash of cultures – expect this when you do not require that new immigrants understand and follow the laws of the land.

  15. Expect it any time there is an attempt to mix iron and clay. Unfortunately, our politicians keep experimenting with the herbs and spices (celebrations of diversity, embracing of differences etc).

  16. Rossco you stupid fool… go take your toilet paper bible and go wipe ur ass with it!

    You’re all racist scum and deserve to get raped in the ass! Stop being so stupid and believing everything you read and see in the media! They did the same thing with Black people back in the days… now it’s the Muslims turn.

    People from all religions do stupid things… just take a look at the number of rapes done by so called trusted priests to young innocent kids! And I’m sure there are hundreds if not thousands of incidences that have been pushed under the rug!

    Or what about the Jews in Israel raping and illegally invading, occupying and killing Palestinians!!!???

    A chick goes gets so shit faced she can’t look after herself and expects a stranger taxi driver to take her home and put her to bed??? WTF? I’m sure every week there are girls who get so drunk that they pass out and are taken advantage of, or are drugged in the clubs and pubs and raped… But if its a Mulsim who does it then its turned into a national story and becomes a racial issue!

  17. Unfortunately many Muslim men are unattractive and therefore are unable to get sex from consenting women. Unfortunately that means that the only way they are able to have sex is be taking advantage of someone weaker. This is because they are also weak.

    The only justice that can be served here is for the cabbie to be raped in jail, up the bum. Which I’m sure has already happened.

    Yeehar cowboy! Enjoy that.

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