Iran goes apes#*t over 'anti-Islamic' action in Germany

Iran urges EU to stop ‘anti-Islamic’ meet in Germany  


Oriana Fallaci:

*  “The Muslims refuse our culture and try to impose their cult(-ure) on us. I reject them, and this is not only my duty toward my culture-it is toward my values, my principles, my civilization.”

*  “The moment you give up your principles, and your values, you are dead, your culture is dead, your civilization is dead. Period.”

* How does one ‘defame Islam?’ in  “U.S. fights Islamic anti-defamation push” 

* Fitzgerald: Reasonable accommodation and Muslim demands

* Fitzgerald: Paying to prevent an increase in terrorism

* Muslims are religiously obligated to participate in the “struggle,” or Jihad, to remove all obstacles to the spread, and then the dominance, of Islam.

Iran called on the French presidency of the European Union on Wednesday to prevent an “anti-Islamic congress” of right-wing groups from taking place in Germany later this month.

The official IRNA news agency said the French charge d’affaires in Tehran was summoned to the Foreign Ministry’s human rights department over the Islamic Republic’s concern about a “growth in anti-Islam”.

“Specifically, Iran asked the rotating head of the EU to prevent the formation of an anti-Islamic congress in Cologne in Germany by making responsible decisions,” IRNA said.

The website of the congress organisers says the meeting is supported by German right-wing groups, as well as by Belgium’s Vlaams Belang and Austria’s Freedom Party (FPOe).

They are plannng a rally in Cologne on Sept 20 to protest against “Islam terror in Europe, Muslim parallel societies and ghettos in our cities”, as well as the building of a new mosque in the city.

Some left-wing groups are calling for protest rallies against the congress.

F*kc the Fwench:

IRNA said the French charge d’affaires condemned any kind of racism or anti-Islamic action and promised to follow up the issue and respond to the Foreign Ministry.

There was no immediate comment from the French embassy.

Western rights groups have often accused Iran of violating human rights, including discrimination of ethnic and religious minority groups. Iran rejects the accusations.




Fitzgerald: Defamation of Islam?

“U.S. fights Islamic anti-defamation push” – the headline of this Washington Times article

The phrase “anti-defamation” puts one naturally in mind of the Anti-Defamation League, a group formed to fight group defamation of Jews. The word, in that case, fit.

But the word does not fit when it is used by members of the Islamintern International. For they are attempting not to stop “defamation” but to shut down any real study of Islam beyond the most transparent of apologetic toe-dipping (three abrahamic faiths, etc.), and to forestall any critical analysis of its texts, tenets, attitudes, and atmospherics.

What C. Snouck Hurgronje, Joseph Schacht, Henri Lammens, Charles-Emmanuel Bouquet, Edmond Fagnan, K. S. Lal, Samuel Zwemer, St. Clair Tisdall, and dozens of other dedicated scholars of Islam wrote about Islam does not constitute “defamation,” but rather, scholarly and disinterested study. What defectors from the army of Islam — Wafa Sultan, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Ibn Warraq, Ali Sina, and hundreds of others — tell us about the Islam they were born into, and raised within, does not constitute “defamation.”

It constitutes, rather, the truth. Or rather, it constitutes a series of truths, both scholarly and simple home truths, that can easily be shown to have a basis in the Qur’an, the Hadith, and Sira. The worldwide effort is on by powerful Muslims to shut down any examination of Islam by the very people whose lives, whose laws, whose everything, are threatened by the march of those conducting Jihad. And that Jihad is nothing more, and nothing less, than the “struggle” to remove all obstacles to the spread, and then the dominance, of Islam.

And the greatest obstacle in the Bilad al-kufr, the Lands of the Infidels, to the spread and then the dominance of Islam is knowledge, detailed and deep, of what Islam is all about.

And therefore an essential part of the worldwide Jihad is this attempt to stifle all study and analysis and criticism of Islam. It is more of a threat to the wellbeing of Infidels than anything else, because unless those Infidels can somehow acquire — or at least if a critical mass can acquire — a knowledge of the meaning and the menace of Islam, there may not be time to diminish a threat that, at this point, is still manageable. It is still manageable despite the Money Weapon — that can be cut down to size, in a hundred ways. It is still manageable despite the worldwide Campaigns of Da’wa. Those, too, can be exposed, and opposed, and quite successfully if a certain attitude is brought to bear on the making of policy. It is still manageable despite the demographic conquest in Western Europe, which can also still be opposed successfully if certain attitudes are brought to bear on the making of policy. It is still manageable if the tenets of Islam, the immutable tenets and the attitudes to which Islam naturally gives rise, are understood. Manageable, yes. Just.

One way to respond to this “defamation” is to go to your nearest university library, and check out “The Achenese” by C. Snouck Hurgronje. Turn to the last few pages in the book, where the great Dutch Orientalist (who visited Mecca, and even took photographs of the place, in the 1880s — quite a feat, which may have required him to recite the Shehadah and pretend to be Muslim) discusses the concept of Jihad. Xerox those pages. Make many copies. Type it out as a document. Now email to as many people as you can those pages by C. Snouck Hurgronje. That is one way to respond to this “defamation.”

During the Cold War, the Herzen Center (Karel van het Reve, Director) was an important ideological outpost for the right side, along with such samaritan organizations as that one-man band (and the one man was Leopold Labedz) that magazine of East European affairs, Survey. When the real history of the Cold War is written, Survey and Encounter and those Dutch such as Karel van het Reve will be given pride of place, or should be.

Where are the anti-Jihad equivalents now, in London or in Amsterdam or Paris, of those people and magazines and institutions, that received generous backing from the American government, and helped wage that famous “war of ideas” that in the end did help wear out the Soviet system, and cause even those within it to begin to question whether the whole thing made sense?

If the Western world refuses to recognize the contents of Islam, the menace of Islam, of course it will never support a new Encounter, a new Survey, a new Herzen Institute. It will never stand up for long against these spurious claims of “defamation.”

Perhaps no Western government dares to be directly involved. Okay, then, what foundations, what maecenases, are ready to step into the breach — if only in order to preserve the world more or less in acceptable form, for if it is not so preserved, all the money in the world will not be much recompense.

Okay, Mr. and Mrs. Maecenas: all the phones are open. We are ready to take your pledges. These calls may be monitored for quality control.



From your reference Islam and the Problem of Rationality

It is impossible for the Most High to determine an act as obligatory or forbidden… for the sake of any objective, since all acts are equal in that they are his creation and production. Therefore the specification of certain acts as obligatory and others as forbidden or with any other determination takes place by his pure choice, which has no cause. Intelligibility has no place at all in it rather it can be known only by revealed-law sharÄ«a. (quoted in Joseph Kenny, Islamic Monotheism: Principles and Consequences)


Again, this is standard Ash’arite doctrine, which is the predominant view of Sunni Islam, not an obscure element within Muslim thought. Because there are no objective standards of good or evil, even with Allah, the only resort to maintain ethics is shari’a; and as-Sanusi makes clear, there is no role at all for rationality in ethics. Ibn Taymiyya (1263-1328), the favorite medieval theologian of Wahhabis and jihadists alike, contended that there was no role or ability for man to understand Allah; man’s sole response was toobey shari’a, making any use of rational faculties irrelevant (see Reilly’s article on this point). This is why the reinstitution of shari’a is so critical to the current Islamist project – there are no other alternatives except a complete reconstruction of Islam itself.


For which reasons mohammedanism is and must remain an amoral doctrine.

A doctrine of power for its own sake and sacrifice for its own sake.


Tehran decries upcoming “anti-Islam” congress as “racist”

And demands the EU prevent it from taking place. More on this story. “Tehran demands EU halt anti-Islam congress planned in Germany,” by Sahil Nagpal for Deutsche Presse Agentur, September 4:

Tehran/Berlin – The Iranian Foreign Ministry called in the French charge d’affaires in Tehran Wednesday to demand that the European Union (EU) prevent the holding of an “anti-Islam congress” planned for the German city of Cologne later this month.The Foreign Ministry voiced concern about what it called the “growing anti-Islam trend” in Europe, appealing to the current French presidency of the EU to act, the official news agency IRNA reported.

IRNA reported that the French diplomat had condemned all forms of racism, pledging that the Iranian request would be followed up and Tehran would be kept informed about the congress.

The congress has been called by the right-wing, Cologne-based, activist group Pro-Cologne, which last month failed in its attempts to halt the building of a large mosque in the western German city.

Pro-Cologne has called a three-day anti-Islam congress for September 19-21, drawing support from the right-wing Freedom Party of Austria (FPOe) and the Belgian-Flemish right-wing Vlaams Belang Party, as well as prominent French right-winger Jean-Marie Le Pen, founder of the Front National (FN).

“The time has come to draw the line: Europe and Germany say ‘no’ to Islamification and immigrant invasion,” the organization proclaims in German, French, Italian and English in advertising the congress on its website.

The congress, which culminates in a mass rally on Cologne’s Haymarket square on September 20, is aimed at promoting “Western values and Christian traditions.” Le Pen is expected to speak.

Pro-Cologne uses as its logo a mosque with a red line drawn through it in the shape of a traffic sign.

Left-wing groups have called counter-demonstrations to coincide with the rally.


Yes, as opposed to censoring, that’s how things usually work in the West: anyone disagreeing with your views is welcome to “demonstrate,” peacefully.

The Interior Ministry of the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia, within which Cologne falls, said it had looked into banning the congress, but had come to the conclusion that there were insufficient grounds to do so.

Because it has nothing to do with “race,” but rather political ideologies in the guise of religion.

The German constitution gave strong protection to freedom of assembly, Interior Ministry spokeswoman Carola Holzberg said.Holzberg said pro-Köln had informed police they were expecting around 1,000 supporters to attend the September 20 rally.

Police are expecting up to 40,000 to protest against the congress.

On August 28, the Cologne City Council gave the go-ahead for a controversial mosque with a dome 37 metres high and two minarets rising to 55 metres to be built in the suburb of Ehrenfeld. (dpa)

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  1. Conversely, you don’t hear so much as a “tsk, tsk” from the liberal West when Iran organises conferences to deny the Shoah or plan for “a world without Zionism”.

  2. Hurgronje’s photos are even a better reflection of the high principals of those piss loving muzzies.
    I recall seeing one of a Mecca merchant with his white slave, then a valuable commodity. After years of strenuously denying in the U.N. time after time that slavery ever existed in Saudi Arabia, In 1963 Feisal signed a decree abolishing it. Similar to the American policy of 40 acres and a mule, the Saudis paid a compensation of £1,000 per slave – to the owners who had lost their property.

  3. Coming from Iran that’s rich! It would be funny if they weren’t so intent on taking our freedoms away from us. Tehran needs to be told that we have free speech – deal with it.

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