Kashmir Jihad: Muslims protest shrine deal, one dead, fifteen injured

*  Al Bebeeceera just reported that 40 have been killed so far…

* The MCB whines: “End the Collective Punishment of Kashmiris”

In the inverted reality of the Musulmaniacs, perpetrators become victims…


Insolent Hindus dare to not only annex their own former lands from Sayf al-Islam, but use them for mushrik worship. According to the strictest reading of “sharia,” Hindus aren’t even worthy of dhimmi status, so imagine the effrontery. “Muslims protest after IHK shrine deal,” from Daily Times, August 30:

One killed, 15 injured as forces, protesters clash in Srinagar 

SRINAGAR: Hindus in Indian-held Kashmir on Sunday suspended two month of protest after the government agreed to temporarily provide land to a Hindu trust, while one person was killed when security forces fired on Muslims protesting against the decision.

Authorities re-imposed a curfew in many areas of Kashmir after briefly relaxing it earlier in the day, as protesters clashed with police in the summer capital Srinagar.

According to the BBC, the decision to allow the land to be used for the Hindu pilgrimage was made in a meeting between a government panel and the Amarnath Yatra Sangarsh Smeeti on Sunday.

Under the new deal, 40 hectares of land will be available to the Shri Amarnathji Shrine Board every year but only during the pilgrimage.

“The shrine board will now exclusively use the land during the pilgrimage period,” said Leela Karan Sharma, the head of a Hindu group that was leading the protests in Hindu-dominated Jammu.

Protests: Agitated Muslims staged huge protests as soon as the news of the deal was made public. Indian paramilitary troops and police used firing, tear gas and baton-charge to disperse the protesters, which resulted in the death of one person and injured 15 in the outskirts of Srinagar.

The protesters argued the land transfer was being done to change the demographics in the valley but India says it has never encouraged Hindus to settle in the region.

Dr Saleem Iqbal of Mahraja Hari Singh Hospital confirmed the death and said three of the injured were in a critical condition.

Meanwhile, authorities have imposed a strict curfew in Jammu, saying that hardliner groups, who have threatened to kill a leader of the Amarnath Yatra Sangarsh Smeeti, were spotted in the area.

Kashmiri separatists have rejected the latest deal. “We reject this deal. But it is not a major issue for us as we are pre-occupied with our freedom struggle,” a statement quoted senior separatist Masarat Alam as saying.


From the MCB:

“MCB expresses grave concern about the rapidly deteriorating humanitarian and political situation in Kashmir”

The Muslim Council of Britain is deeply concerned about the worsening political and humanitarian situation in the valley of Kashmir. In the last few weeks there have been unprecedented peaceful public demonstrations in which millions have participated and demanded freedom and the withdrawal of Indian forces from the valley. The Indian government has responded by imposing an indefinite curfew and by imprisoning popular leaders without charge. There is currently one Indian army soldier for every ten citizens in Kashmir. 

The valley has also been subjected to an economic blockade by a small group of fundamentalists and the government is taking no action to prevent the blockade or to punish these acts of criminality. 

The imposition of an indefinite curfew and the economic blockade of the valley has led Kashmir to the brink of humanitarian disaster. Access to hospitals is impossible. There are severe shortages of medicines and food. Schools and colleges remain shut. The media remains suspended. Any civil activity is prohibited. A shoot-on-sight policy is operated by the Indian forces. Scores of people have been killed in the last few days. A reign of terror is being let loose on people. 

Dr Muhammad Abdul Bari, the Secretary General said, “The Muslim Council of Britain expresses grave concern about the rapidly deteriorating humanitarian and political situation in Kashmir. The MCB urges the government of India to immediately lift the curfew and the economic blockade withdraw its troops from all civilian areas forthwith and allow the people of Kashmir to exercise their democratic rights to assembly and free speech. 

We call upon the government of India to recognize, respect and implement the wishes of the people of Kashmir.” 

The protesters argued the land transfer was being done to change the demographics in the valley but India says it has never encouraged Hindus to settle in the region.



In fact, India’s constitution has a provision that allows Kashmir to have its own constitution, and that Kashmiri constitution denies Indians from buying property in the state. No such restrictions exist on Kashmiris buying land in the rest of India.The BBC seems to have missed the memo from Indian dhimmis that describes this current conflict as a Jammu vs Kashmir, as opposed to a Hindu vs Mohammedan conflict. This despite the fact that the Amarnath shrine in question is in Kashmir, not Jammu, and that there are hardly any Kashmiri Pundits left in Kashmir to protest the land being denied to Hindu pilgrims.

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