Pakistan has been fooling us much too long

Pakistan Pretends to Fight Taliban, for U.S. Cash

By Noah Shachtman EmailSeptember 08, 2008 | 7:32:48 AMCategories: Agony Of A-Stan, Perils Of Pakistan  


Perhaps, despite all the evidence, you still believe that Pakistan is an authentic American ally, against Al Qaeda and the Taliban. Dexter Filkins’ remarkable story in this week’s New York Times Magazine ought to cure you of any such notions:

So here was Namdar — Taliban chieftain, enforcer of Islamic law, usurper of the Pakistani government and trainer and facilitator of suicide bombers in Afghanistan — sitting at home, not three miles from Peshawar, untouched by the Pakistani military operation that was supposedly unfolding around us.

What’s going on? I asked the warlord. Why aren’t they coming for you?

“I cannot lie to you,” Namdar said, smiling at last. “The army comes in, and they fire at empty buildings. It is a drama — it is just to entertain.”

Entertain whom? I asked.

“America,” he said.

Which means, despite the billions in aid Washington gives Islamabad, the job of fighting extremists in Pakistan has fallen on the shoulders of the American military. Hence this morning’s report: “Five missiles fired from an American pilotless drone aircraft Monday hit a large compound in North Waziristan belonging to one of Pakistan’s most prominent Taliban leaders.”

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2 thoughts on “Pakistan has been fooling us much too long”

  1. Yes they are

    american army wiped taliban out of afghanistan in 7 days, and pakistan is wasted 7 years and not done anything.. pakistan is not allowing usa army to attack into pakistan saying that it would be voilation of there territorial integrity, which is a big lie

    what difference does it make, if talibani dies by American bullet or pakistani bullet, only thing it makes difference that they die

    taliban and osama are living in pakistan happily,

  2. Its a lie that Pakistan is fooling America. The truth is US is allowing Pakistan to fool itself. Besides, it is an old saying that one who is asleep can be waken, not the one who just fakes that he is asleep. It is not that the whitehouse does not know what is happening, it is purposely turning a blind eye towards the situation in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The US does not want another coffin on its way to the US, And Pakistan dosn’t want the flow of US aid to stop. Its a perfect match. Now the ground reality is that Coffins are still being sent to US and well the aid continues. …

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