Iran: "if Obama enters the White House, then Islam will conquer the heart of the American nation”

Its all about CONQUEST

* Sure thing. The Manchurian candidate. For a while, the Obammessiah could do no wrong.  But now the chickens are coming home to roost. Obama is not legally African-American as he claims but Arab-American and Islam still considers him to be a Muslim. Surely Americans are entitled to take this into account when they are voting for the next President of America.

And lets NOT forget Debbie Schlussel’s exclusive Obama’s Nation of Islam Staffers, Edward Said & “Inflexible Jews” Causing Mid-East Conflict: An Obama Insider Reveals the Real Barack

No, Obama is going down and rightly so.

From the Muslim who pretends to be a Christian:

 Some Obama quotes:

 “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”

“ the Muslim call to prayer is “one of the prettiest sounds on Earth at sunset.”



Nooooooo, he’s not Muslim 

“Why can’t I just eat my waffle?” –Barack Obama after being asked a foreign policy question by a reporter while visiting a diner in Pennsylvania



“Iranians Hoping for ‘Muslim’ Obama Victory,” from Newsmax, September 7 

Iran’s leadership has expressed “great pleasure” at the prospect of a Barack Obama victory in November, according to Menashe Amir, the Iranian-born head of Radio Israel’s Persian language service.

But Iranian President Ahmadinejad has said he doubts that the American establishment “will allow” Obama to win.

“One of the Iranian religious leaders said if Obama will enter the White House, then Islam will conquer the heart of the American nation,” Amir told

The Iranian leadership likes Obama “mainly because he is a Muslim,” according to Amir. His first name, Barack, comes from “al-baraq,” which is the name of the horse that Muslims believe Muhammad rode on his way to paradise.

His middle name Hussein is also a Muslim name, and he was “born in a Muslim family,” said Amir.

In fact, Obama is a Christian. His deceased father was a Muslim, and though Obama attended a Muslim school in Indonesia, he never pursued the Muslim faith of his early childhood. While some commentators have suggested that this qualifies him as an apostate — a “crime” punishable by death according to Islamic sharia law — Menashe Amir disagreed.

“If he wins the election, Muslims will be very proud of such a conquest, such a win. He didn’t convert [to Christianity] after he was 18. It happened much, much before,” so the sharia law judgment does not apply.


Fitzgerald: How the Islamic world views Obama

Menashe Amir, the Iranian-born head of Radio Israel’s Persian language service, has said: “One of the Iranian religious leaders said if Obama will enter the White House, then Islam will conquer the heart of the American nation.”

Of course Barack Obama is not a Muslim. But if Muslim peoples and states are heartened by the belief that his “Muslim connection” makes him a secret sympathizer, and if he acts in such a way as to allow Muslims, with their conspiracy-theory view of things (conspiracies against them, but also secret conspiracies by “hidden” Muslims), to continue to believe that he is, then it is not enough for him merely to deny being a Muslim. For that is not the main point, or should not be, in what is worrisome about that “Muslim connection” insufficiently rejected. Obama has not provided any demonstration of that rejection — a meeting with Ayaan Hirsi Ali might help. Nor has he shown any understanding of Islam that takes us beyond the sentimental pieties of Bush, Rice, and others in the current, miscomprehending and therefore confused and endlessly surprised administration. See, for example, the dawning realization that Pakistan is not that “staunch” ally that Bush kept thinking it surely must be, and never was — and because of Islam, never can be.

And if Muslim regimes and rulers and peoples believe that Obama is a “secret sympathizer” (naturally not making a move toward an open return, or reversion, to Islam out of political calculations that they, the taqiyya-masters, find perfectly understandable, even laudable), they may well be emboldened to act as they might otherwise not act. See Iran, see its possible imperviousness to pressure from an American government headed, as many may think, by a “secret Muslim sympathizer.” See Slow Jihadists and Fast Jihadists alike.

For that matter, think of European political figures. How easy will it be for them to meet with an American President named Barack Obama and confide in him, behind closed doors, that the situation in their lands has become very dangerous, and will become more so, because of the enlarged presence of aggressive Muslims? How easy will it be for them to explain that the Western countries, working in tandem, must not only end Muslim immigration, but also end Saudi and other outside funding of mosques, madrasas, propaganda, campaigns of Da’wa, and finally, create an atmosphere that is not one of continued accommodation but of resolute refusal to make their countries any more Islam-friendly than they already have made them — to their own great sorrow, based on a dawning realization of what has passed, and is passing, and is to come?

Will the leaders of France, Italy, England, Spain, Germany, Denmark, The Netherlands confide in Barack Obama? In the councils of NATO, will generals from European countries describe to their American counterparts the terrible internal security risks that Muslims in European armies, and police forces, and simply inside the Lands of the Infidels, the Bilad al-Kufr, now so obviously pose? Or will they hesitate, because they too, are uncertain about Barack Obama?

These are not theoretical nor wild questions. They are verisimilar. They are perfectly valid. And the fact that at neither Barack Obama nor his advisers have recognized this problem, or have warned Muslim rulers and regimes and peoples not to harbor any illusions about supposed “secret sympathies” — well, that both amazes and alarms.

Compounding this alarm is Obama’s choice of foreign policy advisers. Obama chose, early on, the egregious and execrable Zbigniew Brzezinski, Carter’s man. Does Obama really wish to be associated with Jimmy Carter in any way? Brzezinski helped Carter abandon the Shah (with Gary Sick playing his little role as an “Iran expert”), though I doubt that Brzezinski had a hand in composing Carter’s treacly letter to the Ayatollah Khomeini, who was addressed by Carter “as a fellow man of faith.” And Brzezinski, with Carter, was the chief bullier of Begin and the rest of the Israeli delegation at Camp David.

And then there is Samantha Power. Her entire career has been owed to her “work” on genocide; the Sudan made her. Yet there is no indication that Samantha Power understands that the Sudan has been an exhibit over the past two decades of Muslim Arab malevolence and aggression toward the Christians and animists of the south and toward the non-Arab Muslims of Darfur. In the south it has been a classic Jihad, designed to continue the push southward by the forces of Islam that has been going on, slowly at first, over the past century in the Sudan. The result has been about 2 million murdered or starved to death. And in Darfur, which for some reason was of much greater interest to the kristofs and the powers that be, exhibits the signs of being not a classic Jihad against the Infidel, but is rather a manifestation of the Arab supremacism of which Islam has always been the vehicle.

While McCain shows similar incomprehension, all this hardly inspires confidence in Barack Obama.

* From Atlas Shrugs:


Poor Obama, so many lies, so many narratives — hard for a burnt brain to keep track of (Obama has admitted to extensive cocaine abuse in his book “Dreams of My Father”).

If you are unfamiliar with the troubling  inconsistencies about Obama’s lineage – go here: (“Barack Obama: Washington Post, Chicago Tribune investigations confirm autobiography lies; now asking: Is “African-American” a lie too?” ) posted back in February at Atlas here: Obama, Arab American -2/26/08.)

An update on Barack Obama’s – and everybody else’s – ethnic ID Reading between the lines

Arabs do not intermarry with African Negroes in Kenya, or anywhere else in Africa. And neither do African Negroes intermarry with Arabs. Your ignorance of the realities of the African continent is appalling.

Which brings up the New York Times-created legend of Barack Obama’s great grandmother.The “black” Obama “great-grandmother” trotted out by the NY Times is his “step” great grandparent. She is therefore not in his bloodline. It’s a point the Times didn’t dwell upon, just as they didn’t bother to go to his father’s relatives in the capital and show off their Arab characteristics and family photos.

This brings up another point about the senator’s father. Please note that the Times ran into a serious problem describing his father’s relationship with a woman in Kenya that existed when he married “Barry’s” mother in Hawaii. It turns out that Mr. Obama was already married to the Kenyan (who was not African Negro either.). That makes Senator Obama the product of a bigamous marriage. And we all know what that means as far as the legality of the marriage and the legitimacy of the marriage’s offspring.

I had to laugh watching them wordsmith the relationship with the Kenyan woman as “unclear” and end up calling her his “consort.”

And what is the definition of a “consort?” According to the dictionary, it is a spouse. Leave it to the NY Times to be so conflicted about telling the truth about Sen. Obama’s situation, that they resort to using their own “unclear” description to paper over it.

But just now, in reading over this post, it just occurred to me: I mentioned that illegitimate births do not have a father’s name on the birth certificate. Is that the reason why Sen. Obama refuses to make his birth certificate public . . because he knows there is no father’s name listed on the certificate?

Read all of Lamb’s post.Kenneth E. Lamb has written for the NY Times, the Miami Herald, the St. Petersburg Times, the Jewish Information Network, and the Pensacola News Journal. Mr. Lamb also hosts the news-interview radio programs “Your Turn” and “CyberSmart! Saturday” on WEBY AM-1330.

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UPDATE: To those of you that say, why does this matter? There are far graver skeletons in Obama’s walk in closet. And that this is of no import. I beg to differ. Everything about this man is a lie, a fraud – his name, he lineage, his nationality, his religious upbringing etc. He has seized the mantle of the “post racial”African American man and he’s not African American.  The man who will unify us  (!) when, in fact, he is the most divisive political demagogue to emerge on the national scene in decades and with his ascent comes a ghastly cast of vile characters -  Farrakhan, Ayers, Wright, Rezko, Zbigniew, etc

Everything about this man is a lie. Inauthentic. I have a problem with that.

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