'Priest' rapes boys? NOT: Imam rapes two boys…

Germiston, SA

* Winds of Jihad reported: Imam arrested for raping 12-year-old boy

*  On that occasion we asked resident sharia-advocate Yusuf to explain why there are so many imams who like to f*kc little boyz, but we only got some abuse from a ‘SheikYourAsshole’ who told us that rape of young boys was a ‘Catholic’ thing to do.

*  An imam is a prayer leader in a mosque. Mullah’s, muftis or Ayatollahs may be all kinds of things, but they are certainly not ‘priests’-, this is simply another case of deliberate distortion in the media.

Priest’s rape case postponed


A Muslim cleric accused of raping two young boys, appeared briefly in the Germiston regional court on Monday.

Control prosecutor Neil Oberholzer said the maulana had his rights explained to him during his first court appearance and the case was postponed until Wednesday.

It is expected that at this appearance a bail application might be brought.

Last week, two boys, aged 10 and 12, reported to the police that they had been raped, allegedly by a Muslim cleric at a Germiston mosque.

Captain Steady Nawa said the boys were attending a religious lecture on Islam on August 25 when a 49-year-old maulana, who had been working at the mosque for three months, asked them to sleep over there.

The boys alleged that the man watched movies with them and also asked them to take a shower with him.

“The boys also alleged that they saw the maulana mix something like dagga and smoked it. He gave it to the 10-year-old to smoke, but the 12-year-old refused to smoke it, but he was forced to,” said Nawa.

After smoking the joint the maulana allegedly ordered the boys to undress while he also stripped naked.

He allegedly ordered the 12-year-old to “play” with his genitals and then allegedly raped him in front of the 10-year-old. He also ordered them to wash after he allegedly raped both of them, said Nawa.

On August 29, the maulana allegedly promised to give them R20 in exchange for their silence, but never did. Nawa said the boys informed a friend about the incident and were advised to tell their parents.

The maulana faces two counts of rape. He remains in police custody in Boksburg prison. – Sapa


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  1. This story does sound a little weird. Four days after the rape the muzzie promises the equivalent of U.S.$ 2.50, only after they don’t get it they cry rape.

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