Ramadan goes Ram-bam-bam…

* Whole lotta bombing and killing in the ‘holy month’ of the Musulmaniacs, which some (the usual suspects) would have us believe are bloody ‘unislamic’ or sacrilegious. But in the 1400 years of jihad warfare against the world and internecine strife within the ummah Islamiyah itself, these little massacres are a constant. Perhaps that’s why they call it ‘inner struggle’….


                                     Moe’s inner struggle, everyday!  

* Kabul, Afghanistan: 4 Afghan bodyguards die in attack on politician

* KABUL, Afghanistan - Gunmen targeting an Afghan provincial council chief killed four of his bodyguards, while a Taliban leader died in an airstrike in central Afghanistan, officials said Monday.

* Lebanon: at least six people killed in bomb blast

Kuwait : At least six people died and several others suffered injuries in a fiery blast that targeted a bus boarding Lebanese Army troops in northern Lebanon early on Monday, according to Lebanese media monitored in Kuwait.

The Lebanese television station, NBN, that broadcast live pictures from the scene, said the fiery blast in a suburban district of the northern city of Tripoli, killed at least six people, including three army troops, and wounded 24 others.

* Three killed, four injured in suicidal attack eastern Algeria


The Algerian authorities said in a statement this morning that the attack took place last night, when the bomber blew up his car which was loaded with explosives according to the investigations carried out by the Algerian security forces.
The statement added that the injured were rushed to Dellys hospital.     

*  Village chiefs shot dead in ‘restive South’

A gunmen using M16 rifle shot dead a village chief in Tambon Kota Baru of Raman district Monday morning, one day after a similar incident took place in Narathiwat’s Rangae district.

Rosah Isormusorm, 47, was found lying dead on the side of a backroad in Tambon Ngern-ngam of Raman district. He was heading to a local fresh market on his motorbike at the time of the incident.

The same district on Sunday also witnessed the shooting death of Ahama Lakuning, 33, a former ranger from the area.

* Somalia: Rebels Shell Mogadishu Airport

* Hmm, aren’t you curious what kind of ‘rebels’ they are? Are they Marxist, Catholics, Hare Krishna or from the Flower Power movement? Yusuf, pray tell: who are they?

*  There’s a whole lot more. How can we possibly keep up?