"Weekly Gun-battles in Copenhagen.."

* Pamela from Atlas Shrugs interviews Lars Hedegaard, Denmark

* Europe, for the last 50 years, has produced a neutered citizenry, a degenerated, feminized and spoiled society softened up by socialism, ‘one world’ utopia, peace & happiness garbage, a lethargic ‘nothing we can do’ mentality which is almost as bad as the Inshallah fatalism of the Musulmaniacs, but the trouble is THEY KNOW what they want, while we are confused and irresponsible self-haters.  We are long deprived of any will to fight for anything, because ‘war is the worst of all things’- right?  Because there’s no need to stand for anything, so we’ll submit, we fall for anything that comes along. As long as we don’t need to fight. We don’t wanna see blood. Or do you? So lets just hand it over to them, on a silver platter. Dhimmitude can’t be all that bad, can it?  If worse comes to worse, we can always convert. Or revert, or whatever….

3 thoughts on “"Weekly Gun-battles in Copenhagen.."”

  1. Just show that Islam is at war with the World.
    Every where they go they cause problems.
    What is wrong with these people?
    And they wonder why people are fed up with them.
    Please go back to the Middle East and leave us alone.
    Why can’t the West send them all back.
    Te West should get togetheron this, for our kids and countries sake.

  2. In Denmark they are queuing up to enlist in the Hells Angels. Outlaw motorbike gangs aren’t really my cup of tea, but i’d be signing up right now if I was Danish. I’d join the girl Guides if Itought they’d have a pop at muslims.

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