Sweden has a 'Dialog Police'

From the Gates of Vienna

* Don’t believe me, believe your eyes!

*  How long before they become the “Interfaith Dialogue Police”- the Muttawa, like in Sowdi Arabia?

The DIALOGUE police do not intervene. That is how it works; they stand and watch when crimes are committed, then they go up to the offender, saying: “ I understand that you are burning up that car just to be visible and because your father beat you when you were a small boy, maybe you were bullied at school, let us have a dialogue. You are probably offended (insulted) [kränkt].

“Ohhh, what the hell, burn, go to hell, you cop son of a bitch.”

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  1. “Ohhh, what the hell, burn, go to hell, you cop son of a bitch.”

    Interesting. As someone who despises Sweden as a human rights abusing nation via their fallacious “zero tolerance” and demonstrably false claims of a “drug free” society, I might have a little tantrum if I may…

    I’m not exactly sure what you’re trying to achieve here my friend. I acknowledge the need to attenuate the utter insanity of kneeling before the alter of political correctness when it comes to Islam in Dar al Harb, the absolute unacceptability of instructing children in prosecution of a genocidal, pedophile prophets con artistry, human rights abuses under Sharia – now sanctioned by the UN HR council, but I fail to see a scintilla of evidence here beyond appalling xenophobia.

    Try using the neurons surrounded by your skull, not your gut lest you alienate and aggravate. The fallacious “war on terror” is intellectual and cultural hubris of spectacular proportion. Religion is the problem, and such futile pursuits deny the reality this is about human nature – not a fraction of violent jihadists. At least Islam can be documented as factual, whilst Christianity is documented as a lie of gigantic proportions – sucking tax dollars from the Australian/USA public for their own agenda of religio-superstition. It is false, a child can find the evidence, yet we allow these creeps to undermine research, drug policy, education, public health, human rights, social progress and run scams that cost our communities billions per year. Superstition and the cowardly need to “believe” aside, what type of nation allows demonstrable, discriminative and socially destructive lies to be fed to generation after generation?

    7 years since 9/11 the only fundamentalists to actively and aggressively undermine democratic processes from inside nationhood, are Christian fundamentalists. How many USA dimwits believe in Genesis Creation? The same fairy tale the Egyptians followed over 5,000 years ago. There are dozens of prior and sequential “gods” all fitting the same astrological restrictions filling thousands of years. Jews worship Aries, Christians Pisces and the bible even clearly spells out the next zodiac symbol – Aquarius [Luke 22:10]. “Kill every man and his brother” [Moses] is a reference to Gemini, a duality hence unalterable brothers – the sign before Taurus. Taurus is represented by the Golden calf. Meses, Menu, etc, etc, all = Moses. The Sphinx is the body of Leo and the face of Virgo – covering the entire zodiac. Man! it’s in front of you! What do Jews blow? – the rams horn: Aries. The Arca Noah – waters of chaos that is the basis for baptism – is documented at the Nile Delta thousands of years prior to the formation of Israel. The “arc” is the new moon that rises when the rains come. The early carvings are of the moon – not a boat. Israel formed when Egyptians travelled West taking belief in Isis, and Ra following the resurgence of polytheism in Egypt, after Tuts death. They allied with the Canaanites who worshiped the Saturnian god El. Isis + Ra + El = Is Ra El. It’s a religio-political allegiance – not a “state’, my friend. Sheesh!

    Judea-Christianity is Egyptian in origin, predating even the earliest opportunistic religions to exploit this hard evidence. Period. The zodiac allegory raised to perfection by the 1st Egyptian monotheistic worship of Horus – Pharaoh Akhenaten – is the true “Saviour” story the early Christian Pagans worshipped as the Sun God of Pisces and it took the Nicene Council in 325 AD to destroy the glory of Greek science – retarding our growth for 1700 years. [Google “Antikythera mechanism”]. Christianity only thrived by suppression of free thought and murdering those who thought independently: heresy. When the Crusaders raped and tortured their way to the ‘holy land’ they found a quality of life, Europe did not realise for another 500 years. Islam has a documented history of cranial, abdominal and complex orthopedic surgery as far back as the 11th century. “Christian” – read property of Rome – peasants were ignorant, trapped in serfdom and virtual slaves to Christianity. Now, we have sociopaths claiming democracy is founded on Xtian values – it is not, and never has been.

    Who is the VP candidate for the Republicans? What is the Discovery Institute? We can’t kill these deluded fools, nor prevent free speech, so we just mutely await our own doom, of our own design, convincing the public the enemy is “without”. Pure Neocon’ panic philosophy. The problem is the child minded Creationist Bush Administration – not Islam.

    How much damage did Australia’s ex PM John Howard do with his religious obsession and elevating these freaks to positions of power. We are just as “theocratic” in actuality as any other honest theocracy. It ruins science and it’s magnificent benefits, promotes non critical thought, lies continually to the public, forces journalists not to publish, attacks any and every opposition and is most certainly a force for malignancy. These fools promote and encourage Christian Zionism – utter insanity and provocation of a non existent enemy.

    Have a look at dysfunctional psyche’s like the Fundamentalist pawns, “Drug Free Australia” who are doing more to suppress human rights at the UN, than the recent diplomatic jihadist success in the human rights council. Reviving archaic and medieval ideals? Biblical fundamentalism is years ahead of Islam, filling our kids heads with superstitious non critical thought and convincing gullible people this was is about “End Times” battles.

    That is our primary concern – not crap like Jack Thomas, David Hicks and losers who most Islamic clerics regard as pathetic little groupies. Koranic doctrine is very clear on the fate of those who indiscriminately kill Muslims, hence al-Qaeda’s “strategy” has always been a political con, as not martyrdom nor paradise – only hell is their reward. As for “Jihadists” who threaten the nations that have educated, protected and ensured a superior quality of life, so they can get their alienated rocks off can’t you see they have no Islamic credibility?

    The biblical ideal of Wedge Strategy destruction of modern society and a return to pre 1900 values is happening right now, and killing people on a daily basis. Indeed, Drug Free Australia – pawns of Drug Free America Foundation and the International Abstinence Association – actually had the deluded gall to argue – to the UN – recent alleviation of punitive measures for minorities is “undemocratic”. Their aim? To destroy “scientific materialism” with fraudulent pseudoscience, false education, continual contrary publications and use of high profile identities in unrelated areas. They seek to spread HIV onto “abominations” in the eyes of their God, who is also Allah who is also the God of Abraham. Remember suppression of Greek science? Same deal. Knowledge is what removes ignorance and ignorance is essential for power forced out as “God”. History, always repeats – always until we accept it is us who lie, deceive and kill others all in the name of the 3 monotheistic delusions. Which is all the same silly invention battled over like children who want credit for building a sand castle. It is power, not human beings they value.

    What you’re doing is repeating this insanity for your own distorted beliefs. Why? Why do it again? I cannot mount a sustainable argument to criticise Israels conduct, given the evidence of history. I support your general stance. I just fail to see how Xtian fundamentalism is ignored in favour of excessive media spin. Yes, I know how violent Islam is. The truth is modern society is a refutation of any belief system and we do ourselves a grave injustice insisting all Islamic devotees pose a risk. It is our misunderstanding and our xenophobia which are our greatest flaws.

    It’s a fairly sick nation – Australia/USA – that produces “Christians” with more hatred for our way of life than those who at least have the decency to warn us 20 years before – EIJ following Sadat’s assassination. It’s even more hypocritical to focus on media hype and xenophobia when our real enemies are Anglo-Saxon Christians out to undermine everything we’ve achieved since Darwins theory became hard fact and killed off your stupid God/s. How many Xtian fundamentalists seek to control modern societies? Uncountable numbers from The Exclusive Brethren, to Word of Faith, to Hillsong, to all political Pentecostalism, to SDA, Catch the Fire, Christian City, Born Again Xtians… it goes on, and on. These are who we must destroy, utterly and forever – then and only then can we focus on diluting Islam and reviving Zion to it’s proper place of power.

    And just where is the proof democracy is naught but a speck on the time scale of history? We hand victory to Islam on silver platters of “peace”, “justice”, “freedom” and “compassion” – why blame them for succeeding because of our own hubris and ignorance? What nationality was the Major-General who committed the worst war crime of the Iraqi war, in Fallujah? What weapons did he use? Why did we invade Iraq? My, how ironic. We’re worse than the “terror” stories we are fed to keep us mute and racist fools. “Duck and cover” – be sure to panic and remember… TERROR.

    Wake up, for goodness sake. It is religion, not human beings we need to destroy if we wish to survive this most recent – and pathetic – response to prosecution of violent Jihad. We are suiciding, not being overrun. If you aim to understand Islamic jurisprudence, then please acknowledge the millions of Muslims who are our only hope of entering into honest and open discourse. Until we accept Muslim pain, psychology and our direct role in provoking this resurgence we deserve everything we get. Xtians promote the xenophobia, undermine tolerance, attack science and retard education to our extreme detriment. The USA was once 3rd most educated nation on Earth – now close to 20th, all thanks to Christianity – not Islam.

    Why Sept. 11th, 2001? And no, not the Vienna date – that’s basic knowledge. Not much point sooking because we all allied with the most violent nation on Earth. Now, how many Panamanian civilians did Bush senior murder to remove Noriega? Ooooh, about 3,000 plus. Why 2001? The answer is right before you – and we sat back and let it happen. So, who should we really blame?

    Who would want to “hurt peace loving people”? Probably every other culture destroyed by the enforced exportation of democratic ideals when those enjoying the benefits therein, know nothing about the very gift such a way of life provides. So, with human beings within Islam crying out for our help, it is Xtian groups like DFA who actually argue for greater suppression of human rights, making Sharia look attractive by comparison. They too, believe in an eternal reward by killing “sinners” such as gays, drug users, petty criminals and demand access to our children, access to our homes, cars, PC’s, phones – in short complete removal of civil rights. All for an invented god who must control our every thought, action and entire life. Then torture us for eternity. Pretty sick stuff.

    Their “eminent scientist” killed over 25 patients [who suddenly became drug addicts engaged in a conspiracy] after performing exorcisms, baptisms, enforced prayer healing, unproven naltrexone administration and prescription of addictive levels of benzodiazapines. Why? All for his idea of god, and his eternal reward. And yes, it continues unabated – and is a cause for bragging. He considers 25 deaths in 18 months a success, because he “beat the cream of the methadone crop”. Why? Because harm reduction that keeps our community safe from rabid HIV infection is “unholy and sinful” with the plain example of Sodom/Gomorrah given to a Parliamentary Inquiry as “proof” we have a policy that will bring the consequential wrath of God. Condoms cause AIDS, which is Gods punishment for our sins. Until we accept this, they claim, and kill off anyone not affected by their insanity we are all doomed to suffer punishment from imaginary friends.

    Yes, indeed – committee chair Bronwyn Bishop on Howards instructions accepted this and abused internationally recognised scientists who save lives en masse across the globe. She argued for theft of children from anyone deemed “bad parents” and insisted morality – vile Xtian morality – “must be the underpinning essence of [this] policy”. Such claims are direct and aggressive attacks on the way of life that allows fools like that to even speak such tripe. All in our Parliament, at tax payer expense. Our brains are hard wired for perfect morality, not a book translated over a dozen times, through more languages, cut up and edited to suit rulers at the time and now used as a tool of social control. Even the King James bible was written to “revive” the English language – not because it’s factual.

    Please show me how this is different – if not far, far worse than engaging in war that is an irrefutable human trait. At least Jihadists are quite open about their intentions. Politically motivated Fundamentalist Xtians are covert 5th columnists who abuse, kill, and steal from those deemed inferior. Right here, right now in Australia, the USA and wherever they can fertilise the Wedge strategy. Then, they claim to be the “architects” of the very democratic values they wish to destroy. Abortion shootings, murder of gay men/women, murder of opposing believers, rape of women, children and elderly. False “diagnoses”… need I go on? Now, how many Islamic killings have occurred at the level of Xtian fundamentalism, since 9/11? Or episodes of violence and vigilantism? Do the math.

    Fundamentalism is fundamentalism. I fail to see why Islamic fundamentalism, promoted and sustained by a false and demonstrably non Islamic con that exploits alienated youth in democratic nations is not identical to the Wedge strategists and biblical fundamentalists exploiting easy money and vulnerable human beings. Which raises the question. Why do everyday Aussies fall into potentially harming others? It’s not Islam, it’s discrimination and strict hierarchy – something Islam will never allow. Ask why 2 Swedish women just tried to suicide in front of authorities on a British highway? Why do kids shoot and kill their classmates? Blame them too? I think not. Democracy is for winners and it crushes those who are slightly inferior. Islam includes as an essential pillar “giving to the poor”: Zakat. If not, you’re not a Muslim. Xtians demand the opposite, yet claim to be pure and generous. Name one good or noble deed done for superstition that cannot be done simply for its own sake – then name all the horrors that only exist due to belief. Quite a comparison eh?

    Xtians steal from the poor – Mthr. Teresa stole 1/2 a billion supposed to be for the poor of India to build 517 convents, finance the Vatican and her “house for the dying”, which was a house of murder for the ill; a straight out con trick. No privacy, no clean needles, no medication, no pain relief, sterlisation, constant reusing of blood carrying equipment, resulting in multiple infections and death from hideously painful complications. A multimillion dollar operation such cheap equipment would have been given them by default or perhaps she could have spent the 1 cent to buy fresh ones. No private facilities, no mattresses/pillows, or food. Just a plinth of timber with emancipated bodies supposed to give the impression she could do what others deemed “devotion”. It was an expression of her own pathology, held up as a grotesque “example” of “a loved death is a glorious death”. Only catch? You had to die, even if you were temporarily ill. Yet, this abomination will become a ‘saint’ even though she was an atheist for the last 30 years of her life, as plainly confessed in her correspondence. A roaming mascot for deception, money grabbing and power. Her comments on abortion still secure the torture, abuse and deaths of innocent girls in Catholic nations such as El Salvador. People will suffer and die for decades if not longer all due to one con artist, who stole and lied to the entire developed world. I’m supposed to say, oh yes she also did lots of good. No, she did nothing secular groups do for no money and for no “eternal reward”. I’m drawing the line at political correctness, lest we fall again, and again into this trap of default respect for psychopathic parasites protected religions.

    Add to this the ravaged African villages “saved” by Xtian missionaries. Parents die of AIDS, children follow and villages are sustained by children usually HIV positive. Why? Belief in a false ideal and demoting human beings to test crash dummies for their god. Christianity has destroyed the quality of life in Africa for centuries – but only now do we “care” because of Islamic extremism. Pathetic, sick and truly horrific. Yep, there are armies of Xtians doe eyed and deluded that killing Africans this way if a holy act. It will continue until we stop it.

    Mercy Ministries and Hillsong in Australia also abuse and steal from vulnerable, running con after con after con – and we pay for it!! Australia is one of only 3 nations to allow tax breaks into the commercial arena – Hungary/Israel are the others. I fully support Israel and agree 100% Zion must never fall or we will be in a global recession of gigantic proportions. But we cannot attack Islamic fundamentalism and allow a cancer in our midst that encourages violent Jihad against us, as well as undermines our quality of life. Our true enemies are Xtians.


    Using one interpretation of a false belief to justify criticising another interpretation is hypocrisy. Present a thesis that absolutely deconstructs the malignancy of Xtian fundamentalism, and your wildly xenophobic claims on Muslims might get a glimpse of respect.

    That’s quite a list – and I actually support what you’re doing. Many of us will fight for democracy and never, ever, ever abandon Israel. But we are driven by facts, history, secular values and pure politics. Yet, why did Australians [Commonwealth] support the Palestinian White Paper which restricted the flow of Jews fleeing persecution in Europe just before WWII? Five years before we “liberated” Jews from the death camps, we were tracking them down on the seas as they ran the gauntlet of illegal passage, and ensured they went back to be persecuted. It is the West that ensured so many died, primarily via Chamberlains hubris, ignorance and gullibility.

    One thing I will point out is antisemitism is not a German construct. it is Islamic pure and simple, with Grand Mufti, Haj Muhammed Amin al-Husseini – Arafats uncle – a chief architect and consultant to Hitler. Turkish cabinet ministers [some] involved in the massacre of 1.5 million Armenian Xtians who consulted with Germany urged the “solution of the Jewish problem”.

    And now today, we are repeating history. If Iran manages a direct strike on Tel Aviv do you honestly expect help from deluded Americans? They will perhaps offer cursory help, but it’s the oil – not Israel they are there to protect. They keep their nation fighting by reinforcing the “End Times” battle, claiming Christians must fight “for God”.

    As you must see, it is human nature, not religious predisposition. As I said, al-Qaeda’s strategy is anti Islamic, a straight out con to send young men to their deaths, and as per Koranic doctrine straight to hell.

    Kill off the Christians before the Islamists and you may have a chance.

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