Whoring for the Muslim vote: Britain's most senior Muslim politician was given her job because of her religion

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The appointment by the Conservative party of Sayeeda Warsi as shadow minister for Community Cohesion sends the wrong signal at a time when Britain is fighting a global war against Islamic terrorism and extremism, both domestically and internationally. Mrs. Warsi has been a fierce critic of British antiterror policy, stating that antiterrorism legislation had turned Britain into a “police state.”

British conservatives send the wrong message in the war on terror.

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Baroness Warsi with David Cameron

Britain’s most senior Muslim politician was given her job because of her religion, a minister has suggested.

Telegraph UK

* Democracy Derailment Syndrome:

Baroness Warsi, a shadow communities minister, was given the role as part of a “opportunistic courtship of the Muslim vote” by a “cynical Tory Party,” according to Sadiq Khan, a Government whip.

*  Sadiq Khan, Muslim MP calls for “religious equality” law that would give Muslims privileged status

David Cameron, the Conservative leader, has used the “Tory spin machine” to make out that his party is on the side of British Muslims because it needs their votes to win key seats, he said.

“Despite the fact that there are no Tory Muslim MPs, by appointing the unelected Baroness Sayeeda Warsi to his shadow cabinet, David Cameron can now claim to have Britain’s most senior Muslim politician in his ranks,” Mr Khan said, in a pamphlet for the left-wing Fabian Society.

Mr Khan, who is one of four Labour Muslim MPs, added that the Tories’ “courtship” of ethnic minority voters had “extended only to symbolic appointments”, giving the example of Ray Lewis, who was briefly Boris Johnson’s Deputy Mayor of London and is black.

He also accused Mr Cameron of making ethnic minority parliamentary candidates fight for “hopelessly unwinnable seats”, pointing to the case of Tony Lit, a British Asian who stood in a byelection in Ealing-Southall last year.

Despite a high-profile party campaign, and Mr Lit being listed on the ballot as standing for “David Cameron’s Conservatives”, the Tories finished third.

“The fact that most of these candidates have been chosen in hopelessly unwinnable seats doesn’t stop the Tory spin machine claiming that they are now the true inheritors of the Muslim vote,” said Mr Khan.

“This opportunistic courtship of the Muslim vote is made more remarkable by the fact that the Tories have offered very little in terms of policies which address issues affecting Muslims home or abroad,” he said.

“Recently, we have seen a cynical Tory Party courting Muslim voters – who constitute a major part of the ethnic minority vote

that the Tories need to win over in order to form the next Government.”

A Conservative spokesman said: “This is simply not true. Mr Khan obviously hasn’t looked at this properly. It’s a false generalisation to say that ethnic minority candidates have been given difficult seats.

“Rehman Chishti has been selected to stand in Gillingham and Rainham, which is notionally a Conservative seat. Zahid Iqbal will stand in Bradford West, which has a Labour majority of just 3,000.

“And Helen Grant was selected to contest Maidstone and the Weald, which is currently Ann Widdecombe’s seat and is one of our safest.”

“Mr Khan admits himself that Labour has ‘given the impression that it is vacillating’ about whether Muslims are ‘friends or foes’. It has not done terribly well on the issue.”

Baroness Warsi refused to comment on Mr Khan’s allegation. She said she was “delighted” to see that his pamphlet endorsed Conservative proposals that immigrants should learn to speak English, the teaching of British history in schools should be compulsory, and that all Muslims must condemn “honour” killings and forced marriage, which Mr Khan described respectively as “murder and kidnap”.

“All these issues and many others are issues on which the Conservative party has been taking the lead,” Baroness Warsi said.


UK: Muslim MP calls for “religious equality” law that would give Muslims privileged status

Sharia, apparently, isn’t enough. Once the government starts working to stamp out “Islamophobia,” as it would be obliged to do under this law, any attempt to resist jihad violence and Islamic supremacism would be illegal — because Muslim groups routinely characterize all such resistance as “Islamophobia.”

“Muslim MP calls for religious equality law,” by Andrew Grice in the Independent, September 16 (thanks to DW):

A minister has called for the Government to introduce a new religious discrimination law which would require public bodies to have a legal duty to promote equality between faiths, to reassure Britain’s Muslims that they are not second-class citizens.Sadiq Khan, a government whip, wants a forthcoming Single Equality Bill aimed at stamping out discrimination on grounds of sex, race, gender and disability to include religion. He also calls for “Islamophobia in the workplace” to be tackled.

Under his proposal, public bodies would have to be proactive in tackling religious discrimination. The Equality and Human Rights Commission, chaired by Trevor Phillips, would issue guidance and codes of practice. “This would not apply exclusively to British Muslims, but it would make a significant difference to the experience of members of this community who, because of socio-economic status, are particularly reliant on public services,” Mr Khan says.

The Tooting MP, one of four Muslim Labour MPs, makes his controversial call in a Fabian Society pamphlet, Fairness not Favours, published today. He says a proactive approach to prevent religious discrimination would balance “harder edged” measures such as “clampdowns” on immigration and security and undercut attempts by Muslim extremists to exploit social disadvantage.

Mr Khan wants to break down religious barriers and argues strongly that Britain’s Muslims must change, too. He urges them to forget about the Iraq war; give their women more freedom and use their charities to help white poor people. He also calls for imams to stress the importance of parental participation in schools and says everyone should learn English….


Good luck with that.

Comment by Hugh:

The reasons for the low “socio-economic” status of Muslims in Great Britain are:

1) The refusal of most Muslim women to work; many are breeding machines.

2) The discouraging, by Muslim men of Muslim women, from being educated, so that they are less able, when they do work, to obtain good jobs.

3) The insistence by many Muslim men that the daughters in the family, even if born and raised in an advanced Western society (Great Britain), marry a primitive Pakistani who will then be abke to obtain permission to live in Great Britain, and who will severly constrain their lives.

4) Cousin-marriages, highly desirable in Muslim societies where the level of aggression and violence is high, and trust is at a low level, and thus people wish to keep, as much as possible, within a family or tribal framework, naturally leads to a higher incidence of genetic diseases.

4) The habit of mental submission in Islam — the discouraging of all indepdent thought or questioning, and the insistence that the panoply of Islamic regulation — What Is Prohibited, What Is Commanded — be accepted without any reasoning why — helps stunt the mental growth. This has economic consequences.

5) The attitude of Muslims — that Infidels owe them the Jizyah or, where Muslims do not rule, owe them a kind of equivalent — makes Muslims eager to wrest every possible advantage from Infidel taxpayers, to fiddle the system in every possible way, in the generous welfare states of Great Britain and elsewhere in the E.U. It beats work, and what’s more, it is justified in Islam, in the attitudes and atmospherics of societies suffused with Islam.

6) Inshallah-fatalism which can be observed all over the Muslim world naturally discourages hard work or entrepreneurial activity. Shopkeeping, some trading, and of course a lot of living off of the wealth, the unmerited wealth, that comes from the accident of geology that has given the Arabs and Muslims some eleven trillion dollars since 1973 alone — that, and the continued and even growing aid from Infidel nations, both to Muslim nations, and within the Infidel nation-states, transfers of wealth from Infidel taxpayers to Muslim recipients of every kind of benefit, and then some, that those taxpayers can provide (free education, free health care, free or subsidized housing, family allowances, the works)–makes for an atmosphere where very few will try to strive.

These are the reasons why Muslims are lower down, in Great Britain, on the socio-economic scale. And why, to the extent that they remain deeply Muslim, will continue to be.

It is the same everywhere that Muslims and non-Muslims compete economically — see, for example, the Chinese and Hindus in Malaysia, or the Christian Ibo in Nigeria, as compared with their respective Muslim co-citizens.

Since America has far less of a welfare state, Muslims cannot quite take the kind of advantage that they do in Western Europe, and some work. But when, after 9/11/2001, when small convenience stores owned by Muslims, and those Muslim-owned cash-only establishments of every kind, including gas stations, were subject to more scrutiny, all kinds of tax-evasion and cigarette-smuggling and other ways to fiddle the system were discovered. And the consolating myth that Muslims in America are doing “so well” amounts only to this: the Muslim immigrants to America, so far, have included a higher proportion of doctors and engineers (such as “Mike” Hawash of Intel), than the Muslim immigrant populations in Western Europe. But that should be slim consolation; the mental baggage which both sets of immigrants bring with them remains, unsurprisingly, the same.

Posted by: Hugh [TypeKey Profile Page] at September 16, 2008 11:12 AM

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  1. Someone should tell this moron that ZaNuLab have the muslim vote (80% anyway) the rest goes to the Lib Dems or Respect. This idiot will get less than 5%.The 3 main parties are one in reality,our only hope is the BNP. The situation in Italy gives us some hope

  2. I’ve made up a name for the leftist Islamic alliance:

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