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There is really nothing to worry about….

“Lady” Warsi’s got issues with the “Asian community” for electoral fraud, (which she doesn’t want investigated) and with the Press for “anti-islamic sentiment” – reheats “anti-semitism” canard… (al Guardian, of course) thanks to Mullah

At Last: A New Government in the Netherlands

Notice that the PVV — which in an American context would be slightly to the left of, say, John Kerry on everything but immigration and Islam — is labeled “far-right”. Anybody who opposes Islamization, no matter how socialist he might be on other issues, is always called a “right-wing extremist”. If he happens also to use a phrase like “Dutch identity”, “Flemish rights”, “Swedish values”, or “the ancient liberties of Englishmen”, he is automatically promoted to the rank of “neo-fascist” or “crypto-Nazi”.  (Read more »/Gates of Vienna)

Geert Wilders and the Koran on Trial

The Koran incites hatred by demonizing and dehumanizing Christians and Jews. If you point it out, the powers that be will call you ‘racist bigot Islamophobe’ and worse.  I suppose the first thing that Wilders will do now as an elected member of parliament is do away with these idiotic hate speech laws and reign in the leftist propaganda and smear machine.

Howard junks multiculturalism. But belatedly

Former Prime Minister John Howard says clearly what he could only edge towards in office:

when a nation draws people from other parts of the world, it draws them because of the magnetism of its own culture, and its own way of life.

The ideal in my opinion is to draw people from the four corners of the earth and unite them behind the common values of the country which has made them welcome, and I think some of the difficulties that the United Kingdom is experiencing, and some of the difficulties that other countries have experienced has been to confuse those two concepts.

Pakistan, A Nuclear Proliferator, Will Chair U.N. Nuclear Watchdog Agency

Fox-Chicken-coop Alert:

(CNSNews.com) – The United Nations nuclear watchdog has appointed Pakistan to chair its governing board. Pakistan is responsible for the most serious known case of illicit nuclear proliferation in history, and it is blocking progress on a treaty to ban production of fissile material used to fuel atomic weapons.

Malaysia’s PM praises Obama for condemning “Islamophobia,” says he must aid moderate Muslims

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak thinks that standing up to “Islamophobia” takes political courage. One wonders what planet he lives on.

UK: That Warsi Conundrum

Latest news: Did Warsi “steal” the husband of another Pakistani female?

Did this wife know she was being divorced – and husband was to wed top Tory Muslim?

One of David Cameron’s rising frontbench stars was dragged into an embarrassing row last night over the treatment of the Muslim ex-wife of her new husband.

Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, the Shadow Community Cohesion Minister, was accused of ‘stealing’ the husband of a vulnerable Pakistani whose grasp of English is so poor that she did not realise she was being divorced.

Three weeks after Baroness Warsi’s marriage to Iftikhar Azam, members of his former wife’s family have claimed that she realised that Mr Azam had dissolved their 18-year marriage only when relatives read the decree nisi – which she had originally believed to be a domestic bill.

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Update: Is Warsi trying to eliminate her rival?

Police went to the home of Massarat Bi, whose ex-husband married Baroness Warsi last month, after reports that her car had been vandalised and that someone had doused it in a flammable liquid and tried to set it on fire.  Wife in Muslim Tory marriage row hit by arson

DailyMail – Jo Macfarlane And Alan Rimmer

Update: That Warsi Bitch in Action:

To bestow titles like “Baron” or Baroness” on Muhammedan infil-traitors is adding insult to injury in multicultural Britannia, where a growing number of native  Brits are feeling increasingly alienated by the hypocrisy and the games their misguided government plays.

Wherever you look, Muslims are displaying their duplicity, in the schools and in the courtrooms. Whether “Lord” Ahmed brags about keeping Geert Wilders out of the country by threatening to rally 10.000 rioting Muslims, or by the comical Bunglawussi, spokesman for the MCB who shamelessly tells Brits that Anti-terror code ‘would alienate most Muslims’, the Nu-Labour government caves in, everytime.

In the meantime, “Baroness” Warsi plays her own little games: she pretends to be against polygamy, but being a Muslim she can’t be, because its against the teachings of the Koran. But for infidel consumption, she pretends to be against it.

Brian Akira kept an eye on it and he doesn’t like at all what he sees.

* The deceitful little games of a fake Baroness:

Baroness War & Lord Nazi: Good Cop, Bad Cop

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“Salaam aleikum! Allahu akbar!” Baroness Sayeeda Warsi of Dewsbury, Baron Nazir Ahmed of Rotherham, and President Omar al-Bashir.

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Whoring for the Muslim vote: Britain's most senior Muslim politician was given her job because of her religion

MEMRI Newslink

 Government-Appointed Kuwaiti Preacher slime-bomb: Europeans Are Immoral, Unclean, and Cowardly


The appointment by the Conservative party of Sayeeda Warsi as shadow minister for Community Cohesion sends the wrong signal at a time when Britain is fighting a global war against Islamic terrorism and extremism, both domestically and internationally. Mrs. Warsi has been a fierce critic of British antiterror policy, stating that antiterrorism legislation had turned Britain into a “police state.”

British conservatives send the wrong message in the war on terror.

 More from Nile Gardiner & Sally McNamara

Baroness Warsi with David Cameron

Britain’s most senior Muslim politician was given her job because of her religion, a minister has suggested.

Telegraph UK

* Democracy Derailment Syndrome:

Baroness Warsi, a shadow communities minister, was given the role as part of a “opportunistic courtship of the Muslim vote” by a “cynical Tory Party,” according to Sadiq Khan, a Government whip.

*  Sadiq Khan, Muslim MP calls for “religious equality” law that would give Muslims privileged status

David Cameron, the Conservative leader, has used the “Tory spin machine” to make out that his party is on the side of British Muslims because it needs their votes to win key seats, he said.

“Despite the fact that there are no Tory Muslim MPs, by appointing the unelected Baroness Sayeeda Warsi to his shadow cabinet, David Cameron can now claim to have Britain’s most senior Muslim politician in his ranks,” Mr Khan said, in a pamphlet for the left-wing Fabian Society.

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