Australia's Courier Mail: 'Shoot the Bali bombers, and soon'

* What happened to the Courier-Mail? A right-wing takeover? This PC-rag suddenly comes out calling for the Bali-bombers to be shot? My, perhaps things are changing. in a place where moonbats stand united against capital punishment, this is a different wind:

By Mike O’Connor/Courier Mail

WHILE large numbers of Australians are mourning the diminution of their superannuation savings, next Sunday some of their number will feel the pain of a much greater loss.

On that day, six years will have passed since the Sari Club in Bali’s Kuta Beach was turned into a killing ground by militant Islamic bombers who murdered 202 people, 88 of whom were Australians.

Amrozi, Muklas and Imam Samudra have since been convicted of carrying out the bombings and sentenced to death, but still the three elude their fate.

*  Not to worry, sez sharia shyster Yusuf Irfan: they’re not laughing at the victims. They’re “laughing because they’re embarrassed!” Amazing that the frolicking mole (as he calls himself when he posts here) gets away with depositing turds like this in the Herald Sun, which is a respectable publication with a conservative ambit.


Even the staunchest opponents of the death penalty must have regarded remarks last week by Amrozi – “the smiling assassin” – as abhorrent.

“If I am executed, later there will be retribution,” he said. More killings, more mutilation, more innocent blood shed.

There has been no display of remorse by the trio, just smirks and arrogance. When Imam Samudra was asked last week if he would ask forgiveness of the families of his victims during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, he replied: “I don’t ask forgiveness from infidels. I only ask forgiveness from Muslims.”

Amrozi has also attempted to intimidate potential members of a firing squad, saying: “If the execution is carried out, that will constitute their biggest criminal act because they will be killing holy warriors.”lt;/p>

The holy warriors, however, have shown a marked reticence to proceed to the Hereafter and claim their eternal reward, their lawyers fighting for nearly five years to have them saved from death row. Rather than offer themselves up to Allah, they have used every political and legal device available to avoid the death penalty being invoked.

All have failed but still the Indonesians hesitate. In August, Indonesian Attorney-General Hendarman Supandji said the executions should take place before the beginning of Ramadan in September.

He later said he was not able to authorise this because the necessary paperwork had not arrived at his desk, an unlikely scenario.

With Ramadan now over, the bombers have launched another line of appeal, once more showing a reluctance to pass into Paradise, where, according to their beliefs, legions of nubile virgins await to indulge their every desire.

Their latest attempt to avoid the warm embrace of these willing maidens has been prompted by the unholy and discomforting realisation that getting shot by a firing squad can be painful.

Once this disturbing possibility occurred to the holy warriors, their lawyers appealed to the Constitutional Court asking that death by firing squad be declared a form of torture and therefore a violation of their human rights.

To hear men who so callously shredded the rights of their victims complain that their rights are not being upheld would be laughable were it not so contemptible. The holy Muslim warriors may refuse to seek forgiveness from the infidel families they have traumatised, but they have had no hesitation in calling on a Catholic priest to help save them from a bullet to the heart.

In their appeal to the court, the three enlisted Father Charles Burrows, who had witnessed the execution by firing squad of two Nigerian drug traffickers, to testify that shooting was painful and therefore torture. Burrows said that the traffickers had been tied to two crucifixes erected in a field and then shot from a range of about 1m. They “moaned in pain” for about seven minutes before dying, the priest said.

Moaning in pain is not something that appeals to the Bali bombers, deaf though they were to the screams and moans of those maimed and dying in the inferno that was the Sari Club.

It is difficult not to take some satisfaction from the spectre of the three men who grinned through their court appearances and relished the carnage that they caused now squirming at the possibility of a painful death.

Australia does not support the death penalty but has said it will work to have it abolished through the offices of the United Nations and will not seek to intervene in the internal workings of another nation’s judicial system.

Foreign Minister Stephen Smith put our position bluntly: “We don’t propose to make representations on behalf of terrorists who have been subject to the death penalty,” he said.

There seems little doubt that most Indonesians detest the bombers, both for what they did for the international shame and economic pain and suffering they inflicted on their countrymen.

The time has come for the Indonesian Government to carry out the sentence dictated by its laws. Enough time has been wasted, enough theatre endured, enough tears shed by those constantly reminded of the loss of their loved ones by politically inspired procrastination.

The three men should be taken to a field, trussed to crucifixes like the drug traffickers and shot through the heart. And the sooner it is done the better.

Will they die smiling?

I think not.

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  1. I would have thought they were looking forward to dying like any other islamist homicide bombers. Have they lost their faith?

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