"Christians" Performing Islamic Prayers….Inside a Church…..


*  Islamic Da’awa efforts pay off: naive “interfaith” Christians submit to the bloodcult of Islam by inviting an Islamic proselytizer into their church  to confuse their youngsters. This particular cleric makes up  a bit of a story about Abraham and the Kaaba, but of course Abraham never went to Mecca and never danced around the black stone, but that’s quite another story… Looking forward to a bit of reciprocity: when are Islamic clerics allowing Christians or Jews to proselytize in mosques?

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Because this “interfaith dialogue” works so well, the Saudi King wants more of it:


Saudi King continues calling for more “interfaith dialogue”

All while Saudi children textbooks continue to teach hatred of all things non-Islamic. “Saudi king to attend November UN interfaith dialogue,” from the Associated Press, October 26:

The Saudi king said that he would attend a meeting at the United Nations in New York in November that will discuss his initiative to promote interfaith dialogue. 

King Abdullah said that it is the duty of every human being to support such dialogue.

In remarks made late Saturday, the king said that extending Muslims’ hands to non-Muslims will help “purify” the reputation of Islam at a time when the world is criticizing the faith.

Abdullah helped bring together Jews, Muslims, Christians, Hindus and Buddhists among other religions at a conference hosted by Spain in July.

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  1. It would be a bit like Moses coming down with the 10 Commandments and joining in worshipping the golden calf in the interests of interfaith harmony & diversity, and equally

  2. In another push to replace God with allah, gaia or something else, the Greens are calling for
    the Lord’s Prayer to be scrapped from the opening of Federal Parliament, and replaced with
    a “period of reflection”. (Govt & Opposition are opposed to any change, but no doubt it will
    come, as it will cause “hurt feelings” to ….

  3. Yeah what a load of cow pies. Islam denies the very foundation of Christian doctrine that Jesus died for our sins as the only begotten Son of God.

    So what makes these people saying Islamic prayers “Christians”…which means Christ follower/imitator?

  4. When the pope, in an inter-faith gesture, entered a mosque, he took of his shoes to accommodate the muzzie customs. This peace of shit has no intention of accepting any of our customs but is determined in forcing his down our throat by not even removing his hat. Any one ever seen a man in church wearing a hat?

  5. When are Islamic clerics allowing Christians or Jews to proselytize in mosques? Probably around the same time Islamic countries start building Centers for Christian understanding in their universities…..like the Centers for Islamic Understanding being built in American universities. Or maybe when they start allowing Christian churches to be built in their lands….to match the growing number of mosques being built in the U. S.

  6. “Saudi King continues calling for more “interfaith dialogue”


  7. I felt sick just watching that video and the soft jihad in action. How dare that ignorant man not remove his hat in a Christian church. And who are these so-called Christians allowing this to happen, is not their own Church and their Christianity enough. As a Christian I have no desire whatsoever to learn or hear about islam as I know more than enough to convince me that it is nothing more than a brainwashing cult ,and that is what is going on here. Jesus Christ said I AM THE WAY, The Truth and The LIFE, NO MAN COMETH TO THE FATHER BUT BY ME. HE ALSO SAID HE WAS THE LAST OF THE PROPHETS BUT THERE WOULD BE THOSE COMING AFTER HIM PROCLAIMING TO BE PROPHETS BUT THEY WOULD BE FALSE PROPHETS. Enough said to those so-called Christians.

  8. The person who said that the man is “ignorant” for not removing his hat is a bit off. Actually, Roman Catholic and Orthodox bishops and senior clerics wear hats in church. They remove them at the consecration when celebrating the Mass or Divine Liturgy, but it is not offensive prima facia to wear a hat in church. And of course, all men cover their heads in a synagogue.

    I am not sure that non-Muslim should have participated in the prayers, but it certainly should not be confusing to them simply to learn how Muslims, Jews, Hindus or any other religion prays.

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