Ismail Haniyeh: "We are witnessing the collapse of the American Empire"


* Perhaps, perhaps not. But the Hamas Thug-in Chief should keep in mind that it is largely U.S. aid that keeps him and his gun-toting, martyrdom extolling assassins alive.

Islamist enemies of US gloat over financial crisis

Surely Osama bin Laden (if he’s alive), is celebrating, since, for years he has been making thefollowing analogy based on the former USSR: “We, alongside the mujahedeen, bled Russia for 10 years until it went bankrupt and was forced to withdraw in defeat…We are continuing this policy in bleeding America to the point of bankruptcy. Allah willing, and nothing is too great for Allah.”

“US enemies in Mideast gloat over financial crisis,” by Paul Schemm for the Associated Press, JW


                      ‘Replace capitalism with Islamic system’

“Moderate” Muzz Qaradawi sez collapse of Capitalism proves that Islam is superior..

By Anwar Elshamy

Doha-based Islamic scholar Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi has urged Muslim countries to take advantage of the global financial crisis and build a new fiscal system which is compatible with Islamic principles.
“We have our own economic philosophy and system which others do not have. The collapse of the capitalist system, which is based on usury and securities rather than commodities in markets, shows us that it is undergoing a crisis and that our integrated Islamic philosophy, if properly understood and applied, can replace the Western capitalism,” he said.
“We have all the means of power. We have an abundance of economic and human resources. If we know how to make the best use of the opportunity, Muslim countries can build a new system among themselves,” he said.
Qaradawi who was speaking at the opening of the sixth annual meeting of the Al Quds (Jerusalem) International Iinstitution which got under way in Doha yesterday, also urged the Palestinian Hamas and Fatah movement to be “united” for achieving the hope of wresting the control of Jerusalem from the Israelis.
“I call on both our brother Khalid Mishal (the head of Hamas) and our friend Abu Mazin (the Palestinian president) to meet and seek reconciliation so that they can achieve our hopes. It is not true that Israel is invincible. We are able to conquer and we will do.”    
The scholar also warned against what he called “Israel’s ongoing excavations under the Al Aqsa Mosque.”
Mishal, the Damascus-based chief of Hamas Political Bureau, raised doubts about the possibility of reaching any settlement with Israel via negotiation.
“What should be very clear is that regaining control of Al Quds and the any other usurped Palestinian rights would be impossible through negotiation. Even for the Palestinians refugees’ right to return, Israel does not want even to admit the moral responsibility of deporting them,” he said.
Mishal also blamed both the US and Israel for the “division between the Palestinian factions” saying that the US and Israel were putting obstacles in the way of any possible settlement between the Palestinians.
“It is America which undermined the Makkah peace deal. But now both America and Israel are embroiled in their internal problems,” he said, while observing that the Hamas movement delegate, who is currently in Cairo, has a reconciliation formula to form a government of national unity.
The three-day meeting will seek to garner support for the protection of Jerusalem and its holy sites against what they call “Israeli attempts to Judaise the city and its holy cities.”
The meeting brought together some 300 personalities from different countries as well as NGOs which convened in Doha to discuss ways to protect and conserve the heritage of Jerusalem. 

Haniyeh continued:


CAIRO, Egypt (AP) — America’s opponents in the Middle East are gloating over the financial meltdown in the United States, painting it as divine retribution for past misdeeds against Muslims and the last gasps of a dying empire. 

Hardline clerics across the region and groups like Hamas and al-Qaida took delight in America’s financial woes even though it has not left the region unscathed, with stock markets across the Middle East dropping more than 10 percent last week.

“We are witnessing the collapse of the American Empire,” Hamas prime minister in the Gaza Strip, Ismail Haniyeh, told worshippers during Friday prayers. “What’s going on in America is a result of the violation of the rights of people in Palestine, Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan and Muslims around the world.”

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Tuesday that America was paying the price for exporting inflation and deficits to the rest of the world.

“Now the world capacity is full and these problems have returned to the U.S.” he said. “And finally they are oppressors, and systems based on oppression and unrighteous positions will not endure.”

High level Iranian cleric, Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati, was more blunt addressing worshippers on Oct. 3.

“We are happy that the U.S. economy is in anarchy and the anarchy is reaching Europe,” Jannati said. “They are seeing the result of their own ugly doings and God is punishing them.”

Iran denies the financial crisis has hurt its economy, but the turmoil has helped drive the price of oil down more than 40 percent since July, shrinking revenues in a country that relies on oil for 80 percent of its budget.

Al-Qaida was one of the first groups to express satisfaction over the financial crisis.

“The enemies of Islam are facing a crushing defeat, which is beginning to manifest itself in the expanding crisis their economy is experiencing,” said American al-Qaida member Adam Gadahn in a video released early this month.

One hardline Sunni cleric in U.S.-allied Lebanon saw the financial collapse as God’s answer to Muslim prayers.

“God has responded to the supplications of the oppressed people,” Mufti of Mount Lebanon Sheik Mohammed Ali al-Jouzo told the state-run news agency Thursday. “It is the curse that hits every arrogant power.”

Associated Press writers Bassem Mroue in Beirut, Lebanon, Ali Dareini in Tehran, Iran and Karin Laub in Ramallah, West Bank, contributed to this report.

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  1. And Waleed Aly is scared of the “yacists”.

    “The bad news for us is that malignant social politics have been slowly returning for a while in Russia, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, Britain, Denmark and Norway. And it is an affliction that spreads well beyond Europe in the form of radicalism in the Muslim world and Hindu and Buddhist nationalisms in Asia.”

    That’s right Waleed, all the countries that are under attack by the religion of filth.

  2. “Hardline clerics across the region and groups like Hamas and al-Qaida took delight in America’s financial woes even though it has not left the region unscathed, with stock markets across the Middle East dropping more than 10 percent last week.”

    Joe: I recall they said the same thing about Katrina. Yet right before that Muslims had died in the 100’s of thousands with the tsunami and earthquake in Bam, Iran.

  3. I do wish the Americans had the balls to say to the Hamas prime minister: Yes, we have had a financial meltdown. As soon as the cheering stopped continue: So sorry we cannot give you any more aid. You want to curse us and protest against us, go ahead, but as long as you do, not a penny aid. If only Europe had a little bit of a backbone and do the same. If and when aid ever resumes only on one condition. A stipulated sum less a certain amount, make a rate sheet, rocket attack $100,000. Suicide bomber $1,000,000 ect. Peace would arrive with the speed of a rocket.

  4. The western countries includes capitalism should stop sending the aid and funds to the islamic countries who celebrating on the capitalism meltdown and claim the Islamic Law are better than Capitalism.

  5. There is an article in The Age today (dated Tuesday October 14 2008.) In the comment and debate section. The headline reads…” The best elements of left and right make the Danes great. Sub-headline reads…. Australia’s leaders could learn from Denmark’s investment in its people.

    So now we have Tim Colebatch spouting the virtues of a socialist economy…oh yeah, it is nicely dressed up, just like I dress the turkey at Christmas…right before I shove it in the oven. If you lose your job, you will get approx 90% of your wage and retrained. Free childcare for working mums, and a host of other temptations to make it look all nice and sweet. Australia needs to learn from the experience of the countries who did go down that path only to find they fell into a cesspool they could not climb out of…where the EU is concerned, leave me out of it.

    Do we as Australians really want to go down that road, when we are constantly hearing of what is happening in countries that adopt the socialist economy, no matter how pretty they dress it up. The EU is in the thick of it here. Have a read of the article.

  6. “…it is largely US aid which keeps him and his gun-toting, martydom-extolling assassins alive.”
    Exactly, and while the mosque rats have trillions in oil revenues, which instead of using to help their islamic brothers, they’re sending to North America and Europe to open mahdrasas, weasel their way into our political and social institutions and finance terrorism.

  7. Do any of these moron muslims have any idea just how much the muslim world relies on the western world. For a start, billions in aid flows from the west to the muslim countries every year. For another thing, if we go into depression, the amount of oil we will buy will be cut drastically in the US, all across Europe, and that will hit them in their economy as bad as we are hit.

    The other thing is, do they think that the US slumping into recession will mean a loss of military power…….think again… matter how bad it gets…….the military will be provided for first and foremost because we know that if it’s not…….the barbarians of the world will be at us like a pack of wolves. We might not be able to sustain in conventional attacks over a long period anymore…..but fear not…….we can still opt to just launch nuclear missiles instead of the costly land wars that we have been fighting. And of course……lose interest in pumping billions into repairing the damage on these countries of taking us on…….back to old school thought……wipe your enemy out, and walk away and leave them to wallow in disease, starvation, radiation…….you muzzies have delt with a rich and very restrained US so far……if and when we decide to deal with you the way we delt with the nazis…….or the Japs…..then you will know what we are capable of……for the first time.

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