Obaminator sends cleaners to Indonesia

From Atlas Shrugs:

How far did Obama go to scrub Indonesia of his records?

According to our Indonesian sources, “officials” who accompanied Faleomavaega were interested in acquiring any and all documentation or photographs of a young Barry Soetoro for America’s “national archives” and they were offering cash, lots of it. In a show of faith, Barack Obama’s childhood school would be one of the very first beneficiaries of this outpouring receiving thousands of dollars to upgrade the school and for the purchase of computer equipment, thanks in part to the benevolence of this visiting junket.



So what did the Red Godfather ask of his lackey Faleomavaega? Clean up Indonesia.

“Obama is Indonesian.  American Expat in Southeast Asia, Larry Martin told me that his  sources claim that Obama  was adopted and that the Indonesian government is aware of this – so are Obama’s people who cut a deal with the Indonesian government to have the records suppressed.”



Obama Campaign Withdraws From Jewish Debates Around Country!
Will they also duck debates in Philadelphia, Los Angeles, New York and Cleveland?

The Obama campaign has instituted a new policy of not debating Republican Jews at community candidates’ forums.  Forum organizers are being told to provide surrogates who are not from the Republican Jewish Coalition.  Temple Sinai, in suburban Philadelphia, was told that Obama surrogate, state Rep. Josh Shapiro, could not participate with RJC Philadelphia Director Scott Feigelstein.  The synagogue was ordered to find someone else if they wished to have an Obama representative.
This is not the first time that the Obama campaign has made such a demand of Jewish forum organizers.
Obama has proclaimed that he wants to engage Jew-haters like Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad without preconditions, but the Obama campaign will not engage Republican Jews. (If this is how Obama & Company treat Jewish voters BEFORE the election, imagine how they’ll treat Jews after they’ve achieved power!)
Given how troubling Senator Obama’s record is on Israel, it’s fairly obvious that he’s afraid he’d lose a fair debate.
Or maybe he feels that the gaps between his position and Iran’s are less than his differences with Jewish voters?
Or perhaps he just feels so much more comfortable with terrorist Rashid Khalidi, Rev. Wright, Louis Farrakhan and their fellow Jew-haters?
Bottom Line:  Unless you wish for Israel to be destroyed by Islam, DON’T vote for Obama.

If you need only one good reason NOT to vote for Obama, this works.

4 thoughts on “Obaminator sends cleaners to Indonesia”

  1. This guy will set the US on the road to civil war. It might not happen during his presidency but it WILL happen after he and his maniacal followers wreck the nation should he win the election.

  2. Faleomavaega quietly left the socialist Congressional Progressive Caucus about the time Obama came to the senate and did not join. He had the lowest winning percentage of any Democrat incumbent in 2006. His conservative opponent is challenging him again this year and needs funding. You can contribute at her website: http://www.aumuaamata.com.

  3. It is amazing how people go after someone what happened to him when he was around 6 years old. Hope for all of you hunters that your parents did not do a thing what could hurt you. For God’s sake what can we do about what happens to us if we are that age. If Obama would have been white, his father a muslim from Syria or Lebanon or whatever, would there have been this much commotion? He is NOT a muslim. He is an American Citizin, born to an American woman in Hawaii. Don’t you think the Republican Party would not have gone after all these accusations if there was any truth in these allegations. How good this would have been for them. Look at all the garbage in McCain’s life. Yes, he was a prisoner of war, so were many others. Many others lost their lives. Just let us hope that he will help stop the Islamization of Europe, England, the Scandanavion countries and the U.S.A.
    I have lived in many countries, two of them in in Islam nation and I sure do not want to live that kind of life nor do I want that for my children and grandchildren.

  4. Dear Mimi,

    we are going after what Obama does, and that involves looking at his background. He was born a Muslim to a Muslim father and a white American, a Gramskian whore who converted to Islam, he went to a Muslim school in his formative years, and he surrounds himself with rabid America haters and ex-terrorists. Obama is a Marxist activist and a subversive element who will make America unrecognizable. The information is freely available on this blog and many others. We are not making it up.

    Here: http://www.faithfreedom.org/obama.html

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