Saudis deporting Somalis while we give them tea parties and welcome them to America

* From Refugee Resettlement Watch:

Saudi Arabia, uber rich home of Mecca—the epicenter of Islam, the Religion of Peace— is deporting Somali illegal aliens back to Somalia.    Yet we welcome them…

* Somali pirates free 19 captives

* Aircraft bombs Islamist stronghold in Somalia

* EU: No will to fight piracy

After all the fanfare about the launching of the Absalon and the commissioning of Task Force 150, it turns out that the Western Powers are not all that serious about deterring the Somali pirates. The Danes have just released a batch of pirates with a slap on the wrist. Actually, I don’t know if giving them a free ride home and taking away their AK-47s even rises to the level of a slap on the wrist. If this is all the West is going to do to deter pirates, then we are in trouble.

You’ll notice that this insanity is mandated by human rights considerations: we are required to ensure that the pirates are not returned to place where they might face torture or execution.

* Collective insanity!

I don’t often use this particular internet epithet, but for this story I will.   OMG!  Saudi Arabia is deporting Muslims.

Saudi Arabia, uber rich home of Mecca—the epicenter of Islam, the Religion of Peace— is deporting Somali illegal aliens back to Somalia.    Yet we welcome them to America!

We probably wouldn’t have ever heard this story except that a planeload of deportees from Saudi Arabia was recently refused landing at Mogadishu’s airport.

A plane from Saudi Arabia which was carrying Somalis who had been deported from that country is said to have been denied clearance to land at Hargeysa airport.

The plane is said to have tried to land at Mogadishu airport but aborted after being informed that Mogadishu airport was insecure. It then proceeded to Hargeysa to offload its human cargo. However, airport officials declined to have it land there forcing it to fly back to Saudi Arabia.

Reports say the plane was carrying Somalis who had been deported from Saudi Arabia and was told about the insecurity at the airport after it was established that it was carrying the Somali deportees.

Somali migrants in Saudi Arabia are usually deported back to the country soon after they are arrested by Saudi police.

Reports say Jeddah prisons are bursting at the seams with illegal Somali migrants who cannot be deported back to the country.

Remember the Somali illegal aliens who arrived in Malta and the US State Department gave them a tea party and a plane ticket to Colorado!


Somali pirates free 19 captives
Thursday, October 9, 2008

MANILA, Philippines: Pirates in Somalia have released 15 Filipino seamen and four other crewmen seized when a chemical tanker was hijacked nearly two months ago, but are still holding 67 other Filipino sailors, officials said Thursday.

A spokesman for the Foreign Affairs Department, Claro Cristobal, said the seamen from the MT Irene, operated by a Japanese company, were freed late Wednesday and were expected in Fujairah in the United Arab Emirates.

“All crew members are safe and sound despite the ordeal they have undergone,” he said.

The Philippines, one of the largest suppliers of crewmen in the international shipping industry, has been hit hard by a sharp increase in the number of Somali pirate attacks in the Gulf of Aden.

Four ships with 67 Filipino sailors remained in the hands of Somali pirates, including the MV Stella Maris, a Japanese-owned bulk carrier that was seized July 20, Cristobal said.

One Filipino sailor was killed when pirates in speed boats climbed aboard one of two Malaysian tankers last month, which have since been released.

The rise in piracy off Somali waters prompted Philippine Vice President Noli de Castro last month to call for added safeguards for Filipino sailors, including the option for them to disembark before entering “danger zones” such as the Gulf of Aden.

He also suggested higher hazard pay and improved insurance coverage for Filipino seamen, as well as military escorts for commercial vessels.

But any such added benefits would have to be negotiated between the government, recruiting agencies and shipowners


Aircraft bombs Islamist stronghold in Somalia

Reuters/By Mohamed Ahmed

An unidentified aircraft bombed an Islamist rebel stronghold in central Somalia on Thursday, witnesses said, but it was not immediately clear if there were any casualties.

U.S. forces have launched several airstrikes inside Somalia in recent months against al Shabaab insurgents who have been fighting Somalia’s weak Western-backed interim government and its Ethiopian military allies since the start of last year.

“A plane bombarded the outskirts of our village,” said Hassan Maalim in Goobgudud, 18 miles southwest of Baidoa. “The whole earth shook but we don’t know the damage or death it caused. It was flying over us since morning.”

The identity of the aircraft was unclear.

In May, U.S. war planes killed al Shabaab leader Aden Hashi Ayro, who was said to be al Qaeda’s top man in the country. That attack took place in Dusamareb, also in central Somalia.

Washington says al Shabaab has links to al Qaeda and says it has provided a safe haven for militants including the bombers of U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998.

Somalia-based al Qaeda operatives were also suspected in a suicide attack on Kenya’s coast in 2002 that killed 15 people at an Israeli-owned beach hotel.

Underlining growing insecurity in the capital Mogadishu, the children’s charity SOS said Thursday it was closing two schools there and evacuating four teachers who were detained by Somali security forces during a nearby gunbattle Tuesday.

“The teachers, Kenyans of Somali origin, are severely traumatized,” it said in a statement. “Both schools will be reopened when the situation is considered safe and our co-workers and students are no longer at risk.”

In a more positive sign, a Jubba Airways plane carrying 120 Somali deportees from Saudi Arabia landed without incident at the city’s international airport Thursday.

Last month, al Shabaab fighters threatened to shoot down any aircraft using the coastal airstrip, and fired mortar shells at an African Union military plane that touched down there.

The plane from Saudi Arabia was the first to land since then.

(Additional reporting by Abdi Sheikh in Mogadishu; Writing by Daniel Wallis; Editing by Matthew Tostevin)

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  1. Of course the US takes in these fine folk. Increasing mindless leftism says these people have the RIGHT to live free from persecution and it’s our OBLIGATION to provide safety to these folks. Just like they say welfare recipients are entitled to a house of their own that they otherwise can’t afford. Just look at the results of that wondeful entitlement in the finamcial news lately-it’s the same BS with taking on more Koranists. We save them from one another so that they may one day link up and destroy all of us.

  2. ‘these people have the RIGHT to live free from persecution’…after t hat they could Persecute us without Fear and felt uncomfortable.That’s right ….

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