UK: Conflating "Racism" & "Islamophobia"

* Because it works: 

Nobody wants to be called a racist in our intensely brainwashed, politically correct environment. Few question the motives of the accusers, and the absurd word-construct “Islamophobia”, according to Islamo-agit props, is “Anti-Muslim Racism”.

In our book an ‘Islamophobe’ is a person who knows too much about Islam.

Found on Bunglawussi Watch:

“Footballers support DVD campaign to combat Islamophobia”

SHOW Racism the Red Card will be launching their brand new DVD and education pack ‘Islamophobia’ at Newcastle United FC grounds.

The launch will tale place on Monday at St James’ Park with over 100 teachers, head teachers, council officials and voluntary sector workers who are interested in educating against Islamophobia.

* Sounds more like ‘interfaith dialogue’ and promotion of Islam than an anti-racism drive…/ed

The video has been produced by Autonomi in conjunction with Show Racism the Red Card and features professional footballers and managers including Thierry Henry, Mido, Ryan Giggs, Frederic Kanoute, Gareth Southgate and Niall Quinn speaking out on the issue alongside the personal experiences of young people.


The National Union of Teachers, Northern Rock Foundation, and Newcastle City Council Unity Programme have sponsored the work which will also include a programme of workshops on the subject delivered by Show Racism the Red Card into local secondary schools.


Throughout the day there will be key speeches from funders and experts; during the morning there will be a carousel of workshops which will educate about the resources, provide an opportunity to ask members of the Islamic Diversity Centre in Newcastle questions about Islam and hear the experiences of some local young people.

During the afternoon the film will be screened and there will be an opportunity to ask questions about the resource.


Many of the young people who feature on the DVD will be in attendance and will be presented with goody bags for their input.


Everyone who attends will receive a free copy of the DVD and education pack, which also includes an updated version of our ‘A Safe Place’ DVD, combating racism towards Asylum Seekers and refugees.

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  1. The UK is a strange place for instance the Polic have a BLACK police association and a MUSLIM Police Association and a Police Association. The first takes care of Blacks and Asians the second takes care of Muslims and the third takes care of EVERY Policeman. So you have a RACIST Black association a Religious BIGOTED Muslim Association and a NORMAL Association. So if you are a Black or Asian Muslim you have THREE Associations to take care of you and if you are Black or Asian but non Muslim you have TWO Associations to take care of you. But if you are a WHITE Christian, Hindu, Buddhist or atheist you only have ONE. But of course who is it who gets called all the names ? Yep you guessed it the poor underrepresented White of course.

  2. A picture of the highway sign to Mecca forbidding entry of non-Muslims comes to mind really fast!

  3. I’m sure soccer is unislamic … dial a fatwa … hold the line … hello? yes, here’s one:

    Soccer is forbidden, unless for the purpose of TRAINING FOR JIHAD …

    * Anti-Soccer Fatwas Led Saudi Soccer Players to Join the Jihad in Iraq

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