Yusuf rubs it: FAIR as CAIR can be…


 The slanderous and defamatory sharia advocate Yusuf Irfan, who just had to issue an apology to Dr Daniel Pipes for a smear-job in several papers where he falsely accused Dr Pipes of calling for a genocide against Muslims, continues to spread the same drivel in his latest blog entry here, only without naming Dr Pipes. But the unusually coy Yusuf also doesn’t  want to tell us who these ‘hate-mongering’ writers are whom he accuses of inciting genocide. Why not?  Why does Yusuf conveniently forget to mention  that the real hate-preachers are his Muhammedan co-religionists, for whom genocide and the wholesale slaughter of Jews and infidels is a ‘holy duty’ enshrined in the Koran and the hadith? 

“It will be interesting to see if the CIS and AIJAC will again invite writers who seem to regard genocide as an option for Europe and who openly promote the kind of fear-mongering and prejudice common across the Western world in the decades leading upto the Holocaust. It will also be interesting to see if the Department of Immigration & Citizenship will provide visas for hate-mongers to visit Australia on speaking tours, and whether the Australian government will provide funding for such tours.” 

Given the level of Muhammedan infiltration in  Australian Immigration offices one should not be surprised if OBL was given a visa and Ayaan Ali Hirsi refused. That’s the intention, isn’t it, Yusuf?

*  Looks like Yusuf’s apology was anything but sincere.  But what can you expect from a guy who lives with his mother and for whom lies and slander are as good as a curry-puff can be?

*  For good measure, here is the link to Yusuf’s insincere apology to Dr Pipes:

Irfan Yusuf Apologizes to Daniel Pipes.” September 17, 2008. Yusuf apologizes for writing in the Canberra Times that I stated that “Muslims thoroughly deserved” to be victims of a new Holocaust in Europe. Oct. 1, 2008 update: The same article also appeared in the New Zealand Herald and Yusuf today apologized a second time, for the calumny in that publication; see “Irfan Yusuf Apologizes Again to Daniel Pipes.”

 With childlike euphoria  Yusuf  sings the praises of the far Left organization known as Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting over this article here, where it issued a list of twelve “America’s Leading Islamophobes” (whom they term, with numbing predictability, “Islamophobia’s Dirty Dozen”). The list includes David Horowitz, Daniel Pipes, Michael Savage, Pat Robertson, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Mark Steyn, Steve Emerson, Michelle Malkin, Glenn Beck, Debbie Schlussel — and Robert Spencer. The organization ‘FAIR” (as in CAIR) uses Islamic propaganda at face value and parrots the same tired apologies. They could have used their time and resources to expose the deadly threat of jihad and sharia in the U.S. instead of trying to besmirch those who work tirelessly to warn the American people. What jerks!

* Winds of Jihad discovered this absurd piece of slander against anti-jihadists here:

*  Needless to mention that Yusuf is still licking his chops over Mark Steyn’s victory over the Islamo-sock puppets who tried to roast him and Maclean’s Magazine over Canada’s ridiculous ‘hate-speech’ laws:em>

*  Mark Steyn wins against Muhammedan sock puppets and Canuckistan’s perversion of ‘human rights’

* Keep on seething, Yusuf. Or just have another curry-puff. But don’t forget to flush!


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  1. “” It will also be interesting to see if the Department of Immigration & Citizenship will provide visas for hate-mongers to visit Australia on speaking tours, and whether the Australian government will provide funding for such tours.” “”

    I take that as a dig against Nick Griffin. Word on the street here is that he’s going to Australia on a speaking tour in December.

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