"Yusuf rubs it" update

* Embarrassed? Do these guys look like they’re “embarrassed?”

“When Indonesians smile or chuckle, it’s often out of embarrassment or shame. It’s possible Amrozi’s smile is of this kind. His words may be defiant but Amrozi knows millions of Indonesians are looking forward to his execution.”

*  posted by the vile and malevolent Irfan Yusuf on his blog ‘planet Irf’ to add insult to injury and to inflict maximum hurt on the  Bali victims and their families.

* Yusuf’s rant is at the bottom of the page, where it belongs:

* Little does it take to get the unhinged and hysterical Islamo-shyster Yusuf Irfan to spew fecal language and to engage in fantasies including urinating over his mother, which must be some kind of custom in Pakistan.  Or is it? Initiated Winds of Jihad readers are of course aware that  ‘sheik yer’mami’ means something very different from Yusuf’s interpretation, but then, we wouldn’t trust Irfan with his Koran interpretation either, would we? Yusuf also concerns himself about what he calls ‘dubious employment status’ of sheik yer’mami. Unfortunately for Yusuf; Sheik yer’mami has a history of employing people for more than 30 years and is not in need of emploment.  Thanks for your CV, Yusuf: don’t call us, we’ll call you!

Indeed:  who would trust a ranting sharia advocate like Yusuf from “planet Irf” to represent him in a court of law? Rumor has it that the amount of time Yusuf spends on blogs saps all his energy, which hardly leaves him time to slurp his mama’s curry in a hurry.  So once again our favorite Islamic psycho displays not only a severe case of hysteria, but also a fair bit of delusional projection.

Also, recently Yusuf seems to befuddle himself with the the idea that he is some kind of Jew; which, for him, is a rather bizarre endeavor. But nevertheless, he tries to establish a Semitic connection:

“Exposing the new anti-Semitism” – a pathetic puff piece by a far left organization called ‘FAIR’ that parrots unfiltered Islamo-propaganda.

Being of the Musulmanic faith, Yusuf is commanded to kill Jews if he wants to join Muhammad and the 72 houris. (ah yes, lest we forget: is it 24 boyz or 28, Yusuf?)

And being a product of the Punjab, one can safely assume that his poor parents,  the people he urinates on, are descendants of Hindus, who were at some time in history forcibly converted to islam by the soldiers of Allah. Unfortunately, Yusuf is unable to connect the dots, and being a Musulmanic pretend-Jew who smears and accuses infidels of wanting to genocide him has already got him into hot water with Dr Daniel Pipes. But Yusuf is undeterred, he wants to be the best smearcaster in the land, and he keeps trying.

*  Fortunately, quite a few people ‘get it’ and call his bluff: from one of his readers, Wilhelm Marr:

The linked article concerns arguments against Muslims.

You subsequently refer to the “smearing of a Semitic faith”.

What’s a “Semitic faith”? Unless I’m mistaken, it seems you are trying to suggest that attacks on Islamists equals anti-Semitism. A rather absurd claim. Particularly when, as I’ve noted, Islamists are the biggest anti-Semites in the business.

* Yusuf is about as ‘Semitic’ as an  Eskimo from Uganda!

Here’s Yusuf’s rant:

UPDATE I: Speaking of nonsense, a certain Queenslander of dubious employment status has posted this dissertation on “the level of Muhammedan infiltration in Australian Immigration offices”. But for true nuttiness, visit the top right-hand corner of the blog of Shukh Yer’mami (literally “urinate all over your mother”, which might explain what SY’s father was doing when SY was conceived) where, on October 9, the Shukh placed this imbecilic poll …

If Obama gets in, will he destroy Israel?

° Obama will destroy Israel & America
° Obama will destroy Pakistan
° Obama will nuke Mecca
° Obama will make the US Islamic
° Obama means peace in our time

The majority of voters support the first and fourth options. And if that isn’t crazy enough, read the Shukh’s defence of former Austrian Hitler-admirer Joerg Haider. Priceless!

* Educated people normally understand that the WoJ  polls are more often than not tongue in cheek;  but Yusuf doesn’t get it.  Haiders crime was that he wanted to stop the building of mosques in Carinthia and lock up criminal asylum fraudster’s.  That doesn’t make him a bad person, Yusuf. And yes, Haider was no friend of Jews either. But everybody hates Jews, don’t you?

* So what makes you better than Haider, Yusuf?