Captured Mumbai Terrorist: "I don't want to die.."

Azam Amir Kasav: Mumbai Terrorist Captured

Azam Amir Kasav is the only terrorist from the Mumbai terror attacks that survived. He was captured and has been interrogated, providing a great deal of information about the attacks. Read about it below and see a photo of Kasav.

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Azam Amir Kasav       

Azam Amir Kasav
aka: Mohammad Ajmal Mohammed Amin Kasab

Azam Amir Kasav, also known as Mohammad Ajmal Mohammed Amin Kasab, looked confident in the photo above. It was taken as he walked into the Mumbai train station (CST) with the intent of killing as many people as he could. He and his partner finished their business at the station and moved on to their next target, Girgaum Chowpatty. They were stopped and engaged in a gun fight by police. Azam killed assistant police inspector Tukaram Umbale before he was shot. His partner was shot and killed during the gun battle. Azam played dead and the bodies of both men were picked up to be transported to the hospital. At some point, the police realized that Azam was breathing.

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When the 21-year-old Azam arrived at the hospital he begged the medical staff there to help him. He told them that he didn’t want to die. It turned out that he was fluent in English and from from tehsil Gipalpura in Faridkot in Pakistan. He begged for his own life after indiscriminately taking the lives of whoever happened to be in the train station that morning.


After Azam’s bullet wound was treated, he was taken away by interrogators. Its reported that at first he was tight lipped, but it didn’t take long for intense questioning to loosen him up. Apparently, he has given investigators some vital information about the planning of the Mumbai attacks. He has told investigators that their plan was to blow up the Taj Hotel and they had enough explosives to do it. They wanted to create an Indian 9/11.

According to sources the young terrorist has given the investigators vital leads including how the chief planner of the Mumbai terror plot had come to the city a month ago, took picture and filmed strategic locations and trained their group and instructed them to “kill till the last breath.” Every man was given six to seven magazines with fifty bullets each, eight hand grenades per terrorist with one AK-57 , an automatic loading revolver and a supply of dry fruits.

Azam reportedly disclosed that the group left Karachi in one boat and upon reaching Gujarat they hoisted a white flag on their boat and were intercepted by two officers of the coast guard near Porbandar and while they were being questioned one of the terrorists grappled with one of the officers slit his throat and threw the body in the boat. The other officer was told to help the group reach Mumbai. When they were four nautical miles away from Mumbai there were three speedboats waiting for them where the other coastguard officer was killed. All the ammo was then shifted into these three spedboats they reached Colaba jetty on Wednesday night and the ten men broke up into groups of two each. Four of these men went to the Taj Mahal hotel, two of them to the Trident hotel, two towards Nariman House at Colaba and two of which Azam was one moved to CST.

Azam, who was at Nair hospital for nearly four hours, was taken away by the intelligence agencies in the early hours of Thursday to an unknown location after the hospital authorities had removed the bullet from his hand and declared that his condition stable. But it seems the police grilling was so intense that before he left the hospital for an undisclosed location he pleaded with the police and the medical staff to kill him. “Now , I don’t want to live,” he said.

Its a good thing the Indian authorities are questioning him rather than Americans. If we were in charge of interrogation, we’d still be feeding him and making sure he had a wii and plasma television at his disposal.

Scene of Unimaginable Carnage Inside Taj Majal Hotel


The scene Saturday night inside the Taj Majal hotel was one of unimaginable carnage in the immediate aftermath of the terrorist onslaught across Mumbai.

Two Indian commandos told FOX News that 150 bodies still were inside the hotel, and dead victims were found all over the hotel, on all five floors.

The terrorists used incendiary bombs, or grenades thrown on gas or fuel canisters, indicating they had access to the Taj hotel in advance, though the Taj Majal hotel denies any staffers were involved.

PHOTO ESSAY: (WARNING: Graphic Images)

The rampage on 10 different sites in India’s financial capital began late Wednesday night, and it didn’t draw to a close until Saturday morning with the terrorists’ final standoff at the Taj Majal.

The last two terrorists were taken out on the first floor. Indian forces threw grenades at them from four different directions and then shot and killed them.

The reason the siege at the hotel took so long to end, Indian commandos say, was that they didn’t know how many terrorists were inside.

The commandos also said they were surprised at how much ammunition the terrorists had. There still was a lot left, even after the attack.

“Terrorists are far more advanced today. We didn’t realize that they had satellite phones for communication or that they would be so advanced and use incendiary bombs,” one commando said. The siege was particularly troubling because “they didn’t spare women or children.”

FOX News’ Reena Ninan contributed to this report.