Welcome to KRuddistan!

Andrew Bolt

Muslims who pass through Muslim countries on the way to Australia are not migrants, they are not refugees, and they are not asylum seekers: they are invaders. Only instant repatriation will keep us safe from this onslaught. 

Gee, it doesn’t take long for the people smugglers to smell weakness:

INDONESIAN and Australian police have stopped 14 boats laden with asylum seekers from travelling to Australia this year, including at least three in the past six weeks, as people-smuggling accelerates across the archipelago.

Four boats have made it to Australia, including one that arrived near Western Australia’s Shark Bay on Thursday, carrying 12 Sri Lankans.

The …  data also point to a spike in asylum seekers trying to come to Australia, a politically sensitive issue for the Rudd Government.

The Government this year softened its policy towards illegal immigrants and has allowed the navy — which intercepts the boats — to effectively stand down for two months over Christmas due to a manpower shortage.

This was on the cards.

Another Winds of Jihad article Welcome to Kruddistan! appeared here earlier

* Those who voted for the ‘caring Labor government’ should not be surprised that the floodgates are open again. Here, just like in EUrabia, the Socialists seek to replace the natives with a Muhammedan proletariat to establish a Socialist Utopia.

4 thoughts on “Welcome to KRuddistan!”

  1. Yikes..don’t let the Kennedy/Pelosi/Clinton/Obama crowd see this…they’ll want some boatloads here!

  2. At long last Andrew Bolt has had the guts to call it the way most thinking people have always understood it to mean.

    The last thing this country needs is more delusional and manipulative Muslims from anywhere spreadng their evil and violent mantras courtesy of that damnable book the Koran.

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