CNN Disinformation Watch

News from the Eretz crossing:

Can’t avoid it.  Every once in a while I get myself a dose of CNN, which has long given up any pretense to be a (unbiased)  news channel. Most of CNN’s advertising comes from the Emirates and to please their sheiky masters, CNN’s anti-Israel propaganda is often worse than the Arab Jew hatred they promote so well on Al Jizzeera.

Today I happened to watch a Paula Hancocks, a rather young Journo who was reporting from the Eretz crossing. She whined on and on about how little in aid gets though, that the 10 trucks Israel is allowing through is just a drop on a hot stone, that no reporters are allowed to go into Gaza (why not, what could go wrong?)  and finally, that all of this happened because the “Pals are shooting Kassam rockets at Israeli tanks towns”… (correction: she did say ‘towns’/ed)

Dear Paula, please, please do go to Gaza. Please! Why not? What could go wrong?

* We have a video, here

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