Egypt: Muslims oppose Coptic church gathering, shout "We're going to knock down the church"

*  In an article in the Australian by Richard Kerbaj from 21 July 2008 one of the nation’s most senior Muslim leaders, Ameer Ali whined that the former Howard government was “anti-Islam” for trying to replace the corrupt Muslim officials at Australian embassies in Islamic countries who prevent oppressed Christians from migrating to these shores.  So according to the slick Ameer Ali, Christians are not discriminated in Egypt, the constant attacks on the Copts are not happening,  because Ameer Ali says`I’ve heard the allegations of Christian refugees not getting a fair treatment in the Middle East, but they are not true.”  Yep. And Bin Laden had nothing to do with 9’11 and BLiar did 7/7 and…….


Rioting into the night

While professing “loyalty to Islam” (e.g., cries of Allah Akbar, no doubt). “Muslims riot over plans for Christian church in Cairo,” from the Daily Mail, November 24 (thanks to DW):

A riot broke out over plans to convert a building in a Cairo suburb into a Christian church on Sunday. 

Muslims and Christians clashed in Mataria after worshippers arrived for a service at the site of the planned church.[…]

Police in Mataria intervened when large numbers of Muslims and Christians faced off over a building which the Christians want to convert into a church. The police then clashed mainly with the Muslim side, they said.

Indication of which “side” was being the aggressor.

In both cases people threw stones and bottles at the police. Two of the policemen were injured in Aswan and two in Cairo, and the protesters damaged shop fronts in both places, they said. 

In the incident in Mataria, the confrontation between Muslims and Christians was the culmination of a long-running dispute over the plan to build a church there.

Residents said Christians had come from other parts of the city for the Sunday service at the building, which is not licensed as a church, and Muslims opposed to a church gathered against them. Some chanted: ‘We’re going to knock down the church’ and shouted slogans of loyalty to Islam, witnesses said.

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