Fooled again: did you know Al BeBeeCeera's "kidnap victim" Alan Johnston was a Muzz?

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Another scandal:

* To put it mildly: Johnston’s Hamas propaganda was as revolting as his Jew hatred, and his kidnap story fake.  Now its confirmed that this son of a whore was in the enemy camp all along, but he neverteheless gets awards and recognition from Britain’s dhimmi government. Why?

* The BBC kept it secret at the time…

MP, boxing champion, BBC correspondent among Muslim award winners

Shiva comments:

Johnston is regarded by the BBC as a respected, experienced journalist, and due to his local knowledge, he was someone other journalists would turn to for information when in Gaza. Prior to being kidnapped however, Johnston was not well known to the general public.

What was not known to the general public was that he just happened to be a muslim.
Prior to his kidnapping,  there was a policy not to negotiate with Hamas. The BBC turned up the full volume, and really gave the world their BBC/Palliwood charade nonstop air time , thus giving the government an excuse to get all cuddly and negotiate with Hamas

I always felt there was some very wrong with the whole affair, and it was this article that puts everything into perspective.


British ministers and political leaders extolled Muslim achievements in the UK at the annual ceremony for the latest The Muslim News Awards for Excellence in London on Tuesday. 

Among the winners were Sadiq Khan MP, Minister in the Government Whip’s Office, Amir Khan, the IBF inter-continental and Commonwealth Lightweight Boxing Champion and BBC correspondent Alan Johnston, who was detained in Gaza for nearly four months last year. 

“These awards celebrate the achievements of British Muslims in all walks of life. They identify Muslim achievers and highlight the wonderful contribution that British Muslims make,” Prime Minister Gordon Brown said. 

“Equally importantly, they challenge the stereotypes and negative 
portrayal of Muslims in many parts of the media. They provide us with role models we can all be proud of,” the Prime Minister said in a video message to the annual ceremony in London on Tuesday night. 

The awards are classified in 16 different categories of 
Muslim achievements, and other winners included actor Rizwan Ahmed, 12-year old Qur’an reciter Muhammad Ayyub Asif, Islamic mobile downloader MyAdhan, 

Recognised for various achievements in the medical world were neuropathologist Afia B Ali, paediatrician Professor Robert Booy, obstetrician Fatima Asma Husain and forensic psychologist Zainab al-Attar. 

Winners also included scholar of Islamic jurisprudence and traditions of the Prophet, Mohammed Akram Nadwi, chair of Muslim Council for Religious and Racial Harmony Imam Abduljalil Sajid, university governor Jafar Miza and community lecturer in community engagement Yaser Mir. 

Other winners included the National Union of Students Black Students’ Officer, Ruqayyah Collector, halal-certified skin care range Saaf Pure Skincare. 

“Britain simply wouldn’t be the same without the achievements of Muslim entrepreneurs, doctors, teachers, writers, artists and sportsmen and women,” said Brown, who was guest of honour at the Muslim News Awards in 2005. 

In a keynote speech at the ceremony, Foreign Secretary David Miliband said the event was a “showcase” of the key role that British Muslims play in UK life in a wide range of professions and fields. 

“By celebrating the many contributions of those that represent the best of Britain we can inspire others and also show that we are a nation in which British Muslims are an integral part of our society in politics, business and social life,” Miliband said. 

Welcoming the over 800 guests from diverse Muslim and non-Muslim communities, Ahmed J Versi, Editor of The Muslim News said: “The Awards celebrate the enormous contributions made to British society by hundreds of individuals and organisations. The Muslim News Awards has provides a steady stream of good news, repudiating stereotypes. For the past eight years we have been telling not just good stories, but excellent ones.” 

“The Muslim News Awards recognises the achievements of unsung heroes and heroines. These awards are to honour those who make this country a beacon for others to emulate,” Versi said. 

Conservative Leader, David Cameron, sent his best wishes to everyone attending the annual The Muslim News Awards. “These Awards have gone from strength to strength over the last eight years. This is testament both to The Muslim News and the organisers of the awards, and to the huge contribution which Muslim people make to British society,” he said. (spit/ed)

“These awards play a vital role in sending out the message that the Muslim community in Britain make a highly valuable contribution to public life in a range of areas,” the Leader of the Liberal Democrats, Nick Clegg said. The event “serves an excellent role in providing Muslims across Britain with role models that that can inspire them” and at the same time “demonstrates that in modern Britain Muslims can, and do, thrive in the widest possible spectrum of contemporary life,” he said in his message. 

The Muslim News editor Ahmed Versi welcomed all the over 800 guests attending the 8th annual awards. 

The Muslim News Awards for Excellence 2008 

Award presenters 2008 – and Sponsors – and Winners 

1. Presented by: David Miliband, Foreign Secretary 

Award: Allama Iqbal Award 

Winner: Dr Mohammed Akram Nadwi 

2. Presented by: S. L. Hassanain, Chairperson of Muslim Hands 

Award: Sankore University Award – Education 

Winner: Jafar Mirza 

Sponsored by Muslim Hands 

3. Presented by: Hazel Blears, MP, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government 

Award: Uthman Dan Fodio Award – Community Development 

Winner: Yaser Mir 

Sponsored by the Department of Communities and Local Government 

4. Presented by: Boris Johnson, MP, Mayoral Candidate and Former Shadow Minister for Higher Education 

Award: Alhambra Award – Arts 

Winner: Rizwan Ahmed 

5. Presented by: Trevor Phillips, Chairperson of the Commission for Equalities and Human Rights

Award: Imams Hasan and Husayn Children’s Award 

Winner: Mohammed Ayyub Asif 

Sponsored by the Commission for Equalities and Human Rights 

6. Presented by: Dr Vincent Cable MP, Lib Dem Deputy Leader & Shadow Chancellor 

Award: Ibn Battuta Award 

Winner: Alan Johnston 

7. Presented by: Peter Lewis, Chief Executive for the Crown Prosecution Service 

Award: Alija Izetbegovic Award – Good Citizenship 

Winner: Sadiq Khan, MP 

Sponsored by the Crown Prosecution Service 

8. Presented by: Mohamed Rafique Bhojani, Director/CEO Pharmaco 

Award: Ibn Sina Award – Health 

Winner: Dr Fatima Asma Husain 

Sponsored by Pharmaco 

9. Presented by: Sister Helen Ryan, Trustee, Citizen Organising Foundation 

Award: Al Biruni Award – Community Relations 

Winner: Maqsood Ahmed 

Sponsored by the Citizens Organising Foundation 

10. Presented by: Jahangir Malik, UK Manager Islamic Relief 

Award: Malcolm X Award – Youth 

Winner: Ms Ruqayyah Collector 

Sponsored by the Islamic Relief 

11. Presenter: Ayfer Orhan, Chair of the panel of judges 

Award: Ibn Khaldun Award 

Winner: Dr Abuljalil Sajid 

Sponsored by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office 

12. Presented by: Dr Muhammad Abdul Bari, Secretary General, Muslim Council of Britain 

Award: Annemarie Schimmel Award – Championing a Muslim Cause 

Winner: Professor Robert Booy 

12. Presented by: Rt Hon William Hague MP, Shadow Foreign Secretary 

Award: Ummul Mu’min Khadijah Award 

Winner: Joint Winners 


Saaf International Ltd 

14. Presented by: Brian Paddick, Liberal Democrat Mayoral Candidate and Former Deputy Assistant Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police 

Award: Fazlur Rahman Khan Award – Science 

Winner: Dr Afia B Ali 

Sponsored by the Ministry of Defence 

15. Presented by: This award will not be presented, a video clip of the winner will be shown. 

Award: Faezeh Hashemi Award – Sports 

Winner: Amir Khan 

16. Presented by: Sabira Kanji, Financial Director for SSAScot Ltd. And People 1st. 

Award: Iman wa Amal Special Award 

Winner: Dr Zainab Al-Attar 

Full list of the shortlisted people is on our website: 

For further information contact us on 020 8863 8586 or 077 68 241 325. Please acknowledge The Muslim Newswhen using the press release

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  1. I called the number, left a uhum nice uhum message, told them sent me.

    that is why you highlighted the phone number right?

  2. And just imagine how much better Britain would be without the taxpayer funded Dhimmi, Anti American, Anti Christian, Anti Israeli pro Gay propagandising AL BBC.

  3. I am shocked to read this about the lying Alan Johnston but not shocked at the BBC as they lie and deceive the British public constantly.

  4. Johnston and the BBC are a disgrace. Johnston should be jailed for his disgraceful lying and the BBC should be shut down.

  5. er… hang on… Johnston is a twat, but he isn’t a muzzi and you’d have to be a bit thick to infer that from the muslimnews article.

    Don’t get me wrong, he’s on their side but he isn’t a muzzi just a fellow traveller…

  6. You are welcome to read the article again.

    “These awards celebrate the achievements of British Muslims in all walks of life. They identify Muslim achievers and highlight the wonderful contribution that British Muslims make,” Prime Minister Gordon Brown said.

  7. Sean is a dumb troll – sad state of education when they can`t understand simple things.
    In Pratchett`s books, the trolls get real dumb when it gets hot.

  8. BL@KBIRD, Britain and the rest of Europe are a shithole now because of Muslims being everywhere and taking over Europe! They unsuccessfully tried to conquer Europe by military force before, but now they are taking it by stealth.

    When I go to visit my native Germany (I have lived in Canada for 30 years) I am shocked by the difference. My native city used to be clean and safe. Now there is litter and graffiti everywhere, and the parts of the city that Muslims have taken over completely look like a garbage heap. Extra police stations had to be built on the subway platforms in those parts of the city, as otherwise people would be assaulted who got off the train. It is disgusting. They have no respect for the countries that have let them in.

    They think wherever they go, their host countries have to change their rules and laws to suit them, just living by the laws our people have lived by for centuries is not good enough for them, they need special and preferential treatment.

    I say, if you don’t like our rules and our laws, stay where you are!

    As for people from free countries becoming Muslims, that just shows how ignorant these people must be about what the Koran really teaches. Otherwise they should see that Islam makes people into hateful, narrowminded people, who have no tolerance for differences.

  9. Hmmm… I’m not known for being what you’d call down with al-Beeb OR Islam, but I don’t think this story necessarily proves Jihad Johnston is actually a carpet muncher.

    Have the possibilities that:

    a) They decided to make an ‘exceptional’ award to a non-Muslim? His name would raise their profile and it would also make them look more ‘inclusive’ to the stupid kuffar (see also: Taqiyya & Samosas at your local mosque)

    b) Al-Johnston got a bout of Stockholm ‘flu and converted when he got home, a la Yvonne al-Ridley

    ..been excluded?

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