Malaysia Tells Dhimmies To Get With The Program, Or Else…

Non-Muslim groups advised not to question their second class status

The Islamic Develop-ment Department (Jakim) has told non-Muslim groups to stop interfering in the implementation of Syariah laws such as the National Fatwa Council’s edict on tomboys.

Modern, “moderate” Malaysia

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And grandson of the Muslim Brotherhood’s founder, also known as master of “double-speak,” Tariq Ramadan, finds this “fair.”


Berita Harian quoted its director-general Datuk Wan Mohamad Sheikh Abdul Aziz as saying that the edict was issued to guide Muslims and save the younger generation from indulging in forbidden acts.

“Them questioning the council’s edict, calling it unfair and discriminatory go against the rights of Muslims,” he said when commenting on protesters who denounced the edict against tomboys, claiming that Muslim women should have the right of expression and dressing.

Wan Mohamed said the edict was issued in the interest of Muslims, and not the personal interests of certain groups.

“We advise those who denounce the edict to refer to their religious leaders on the issue and other matters and not look down on resolutions made by a religious body that they are not part of,” he said.


Malaysian judge: No need for non-Muslims to be alarmed over talk of merging Islamic and civil law

Of course not. What could possibly go wrong?

An update on this story. “Syariah judge: Fears among non-Muslims unwarranted,” from The Star, November 19:

PUTRAJAYA, MALAYSIA: Islam will not discriminate against any race or religion even if the common law and the Syariah courts are to merge as suggested by a former Chief Justice.

Syariah Court Judge and Syariah Judicial Department director-general Datuk Ibrahim Lembut said such fears among non-Muslims were unwarranted.

“Islam will defend everybody. The impression that merging the two court systems will override the rights of the non-Muslims is wrong,” he said.

It’s just a question of what your rights actually are.

“Syariah laws and Islam will think of every religion and race,” he told reporters after attending the International Seminar on Comparative Law at Marriott Hotel here yesterday.

“However, we still have a long way to go before we can merge the two court systems although we have held talks between civil and Syariah lawyers on the possibility of harmonising the laws,” he said, adding that Attorney-General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail had also given his views on the matter during the meeting.

Ibrahim said some civil lawyers attending such talks had refused to even consider harmonising the laws between the two systems.

He was commenting on a statement by MCA legal bureau chairman Datuk Leong Tang Chong that any merger would subject non-Muslims to Syariah jurisdiction on all legal matters, including inter-faith cases relating to marriage and divorce.

On Nov 6, retired Chief Justice Tun Abdul Hamid Mohamad said he foresaw that the combination of the two courts would harmonise common law and Syariah law principles in dealing with issues of conflicting laws and jurisdiction during his lecture at the Harvard Law School in the United States.

Earlier, Chief Justice Tan Sri Zaki Tun Azmi, in his speech, had said that the concept of comparative laws was important in the Malaysian context.

This was because Islamic law was important as its presence had become increasingly significant in a dual legal system and that the judiciary would find a midway solution to satisfy both the civil and Syariah legal systems, he said.

“We will try not to cause conflict and will find an amicable understanding,” he said.

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  1. If the dhimmis left Malaysia it would resemble Gaza for prosperity in no time. Those dhimmis are the main reason why that place is in better shape than most of the ummah.

  2. Exactly Appalled By The World. Islamic dominated nation means the death of any prosperous culture, economic system…UNLESS they have such a pure profit natural resource, like oil, that the civilized world is addicted to. That is the only thing that has saved the Islamic world from utter poverty & backwardness.

    Even at that, for a great example to how Islam effects a culture, even with abundance of money, is do a case study on Saudi Arabia…the very center of the Islamic Caliphate. The house of Saud has sought to make the Nation the most technologically advanced on the planet, yet while applying 7th century barbaric social order. Its a rotting cesspool trapped by it’s own vices. The first story I ever read about a in depth view from within the Nation was actually in National Geographic magazine…and they even saw the horrors of a time bomb waiting to explode! I imagine it was even worse than they stated.

  3. The wealth of Malaysia is generated by the 40% of its Non Muslim population who are Chnese, Indian and European. This despite them being saddled with the Dhimmi Bumiputera Laws which give Muslims advantages in everything from property ownership , education and business ownership. Did you know apart from getting University places WITHOUT full academic qualifications Muslims are also given a default grading which is the PASS mark. Malaysia also hosts madrassas which train and funnel Muslims from surrounding countries to terrorist training camps and also hosts, protects and supports terrosrist groups who are active in Thailand killing Buddhists and in the Philippines killing Chritaians and of course in Indonesia killing Europeans and fellow Muslims. Malaysia is the PAKISTAN of S.E Asia.

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