More about Obama and his illegal Kenyan auntie on welfare (who donates to his campaign)

Obama’s illegal alien aunt (and campaign donor!) is a deportation fugitive; Bush administration moves to protect her By Michelle Malkin

Turns out Aunti Zeituni Onyango, one of Democrat presidential candidate Barack Obama’s many relatives made famous in his memoir, is an illegal alien. And not just a run-of-the-mill illegal alien on welfare.

She’s one of the hundreds of thousands of deportation fugitives — absconders – whom I’ve been reporting on for the past six years. After 9/11, the government vowed to crack down on absconders. They’ve failed abysmally.

Lucky for Aunti, both presidential candidates support shamnesty in one form or another.

Obama’s Aunt Found in Slum

This Ace of Spades commenter sums it all up: “Obama’s aunt is here ILLEGALLY living in poverty, and is a deportation FUGITIVE. She’s collecting WELFARE and has DONATED to Obama’s campaign, ILLEGALLY! Obama. Family in poverty as he makes millions. Complete lawlessness. Giveaway your hard earned tax payer money to illegal fugitives. CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN.”

* Victor Davis Hanson: The End of Journalism


…Ramzi Yousef landed at New York City’s JFK airport from Pakistan and flashed an Iraqi passport without a visa to inspectors. He was briefly detained for illegal entry and fingerprinted, but was allowed to remain in the country after invoking the magic words “political asylum.” The then-INS released him because it didn’t have enough space in its detention facility. Yousef headed to Jersey City to plot the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

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  1. The sadness of all this is that this has become politicized to the extent of being a rigtwing axjob! Is Tito legal? Who knows?

    Hannity reported on this same relative giving the impression to his audience she was someone who was ‘legal’ but living in poverty when in fact he gave 1/2 the story as if Obama knew she was in the US and ignoring her!

    I am sure the Obama camp could have persued the same personal family attacks against McCain but he refused to go to that level of discourse when the economy.
    How would it reflect on Obama if he pursued the alleged drug abuse crack hoe wife of John McCain (1/2 truth since she was a drug abuser!), or the falling out of his 1st wife or his womanizing, or something unrelated to the actual running of the country!

    Let he whi is without sin throw the first stone!
    god bless america

  2. “I am sure the Obama camp could have persued the same personal family attacks against McCain but he refused to go to that level of discourse when the economy.”

    And the “Obama camp” has gone after McCain & Palin, the Obama watchdogs have attacked any angle they could find…so poor little Hussein cannot stand up to the same spotlight? Obama was the crack whore himself back in the day, so it was probably a good thing they didn’t overtly chase that story.

    Edouard you exemplify the double standard in the media with that attitude. The bias against McCain/Palin for Obama/Biden in the MSM has been tallied 57% to 39% in positive to negative “reporting”.

    McCain/Palin only receiving 39% positive coverage to 61% negative…and you whine over Barrack Hussein Obama.

    Nothing new.

  3. I is marvelous to see how a lynching takes process live, so now the right wing will not vote for Obama because of his aunt, right?
    well what about not voting for Mccain because of his junkie wife? at least she had an option not to break the law, although she did! and what about the adultery committed by Mccain? that was morally wrong too!.
    Now a person that perhaps needed protection from the carnage in her country and had to come to the US requesting asylum, s placed in the spotlight by the lynching mob, even that is very possible She did not have any option…
    It just shows that Obama has more character than Mccain, He did not intervene using his position as senator to break the law…

  4. “The Mcain camp would accuse me of being communist because I shared my jelly sandwich when I was in grade school”…Barack Obama
    This story reminds me a little bit of Carol Mosely Braun, Illinois’ first black senator, whose own mother was living a housing project collecting welfare, while ol’ Carol was raking in over $600,000/year. She was tossed out of office for corruption.
    Obama’s half brother living in a junkyard in Kenya, living off of 1$ a month, and his “Dear Auntie” here collecting the wlfare as an illegal. Where is their JELLY SANDWICH?
    All this from a clown who had the audacity to say “I am my brother’s keeper”.
    I suggest B.O. go out and buy some loaves of bread, some jars of jelly, a butter knife, and start making sandwiches very fast!
    And to that idiot complaining about Cindy Mcain’s addiction to pain pills…. would you have rather she bought weed and cocaine from organized crime as Barack did?

  5. ” a person that perhaps needed protection from the carnage in her country and had to come to the US requesting asylum, s placed in the spotlight by the lynching mob, even that is very possible She did not have any…”

    From a very disagreeable poster above.

    The last time we checked there was no ‘carnage’ going on in Kenya. For that reason nobody from that country is (or was) eligible for asylum.

  6. So McCain’s wife is is a “crack hoe” but seff-admitted crack user Barry Obama was a victim of his surroundings. Wasn’t selling crack his first attempt to spread the wealth among his friends and neighbors? At least crack heads appear to be consistant about spreading happiness and how much it will cost us.

  7. This just tears it. Mr. “Spread the Wealth” hasn’t been spreading any to illegal alien auntie. She’s displaced an American in public housing and given money illegally to The One’s campaign.

    Obama claims not to have known. He doesn’t seem to know much about anyone in his life.

    I am finally disgusted with Obama beyond return. Good thing I didn’t vote early. I might have voted for him.

  8. This has gone on to far on both sides. it seems that the people of this great country have forgotten what this is all about. I see more racism and discrimination coming out more and more. both sides have done wrong and good. why can’t we just focus on what is at hand. our country is totally going to hell in a hand basket. it doesn’t matter to me who wins as long as they straighten out the mess that Bush has placed us in. you guys calling Obama a Muslim because of his name. did you have a problem with muslims before the war? my guess is hell Noooooo. what is the difference if Obama bought his drugs off the street or that Cindy got her’s through a prescription they both had problems. you have no thoughts of your own. and now it has turned into a racist campaign. do you think it is not eating McCain up that he might loose the run at the White House to Black man? well it is,and it is really affecting the public as well. who said that the only people that can run this country is a white man? nobody. why are people so afraid of change. this crap needs to stop,we say we are the greatest country in the world but we treat people like crap because of the color of an individual’s skin. I say why shouldn’t we have a black man as president of the United States,hell it was a black man that designed it so why not have black man live in it.

  9. Wake up! Obamabots. Calm down and do your research. Barak Obama has no business being involved in American politics. He really should consider backing down before everyone discovers the truth about him and should start over with his Auntie by going through the American legal system correctly starting with his own citizenship legitimacy. If he cannot figure this out. He should take his brilliant socialest ideas handed down from his mother and father and join-up with his comrade Raila Odinga. Raila’s already in the door fighting against pro-American policy and it only cost 1500 + lives to get his way. You know if Barak is not elected he will call for upheaval like Raila did. Do we really want to subject our country and fellow Americans to the horrors of Communism. We put up with this horsepucky in the 60’s and guess what we built the strongest country in the world without their help. Love it – Or leave it. McCain/Palin 2008 = Tried & True

  10. Some tired crap you’re posting here, Tired!

    Obama is a Marxist Muslim not because of his name, but because HE IS! Its not about racism, but about redistribution, a classic Marxist concept. Besides, Islam declared war on the world 1400 years ago, and if you had the slightest clue about American history you would have learned something about Thomas Jefferson and the Barbary pirates.

  11. I, for one, don’t mind if BO shares his sandwich. I just don’t want the teacher telling him to share his sandwich and the friend feeling like he has a right to take half of BO’s sandwich. I don’t want the teacher and the free loader giving poor BO a lecture on how he should actually share more than half his sandwich even though he’s been feeding the free loader with half his sandwich all year. I don’t want the free loader to take poor BO’s half sandwich, take a bite and then complain it doesn’t taste as good as some of the other sandwiches the other kids get while he throws it in the wastebasket. I don’t want the teacher and the free loader telling poor BO to deliver more newspapers so he can make more money, so he can buy better peanut butter for his sandwich so the free loader and the teacher will be happier. Poor BO, now he knows how the rest of us feel.

  12. Obama…what an incredible phony!…he just keeps showing this over and over…I’m not even voting this time around…I don’t have a candidate now

  13. Edouard, alexis007, your scheduled dosage of koolaid is due.

    TROLLS are lurking and posting everywhere these days.

    Internal polls not so great for the TheONeHUSSEINObamamessiah.



  14. Dear Kevin,
    You must not let your discouragement stop you from exercising your hard-earned privilege to vote. I say hard-earned because too many soldiers are fighting/ fought long and hard for many years,some sacrificing their own lives, so that we could study up on the candidates and make an intelligent choice. Please do make an INTELLIGENT choice. Too many are being led to the voting machines and have no idea why they are voting, except someone told them to vote for so and so. That is not what our great country is all about.
    I certainly have spent hours reading about the past accomplishments or lack of same for each of the candidates. Also, I read about them on non-political sites to see what they have said in the past about issues which concern me and the future of this nation.
    The flies swarming around a candidate would not be there if there were no rotting garbage underneath. Don’t let them “steal” your vote by pretending it is all a mistake.
    Nobody forced these candidates to run for office, so their lives should be open books. Each and every detail of their past history should be available to any citizen who wishes to view it.
    Racism should not play into the decision either, just because a person does or does not have color in their skin does not make up for lack of common sense.

  15. I’ve seen many comments that insinuate someone else is racist or a hater because they state that he has Muslim ties, that he was Muslim or is Muslim. Apparently the complainers have a problem with Muslims. That doesn’t sound very open minded or progressive to me.

  16. You know what I find funny is that everybody tries to change other folks view on how things are done. I agree the only reason his Aunt came up in the news is because of who she was related to. And yes there are other people out there doing the same thing. But crime is crime is it not? Thats why we have laws. When people violate them they must pay for the crime. Yes our system is broke and right now until it gets fixed its all we have so we got to use it. Eye witness testimony has proven very unreliable in lots of rape cases as we have seen several convictions thrown out due to DNA, but does that mean we stop prosecuting the cases because that may be the only evidence there is? I don’t really care that B.O. is but what I do care about is listening to people say “finally payback”… I m very saddened by the attitude of many people in America today. But I still stand on Freedoms Frontier making sure you have the right to vote even if I don’t agree with who. He may turn out to be a great president but only time will tell. And promises didn’t the Dems make a lot of promises when they won the House several years back and oh yeah they haven’t delivered…

  17. It is truly a shame to see anyone selling our nation down the road. This business of sheltering this interloper is atrocious.Instead of rewarding her for overstaying here and attempting to naturalizer her in the dark of night,our true statesmen should be leading in the call for her to be sent back to her homeland and those who have been responsible for harboring her should be punished as well.

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