UK: the SUN misunderstands Islam

Qur’an:9:112 “The Believers fight in Allah’s Cause, they slay and are slain, kill and are killed.” 

* Incomprehension and unbelief in the tabloid press? Ignorance and a refusal to learn anything at all  about Islam? Perhaps that’s why the BLiars and the Brown’s and the Straw’s are forever deluded because they just can’t believe what can’t be. Or, in the words of the pathetic Straw: “the alternative would be too horrible to contemplate…”



* UK report identifies jihadist enclaves within country

* Irfan in court charged with murder of Burton pensioner

ABOVE: Omar Bakri booted out of Britain

By Tom Savage

BANNED hate cleric Omar Bakri told Brit Muslims they must “fight and die for Islam” as he dodged the law to preach his warped views in the UK.

*  Its not Omar Bakri’s “warped views”- its in the immutable Koran. Its what Islam teaches./ed


Bakri, who was booted out of Britain after calling for the West’s downfall, addressed a meeting of young Muslims via a videolink from his Lebanon bolthole.
The revelation comes days after Home Secretary Jacqui Smith named and shamed foreign preachers who were barred from the UK.
But Bakri, who is on the list, sidestepped the law by not appearing at the east London meeting in person.
Instead he was announced as “a special surprise, a special treat”, beamed live on to a telly screen.
He was introduced to the crowd by his UK spokesman Anjem Choudary,  the former head of banned fanatics group al-Muhajiroun.
Choudary, who had booked the council-run room in Tower Hamlets for the event, told the gathering that taking over the UK was their “duty”.
He said: “It is our religious obligation to prepare ourselves both physically and mentally and rise up against Muslim oppression and take what is rightfully ours.
“We will not rest until the flag of Allah and the flag of Islam is raised above 10 Downing Street.”
He said there were only two types of proper Muslims – those in jail and those who would shortly be in jail.
He added: “We need to submit to the will of Allah.”
As the crowd of 250 Muslims chanted pro-Allah phrases, Choudary tried to link up to Bakri, 50, by video link.
The technology failed and only Bakri’s voice could be heard but his message of hate was unaffected.
He raged: “Do not obey British law. We must fight and die for Islam.”
He also praised Osama bin Laden for being a “warrior” and told the crowd to ignore man-made rules.
The police and Home Office said they were unsure if laws had been broken by allowing Bakri to address the four-hour meeting. And they could not confirm if Choudary, 41, who rents the room for £78 an hour for his new group Islam For The UK, was being investigated for his own words.
A Home Office spokesman said: “The UK is determined to stop those who spread extremism through preaching violent messages in our communities. It is for the police and Crown Prosecution Service to investigate any breach of the law.”
Choudary denied his plea to “rise up” was inciting violence. 
He said: “By ‘rise up’ I mean ‘rise up and air your views’.”
* If the good police people of olde England were not indoctrinated with political correctness and obliged to read the Koran instead of attending ‘sensitivity training” classes we might be getting somewhere…

Confusing PC language ‘hampering’ anti-terror fight, government watchdog says

By Steve Doughty
Last updated at 2:52 AM on 12th November 2008

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith has referred to terrorist attacks as 'anti-Islamic activity' 

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith has referred to terrorist attacks as ‘anti-Islamic activity’

Politically correct language is hampering the fight against terrorism, a Whitehall report warned yesterday.

Town halls and other public sector bodies were told by ministers last year to replace the phrase ‘terrorist attacks’ with ‘anti-Islamic activity’.

They were urged not to refer to ‘extremism’ and instead talk about ‘community resilience’.

But far from rallying Muslims against terrorists, the language has spread confusion, says the report from HM Inspectorate of Constabulary and the Audit Commission.

The watchdogs warned ministers the Government should listen to local concerns before handing out instructions.

It quoted one anonymous local government leader: ‘The key thing is about who the words come from.

‘If they come from a respected religious or community member they will have more impact than if they come from a Government minister.’

Rules on terrorism and language were sent to town halls by the Home Office just under a year ago.

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith drove home the message in a speech in which she referred to terrorist attacks as ‘anti-Islamic activity’.

She also indicated the phrase ‘war on terror’ would no longer be used by ministers.

The report looked at the impact of the £50million Preventing Violent Extremism programme launched two years ago to recruit public services to try to persuade young Muslims against supporting terror networks.



It said there were sensitivities over language in some places but in others ‘there was a preference for plain speaking so that issues could be dealt with openly rather than being avoided or disguised as something else’.

It also found the campaign had been marred by a failure of the agencies involved to share information.

The Home Office sent out ‘Counter Terrorism Communications Guidance’ to all councils last December. It said that confrontational language should be dropped in favour of talking about shared values.

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  1. This Koran thinga majig should be examined and exposed for what it is, a book of evil nonsense.

  2. Jacqi Smith is the most irritating, stupid and ignorant politician we could possibly have in ther UK for dealing with these terrorist scum and hate preachers. We in Britain are heartily fed up with muslims in OUR country and I see a clash across Europe in the not too distant future. We can only blame our governments for the current situation where these people are allowed to threaten our society and yet one word of dissemination from us the indigineous peoples could land us in trouble, but I fear in the end we Brits will take the law into our own hands and the rest of Europe will follow.

  3. Following up on Beemas reply, I agree with him/her 100%. Free speech started in England and now it seems we are the only ones without a say? Yet these muslim preachers sit there and speak openly about racial hatred against us brits, which can only lead to one thing (violence). Then we’ve got members of the BNP party getting arrested and charged for the same thing, except now it becomes racial. So if anyone out there can tell me why and what the difference is then i’d like to know?

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