UK Useful Idiot Watch: Meet David Milliband, Foreign Secretary

“Islam is an enemy towards no one and a friend towards all. Islam is a creed of peace…”

Brown-nosing expert Miliband

* Born in London, David Miliband is the elder son of Polish-born Marion Kozak and the late Belgian-born Marxist theoretician Ralph Miliband. (A son of a commie who became a labour hack? No surprises here…/ed)

As Foreign Secretary Milliband has pleaded for Turkish entry to the European Community .

Abject groveling and embarrassing Dhimmitude on display: Miliband offers Apologies to Muslims for Invading Iraq, Grovels Even Further by Claiming “Islam is a Creed of Peace and an Enemy to no one”…..

* Islam is an ideology of perpetual warfare against unbelievers and the enemy of all peoples…

Bukhari:V9B84N59 “Allah’s Apostle said, ‘I have been ordered to fight the people till they say: “None has the right to be worshipped but Allah.” Whoever says this will save his property and his life from me.’”

“There’s a big difference between kneeling down and bending over…”

(Zappa quote)

Unfortunately for all of us, Miliband doesn’t only bend over, he lies down like a bitch…

Foreign Secretary David Miliband addresses Muslims attending Friday prayers at the Madni Jamia mosque, Bradford.

Foreign Secretary David Miliband has told Yorkshire Muslims that the Government made “mistakes” in invading Iraq – but called for their support in rebuilding the war-torn country.
In Other News:

BNP members live in fear of PC-brigades and unfolding Orwellian nightmare…

  *  Jailhouse Rock:
  *  PRISON chief:
He said the Government was showing “humility for its mistakes” as he spoke in a mosque yesterday as part of a day in Leeds and Bradford designed to “bring foreign policy home”.               

Addressing 2,500 Muslims attending Friday Prayers at the Madni Jamia mosque in Bradford, Mr Miliband said that they should not feel isolated from British communities or voiceless within Government.

He said: “We are all British citizens equal together with equal rights and an equal say in how our foreign policy is developed. 

“Islam is an enemy towards no one and a friend towards all. Islam is a creed of peace and it is vital we all work to narrow gaps that can divide us across religion, geography or race.

“I know you feel passionately about the rights of your brothers and sisters across the world. We all feel passionately about human rights.

“My family came to this country from abroad. I’m proud of their roots but I’m even more proud to be British today. I think you are proud of your roots too but also proud to be British.

“You’re proud of your city that you do so much to enrich – commercially, culturally, politically, socially. But I know that while you’re proud of Bradford and proud of Britain, you’re also internationalists.

“You’re people who, when you see suffering anywhere, believe it’s a threat to justice everywhere. We’re also a government of internationalists. Our Prime Minister, when he sees injustice, wants to do something about it.

“The Foreign Office is here to make sure his politics isn’t compromised, that it lives up to the best values of all religions. It is in that spirit that I come here today.

“The humility of our mistakes and respect for you and what you stand for, and the determination that what unites us will be much greater than what divides us.”

Mr Miliband defended Britain’s foreign policies concerning Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Palestine.

He said he wanted to see a “peaceful, democratic and prosperous” Pakistan trading and engaging diplomatically with India, and described Palestine as a “stateless tragedy”.

Moral equivalence, lack of clarity:

“I’ve seen the suffering, the settlements and the outposts. But I’ve also seen in Israel a school of children frightened because of the rockets from Gaza. The other side of the same coin,” he said.

Iraq, he said, was a “deeply divisive” issue that would be easier not to talk about but should not be ignored. Historians would write the history of the last five years since war broke out but Mr Miliband said that what now counted was the next five years.

“Those policies over the next five years could be a source of unity between us, because whatever our disagreements about 2003 we can find common cause on where we go from here,” he added.

His 10-minute address was met with muted applause from the worshippers. Outside, few were willing to give their reaction to the speech, most claiming that their opinions were unprintable.

Mosque spokesman Ishaq Rasul said: “This was an important speech to reflect on. The key message is that we need to work with the Government on policies, and when we get them we can sort out these issues.”

Sheraz Aziz, from Halifax, said: “I don’t think he should be using a place of worship to impose his views. I’m not proud of the Muslim community for allowing him to do so.”

And later in the day Mr Miliband was met with boos as well as applause when he addressed about 250 young Muslims at Bradford Football Club.

There he answered questions from many people angry at the Government’s “ideology of imperialism”, which had failed to win the hearts and minds of Iraqis and instead had caused death and destruction.

Mr Miliband replied: “We’re not in denial about this. The war involved big mistakes and a lot of suffering. But do we spend all our time on an exercise of looking backwards or do we look forwards? That’s what we’re doing.”


How Muslims succeed in perverting and intimidating Western society:

For a good example of the same fiendishly clever strategy at work, look at these news reports from the UK in 2006 – which may be neatly summarised as Muslims demanding (in the wake of the bus and train bombings in London) “change your foreign policies to conform with the world Muslim agenda; give us sharia; or we’ll blow you up”. “Do what Muslims want…OR ELSE”.

(make sure to scroll down and read the comments)

The Muslim ‘enforcers’ apply the terrorising actions while the ‘nice Muslims’ press the demands…maintaining plausible deniability, and pretending that the attacks are ’caused’ by this or that, and if the Muslims are only given whatever they want, the attacks will stop.

Wherever it has to do with kafir who are still numerous and potentially more powerful, the Ummah will play this dirty double game. The smiler with the knife under the cloak…

But as soon as they are powerful enough, the mask will rip off and the knife will come out: they will do what they do, and have always done, when they have the upper hand: kill, in vast numbers and with endlessly inventive cruelties; rob, on the grand scale; destroy, on the grand scale; rape, on the grand scale; and then enslave, as dhimmis, anything that survives the blood-orgy of the jihad.

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  1. Methinks he doth presume too much. How interesting that he tells THEM what HE thinks THEY think while completely ignoring what THEY tell him THEY think. His stupidity is unbounded.

  2. England better get Pat Condell in their government, may be then there will still be hope for the U.K.
    But the Brits are doing the same thing as what they did with WWII, thinking that after
    Chamberlain talked with Hitler, england would not be attacked. Rude awaking with bombs on London.
    Stupid mistake and they are doing it again.
    No wonder that from the Middle East comes the message European and U.K. men are weak.
    Sadly they have a point, they are letting themselves being runned over.
    Anybody having an idea how to fix it, now that it is compleetly out of control.
    All what England realy need now is for Prince Charles, the weakling, becoming a Moslim.

  3. All muzzies accept that if halal is not available, it is lawful to eat non-halal. The only reason for the adamant insistence of nothing but halal in jails and other public institutions is that the English have degenerated into a nation of wimps and will bend over for anyone who as much as scowls at them. Halal meat forced on the public is just another muslim extortion racket, it cost much more and keeps an army of muzzies and their mullahs employed. Where is Peta and the RSPCA when there are real issues.

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