"Algerian Bosnian" released from Gitmo

Another secular Bosnian impervious to jihadist influence

But don’t be concerned. Everyone knows that Bosnian Muslims are modern, moderate, and secular, and have no interest in waging jihad against the West.

“American Makeover,” by Julia Gorin, December 17: via JW (Robert Spencer: putting things in context)

Bosnian wants her husband back from Guantanamo soon (Nov. 26):SARAJEVO (Reuters) – Hajj Boudella’s children will have to wait a while to see their father, even though a U.S. federal judge ordered his release last week from the Guantanamo Bay prison after nearly seven years.

“After the ruling, my children asked if this means their dad would come home that same night,” Boudella’s wife Nadja Dizdarevic told Reuters in an interview this week.

* Former Gitmo prisoner says he was abused, insulted

“Their faces fell when they realized it may be a long time before they see him again,” said the mother of four who has to move from apartment to apartment each time her landlord finds out about her husband’s case.

It may be seven years since the kids have seen their father, but have they ever seen their mother:


If I were a landlord, I wouldn’t need to hear about her husband’s case to keep something like this out of my building. But apparently, the “non-Muslimy” Muslims of Bosnia aren’t worried when they see this full Islamic regalia and it’s well-known connection to mischief; they only get worried if someone was caught for the mischief as her husband was. Back to the article:

It may take up to two years before Boudella, one of five Algerians ordered released last week from Guantanamo, returns home to Bosnia, where he first went during the 1992-95 war to help organize humanitarian assistance.

An Algerian is being released to his home. In Bosnia. A Bosnian wife waits for her Algerian husband to come “home”. Courtesy of the Clinton administration (being re-released soon to a White House near you). Algerians’ homes never used to be in Bosnia. Nor have women in Bosnia dressed in the full Muslim gear since the Ottoman times. […]

(In the above-referenced article, please note the conspicuous new addition of the words “and Croats” to the sentence, “Thousands of volunteers from Arab and African countries came to Bosnia during the war to fight along with Bosnian Muslims against Serbs and Croats.” This is significant. According to the Western-co-written dogma, the bad guys — whose supposed actions justified flying in mujahideen — were Serbs. And the reason for the war was the Serbs’ supposed intention to create a “Greater Serbia.” It was not part of our plan to have Muslims and Croats fighting. So what could the holy warriors have been flown in to fight Croats for unless the one abiding and overriding plan was to rid Bosnia of both Orthodox Serbs and Catholic Croats — that is, to erase Christianity, whose traces are all but gone from Sarajevo today. That is, the plan that we helped advance was not of our design. Which is to say, again, that we were, and are, chumps in the Balkans.)

Bill Clinton: Bought and paid for 

(Willie Clitman wouldn’t lie to you…)

Clinton for sale

By posting this am I saying that Bill Clinton is different from any other powerful politician, in taking money from foreign donors who obviously hope to influence the political process? No, in this Bill Clinton is not singular. But look at this list: $10 million to $25 million from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Between $1 million and $5 million each from Saudi businessman Nasser Al-Rashid, Friends of Saudi Arabia, the Dubai Foundation, and the governments of Kuwait, Qatar, Brunei and Oman. And the New York Post here is worried about money from India keeping Hillary from being kind to Pakistan! Has anyone stopped to ask whether or not all these millions coming in from Muslim states might be helping make Bill (and Hillary?) soft on the jihad?

“Bill Clinton Releases Donor List,” by Chuck Bennett for the New York Post, December 18 (thanks to JW):

Former President Bill Clinton released a list of donors to his private foundation this morning after resisting making the names of his Saudi Arabian and other foreign benefactors public for years.The moves comes as Sen. Hillary Clinton prepares to become Secretary of State under President-elect Barack Obama and highlights the potential conflicts of interest she may face when sits down to negotiate with heads of state of foreign countries.

For instance, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia itself donated between $10 million to $25 million to the William J. Clinton Foundation, the nonprofit that manages his presidential library in Arkansas as well as donate to charities around the world.

Foreign governments directly donated at least $41 million.

In addition, Saudi businessman Nasser Al-Rashid gave between $1 million to $5 million, as did the organizations Friends of Saudi Arabia and the Dubai Foundation.

Other Middle Eastern government donors include Kuwait, Qatar, Brunei and Oman – all of whom gave between $1 million to $5 million. Norway donated $5 to $10 million while Italy and Jamaica gave between $50,000 to $100,000.

Also on the list are influential Indian politicians and businessmen which critics say could hurt a Secretary of State Clinton’s perception of being an impartial arbiter between India and Pakistan.

The list also underscores ties between the Clintons and India, a connection that could complicate diplomatic perceptions of whether Hillary Clinton can be a neutral broker between India and neighbor Pakistan in a region where President-elect Barack Obama will face an early test of his foreign policy leadership. […]

* Another Koran went down the toilet (more lies from another released headbanger…)

SARAJEVO, Bosnia-Herzegovina (AP) — A former Guantanamo Bay prisoner who was released earlier this week claims he was abused and humiliated at the U.S. detention center for suspected terrorists.

Mustafa Ait Idr was among the first Guantanamo detainees ordered freed by a U.S. federal judge. The 38-year-old Algerian-born man returned to Bosnia, and he told private television Hayat that his captors abused him.

Ait Idr spent seven years at Guantanamo and called it “the worst place” imaginable.

In his interview with Hayat, which was made available Wednesday, Ait Idr alleged his interrogators broke one of his fingers.

He also said his captors insulted him and other Muslim prisoners by tossing the Quran — Islam’s holy book_ into a bathroom and sitting on it.

Bosnia granted citizenship to 9/11 mastermind

Citizen of Bosnia

The secular Muslim Bosnians, as everyone knows (except inveterate “Islamophobes”), are moderates who are deeply committed to moderation and represent the hope for rapprochement between the West and the Islamic world, for after all, they have nothing, nothing, nothing whatsoever to do with jihad violence or Islamic supremacism — except, of course, when they grant citizenship to a Kuwaiti who worked for a Muslim Brotherhood front and ended up planning the 9/11 attacks, and then kept his citizenship a state secret. “Bosnia: Senior Al-Qaeda figure granted citizenship, says report,” from AKI, January 20 (thanks to JW)

Sarajevo, 20 Jan. (AKI) – Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the senior Al-Qaeda official credited with masterminding the 9/11 terror attacks in the United States, was granted Bosnian citizenship before the attacks, a local newspaper reported on Tuesday.Born in Kuwait to a family originally from the Baluchi region of Pakistan, Mohammed reportedly went to Bosnia in September 1995, disguised as a humanitarian worker for an organisation called Egyptian Relief.

He obtained Bosnian citizenship in November the same year, Bosnian daily Fokus said, quoting local intelligence sources.

The newspaper said Egyptian Relief was just a cover for the Cairo-based Islamist movement, the Muslim Brotherhood.

Fokus said war-time authorities knew about Mohammed’s presence in Bosnia and his citizenship was kept a state secret.

Thousands of mujahadeen from Islamic countries came to Bosnia in the early 1990s to fight with local Muslims and many remained in the country after the war, acquiring Bosnian citizenship….

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  1. Can anyone doubt any longer that the ultimate aim is to eradicate Christianity from the Balkans?

    Below is a link to a website (Raspeto Kosovo – Crucified Kosovo) which provides photographic evidence of the seventy-six Orthodox Serb churches and monasteries, some dating from the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, destroyed and desecrated in Kosovo since 1999:


    Note that the destruction occurred without hindrance by the troops of the United States, Germany, France, Italy and the United Kingdom supposedly there to establish peace and security.

    In his introductory message to the documentation, His Holiness Patriarch Pavle says: “This humble publication is our cry and appeal to the Christian and civilized world.”

    Christianity, and therefore civilisation, is under attack not only from resurgent Islam, the inherently barbaric cult of hatred and enslavement, but also from the atheist creed of liberal progress.

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