Arab Islamist Clerics to Palestinians: Slaughter the Jews Like You Did in 1929; Blow Yourselves Up in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv…

Pali incitement watch:

* But surely he is just another misunderstander of Islam; we can’t blame the whole 1.5 gazillion muslims for the acts of a few radicals, can we? The overwhelming majority of Muslims are law-abiding citizens, right? RIGHT??

From MEMRI, with thanks to Pamela and comments by Robert Spencer, JW


Following are excerpts from speeches by Arab Islamic leaders expressing solidarity with Gaza, which aired on Al-Manar and Al-Aqsa TV, December 3 and 5, 2008.

Sheik Himam Sa’id, Supreme Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan: Oh noble Gaza, raise your head high. You have made the Muslims raise their heads high. And you, people of Hebron – you are now waging a war against the Jews. You are well-versed in this. We saw how, on a day in 1929, you slaughtered the Jews in Hebron. Today, slaughter them on the land of Hebron. Kill them in Palestine. Arise, oh people of Palestine, all the people of Palestine – arise in defense of your Al-Aqsa Mosque, arise in defense of Nablus and Hebron. Arise and face the [PA] Preventive Security forces. Fear them not, for they are rabbits. They are wolves, so fear them not, oh lions.

The Muslim Brotherhood, please recall, is engaged in the United States in what it has called “a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within.”

Oh young men, what will you say to the Jordanian government? Expel the Jewish ambassador from Amman. Amman is pure, and the Jewish ambassador must not defile its soil. Recall the Jordanian ambassador from Palestine. Only mujahideen should be in Palestine – not ambassadors, not ministers, or any representative of this nation. Do not recognize the ambassador of this nation in Palestine. Palestine is the land of Jihad, of sacrifice, and of preparation. We say to this government: Stop normalization with the Jews. Stop all imports and exports with the Jews. Our markets are full of Jewish vegetables and Jewish fruits. Traders who bring these fruits and vegetables are traitors, collaborators. Tell them this. Make them hear our voice. The position of the religious scholars is that anyone who trades with the Jews is a traitor and collaborator. […]

Palestine is the land of Jihad? The land of inner spiritual struggle? Then how is it that Sheik Himam Sa’id seems so preoccupied with killing and slaughter? And how is it that the “religious scholars” he invokes haven’t disabused him of his erroneous, “Islamophobic” notions of jihad as having something to do with violence?

Husan Abdallah, Lebanese Association of Islamic Scholars: I say on behalf of the Association of Islamic Scholars: The truce with the Zionist entity is meaningless. The solution is to renew the resistance in a stronger and more effective way. Let pure bodies blow up again in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, and in all the cities of occupied Palestine, because this enemy understands nothing but the language of force. […]

Husan Abdallah is affiliated with what group? The Lebanese Association of Islamic Scholars? How is it that he missed all the peaceful teachings of Islam?

To the courageous Egyptian people we say: Arise and bring down the artificial border, and bring food and medicine to your besieged brothers in Gaza. The Egyptian people is required to display an act of violence, even if they go to jail, even if they die – they will be martyrs for the sake of Allah.[…]

Osama Hamdan, Hamas Representative in Lebanon: Our goal is to liberate all of Palestine, from the river to the sea, from Rosh Hanikra to Umm Al-Rashrash [Eilat]. From Gaza, gentlemen… We do not want a state 364 square kilometers in size, nor do we want a state which we had to beg for at the negotiating table. Such a state will never come to be. What we want is a free state, which maintains its dignity, 27,000 square kilometers in size – the size of Palestine in its entirety.

Hugh Fitzgerald comments:

The war against Israel waged by Muslim Arabs and other Muslims who follow the Arab lead is merely a classic Jihad. After the Six-Day War, the Arabs made every effort, because they realized that a military “solution” was not at hand, and they would need the outside world, and particularly the Western powers that had affinities with, even gave support to, Israel, to take their side and, little by little, to see the conflict not as what it was, but as something else, in which tiny Israel could be depicted as the o’erweening bully, and the Arab side depicted as the much weaker victims. Considering that the Arabs alone outnumber the Jews of Israel 60 to one, and that the land in the possession of the Arabs is about 14 million square miles, while Israel in the 1949 armistice lines is about 10,000 square miles, and even with the “West Bank” does not even contain the 14,000 square miles that would make Mighty Israel, Greater Israel, all of one-one-thousandth the size of the Arab-ruled lands (where Berbers, Kurds, Copts, and all other non-Arab or non-Muslim peoples, are treated with contumely, or discrimination, or persecution, or worse), this was a neat trick.

But the Arabs managed it. They began by carefully renaming the Arabs in the territories won by Israel in the Six-Day War as the “Palestinian people,” a phrase not used, not once, by any Arab diplomat or leader prior to the Six-Day War. Thus a new “people” was created — see Zuhair Mohsain’s admission to the Dutch newspaper “Trouw” about the propagandistic motivation for the “Palestinian people.” And then, when the Israelis, so desperately eager for peace, failed to respond, failed utterly to recognize the propagandistic case that was being built, by which the Jihad against the Infidel state of Israel was to be disguised, as merely a conflict between two “tiny peoples” (though the Arabs never hide the fact that they consider themselves one people, a people united in language, customs, religion, and all the other outward and inward markers of ethnic identity), with Israel cast in the role of bullying “occupier” — it was no such thing, for its historic and legal claim to the “West Bank” did not begin with, and was not dependent on, the possession that resulted from the Six-Day War, for Israel’s “occupation” of territory deliberately set aside for the Jewish National Home according to the League of Nations’ Mandate for Palestine could hardly be seen as similar, say, to “Occupied Paris” (to which the Germans had no legitimate claim) or “Occupied Vienna” or “Occupied Berlin” (both cities which the Allies occupied with military forces after the war, but to which they did not have, and did not wish to fabricate, any kind of permanent claim). The same goes, of course, for “Occupied Japan” to which the Americans of course had no claim other than of being military occupier. That is quite different from Israel, which in the Six-Day War came into possession of territory to which it had a claim, and a right — legal, historic, and moral — recognized by those who established the Mandate system after World War I.

The Arabs have had a good run, aided and abetted by a series of mediocre Israeli governments, and by media and politial elites in Israel largely ignorant of Islam, almost wilfully so, and thus blind to the war being waged, for all time, against the state of Israel. Perhaps it was that very fact, that to allow oneself to understand the nature of Islam, and thus to recognize the endless nature of the war being waged on Israel, has simply been too painful for Israelis to face up to, that they — like the Western Europeans — simply prefer to deny, and thus to end up collaborating with the propaganda put out by their enemies, aiding those enemies to conceal the nature of the war being waged.

But now, it seems, each new killiing or attack, in Madrid or London or Mumbai, in Amsterdam or New York, in Washington or New Delhi, in Moscow or Manila, in southern Thailand or in southern Nigeria or in southern Sudan, of Muslims against Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, and all others, chips away at that Arab propaganda, and begins to allow us once again to see, revealed, the true nature of the war agaisn Israel. As this war is seen, and seen more clearly, soonest by the keenest, and then afterwards by the less keen, it will be harder and harder for the farce of the “legitimate rights of the ‘Palestinian’ people” business to be uttered with a straight face, and if Israel can hold on, and can start to see things straight, and help others in Western Europe and North America, by making its own new understanding of things clear, to themselves come to grasp the meaning, and permanent menace, of Islam, then it is just possible that Israel will have a chance. Further appeasement will not and cannot work. Islam is triumphalist. Every victory, anywhere, against any Infidels, only sates, and never whets, Muslim appetites. This needs to be understood. Not after the next concession of tangible assets to the Arabs, but before any more such disastros concessions, by the likes of the olmerts of this world, are made.

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