Deutsche Welle calls Geert Wilders "Dutch anti-immigrant politician"

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* Why report that Wilders is the most courageous politician in EUrabia who puts all his cowardly, corrupt colleagues to shame,  when you can smear him like everyone else does?

* The cowards from DW haven’t even got the guts to  sign a name to this slanted little article that tells us “that Wilders has received support from right-wing organizations such as the US thinktank American Freedom Alliance, which awarded him its so-called Freedom Award.”

* And so it continues: upstanding, decent people like Wilders are being derided and vilified while the sheep go shagging with the ummah Islamiyah:

Dutch Politician to Tour With Anti-Islam Film ‘Fitna’

Dutch anti-immigrant politician Geert Wilders confirmed Monday he would tour Britain, France and Israel in the coming months to present his controversial Islam-critical film “Fitna.”


Wilders told Dutch daily newspaper Spits he was travelling abroad to create international “alliances for peace and against Islamization.”

Wilders, leader of the Dutch Freedom Party PVV, is one of the most outspoken critics of Islam in the Netherlands. He has received numerous death threats and has taken to keeping personal security guards.

He has received support from right-wing organizations such as the US thinktank American Freedom Alliance, which awarded him its so-called Freedom Award.

“Fitna” is a 16-minute mini-film broadcast on the Internet. It conveys the messages that the Quran preaches radical Islam and warns of the spread of radical Islam and the alleged “Islamization” of the Netherlands.

The film intersperses shots of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks and other bombings with citings from the Quran. All Dutch public broadcasters refused to air the film.

Film raises attack concerns

A screenshot from 'Fitna' ‘Fitna’ was shunned by Dutch public broadcasters

Since its release in March, “Fitna” has attracted intense criticism from Muslims and non-Muslims alike. The Dutch government had expressed concern for the security of Dutch nationals in Arab and Muslim countries as a result.

The film was denounced by nations such as Iran, Jordan and Pakistan, while the Dutch national anti-terrorism coordinator said early December the film could provoke terrorist attacks in the Netherlands.

“As I come to terms with the substantial level of threat during the last three years, there are underlying issues now that make it (the threat) stronger,” Tjibbe Joustra was quoted as saying in an interview with Dutch daily De Volkskrant.

Attempts to prosecute Wilders for alleged discrimination, racism or incitement were unsuccessful after the Dutch public prosecutor established “Fitna” did not violate national legislation.    (Of course not: Fitna is a record of what Muslims do and proves that when they do it, they do it according to the Koran and the Sunna. And Muslims hate the truth…/ed)

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  1. Any attacks caused by “Fitna” validates its message. So attack away Koranist idiots and keep on proving Wilders right.

  2. Appalled By The World Says, unfortunately that is not how so many apologists and appeasers see it. They safely know that bashing Geert will get the news while supporting him will mean they might be bashed, terrorized, etc.

    This is a time when true bravery is seen, but not by the masses of brainwashed, or the apathetic who find it comfortable looking at their colon walls as donkey dung passes through.

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