Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood calls for Jihad

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Photo: AFP

During meeting with US senator Syrian President Bashar Assad calls for siege of Strip to be lifted and crossings to be opened immediately

Gaza rockets strike Be’er Sheva area for first time

Two Katyusha rockets fired by militants in the Gaza Strip exploded Tuesday evening in Be’er Sheva region, 37 kilometers from the coastal territory. This was the furthest point eastward which a Palestinian projectile has managed to reach. One of the rockets on the area struck a children’s playground. Nobody was wounded in the attack, but 34 people were treated for shock. 

Grad rocket lands in Kiryat Malachi

(Video) Attack marks first time city and its surrounding area targeted by Palestinian gunmen in Gaza; another rocket hits north of Beersheba near Rahat. One person suffers shock as rocket lands in Ashdod area. At least 30 rockets fired toward Israel since late morning hours; IAF jets hit underground tunnels in Rafah area

Shmulik Hadad/Y-net News

By Yanir Yagna, Haaretz Correspondent, Haaretz Staff and News Agencies 



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  1. How come Mohammedans only talk about ‘peace’ when they are getting their asses kicked any other time they are threatening death and destruction to everyone who is not Mohammedan. What a cowardly load of b.stards they are. Hudna ,hudna ,hudna so we can regroup and then attack you while still preaching peace COWARDS.

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